Friday Night Finish:Hooker on the Keeper and Page Pirates Playing on Time Warner Cable

The Dudley Panthers Hendon Hooker made the most of his game time tonight and we will some hard numbers coming up on him later, but for the night in Dudley’s 35-7 victory over Pine Forest, a win that sent the Panthers to (5-0) on the young season and can you believe it just half way through September and for some teams, there season is just about half way over, having played 5 games already and for many the half-way point is 10 games, but back to real story and that was Hendon Hooker making the most of his name and the most of the game and he has the fans on the East side hooked and others around town are starting take notice of this young high senior QB, who for this night had three touchdowns on the ground and two TD’s by air…

Hendon ran for the three TD’s and was going for pylon every time you looked up and he was running to his right most of the night and he had all the right moves, almost like Tom Cruise and Hendon threw TD passed to DJ Crossen for 49 yards and had a toss to Thomas Young and that TD toss may have gone for a total of 45 yards, as a scoring play…

Hooker has his stuff together and he is surely becoming more well known all over the state too, at least on the high school football and they probably know him on the HS basketball scene too, at at least they should….This kid is good, real good and the part of his game they may be the most improved in 2016 is his running and his decisions about when and where to run…The kid has long legs and it does not take him long to cut up field and hit the corner of that end zone and the pylon better look out, he is going to hit that too, and hit it for six, as in six more points….

Dudley is just going to have to cut down on those holding penalties, we are thinking by Joe Sirera of the News and Record and his count and he was counting at 7 holding penalties on the Dudley Panthers and 70 yards lost right just in the penalty walk-off and you are losing more based on the play coming back after maybe a run or pass that went for big/good yardage up the field…Seven holds and that is way too many…

Here’s an excuse that won’t hold water….Maybe Dudley was getting off too many plays and there were too many chances/opportunities to hold, and again, the theory won’t HOLD water….Early in the game Dudley was up 15-0, then it went to 15-7 and the game was on, but not for long, as Dudley opened it up on Offense and then turned game over to their Defense…..

The Dudley defense was within pass play of pitching a shutout on Friday night and then the Pine Forest Trojans pulled off the big long pass play where two Dudley DB’s pretty much knocked each other down and off the ball, while going for the ball and PF hit paydirt, for their only TD of the night….Dudley’s Defense is on cue and they are doing the do, as the old coach used to say about his defense….Myles White had a very nice faked X-point kick take for a two-point conversion run for the Dudley Panthers…..Dudley at Richmond County next Friday night….Mighty BIG match up here…

Dudley and Page could well end up meeting again this year for the Metro 4-A Conference Title and there are not many local fans that feel there is even a slight chance that it might somebody other than Page and Dudley in that Title Game and it won’t be a Title Game per say, but it will be a game for all the Marbles in the Metro 4-A Conference…

The Page Pirates were in the house on Time Warner Cable tonight and the replay of the Page-WS Reagan game got going at around 11:30pm on the Time Warner Cable Sports Channel…Wyatt Smith has a summary coming up this game early this morning, as in Saturday morning and Wyatt also tells us the game will also run back on TWC at 11:30am on Saturday morning/later on this morning….

I saw early portions of the game during that 11:30pm playback/replay and from what I was seeing, Will Jones was having a great game as the Page Pirate QB hitting TD passes to Nic Baker on a short route and then going longer upfield to Ronald Polite for a long TD….Wyatt Smith says watch out for Javon Leake and from I saw early on from the game, Leake was running strong and from later in the game, we hear he hit the end zone 4 times for four Big Pirate Scores….The Page offense behind Jones and Leake is coming together and the defense is not too many reps behind the offense these days….East Forsyth(5-0) at Page(4-1) next Friday night and this will be a BIG one…

In other action, Grimsley took it the hard way over at East Forsyth tonight, Western got busted hard down at Hillsbrough Orange, Northern Guilford fell to (0-4) with a loss at home tonight to Reidsville and NG has Western Alamance and Southern Alamance is waiting in the wings…From what I was seeing Southern Guilford edged Ragsdale 24-21 tonight down at SG’s C.K. Siler Stadium and that had a be good win for those on the home front at Southern.

Eastern Guilford topped Northeast Guilford on Friday 28-14 and now NEG has an off week and EG gets ready for their next Mid-State Conference opponent…Eastern Guilford is now (4-0) and the Wildcats are there with Dudley(5-0) and Southwest Guilford(5-0) as SWG prepares to host Southeast Guilford next Friday night….SWG(5-0) vs. SEG(3-1) at the Big Ranch in High Point and this ought to be one of a kind….

Northweat Guilford(3-1) returns to action next Friday night as the Vikings travel to Westover Terrace to meet the Grimsley Whirlies(2-3)….NWG hoping to have Thomas Hennigan back before the end of this season and they could use him back last week….High Point Central took a pretty good beating over at West Forsyth tonight in Clemmons and HP Central has a very good offense, but the defense has some work to do and they have to do it quickly, Bison now at (2-3) on the 2016 season….

Let’s take a quick look at some of our teams’ records now that the 9/15/16 games are complete…..
Dudley(5-0), Southwest Guilford(5-0), Eastern Guilford(4-0), Page(4-1), Southeast Guilford(3-1), Northwest Guilford(3-1), Southern Guilford(3-2), Grimsley(2-3), High Point Central(2-3) and those are our teams with at least two wins on the season….

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Finish:Hooker on the Keeper and Page Pirates Playing on Time Warner Cable

  1. You’ve got that right about Myles White, that pick stopped a drive that could have lead to a TD and it was on the opening possession of the game for Pine Forest and it was one of those game-changing stops/picks/interceptions…

  2. Proud Panther graduate 83. Here is my 2016 assessment of my Panthers.

    Offense: Grade C, too inconsistent and predictable.

    Defense: Grade B, Will have to step it up in the playoffs to off set lack of offense.

    Special Teams: B-, will have to step it up in the big games to off set lack of offense.

    QB Play: C- too inconsistent, must be able to put together back to back consistent play to lead the team to a state title.

    Had an opportunity to see Hendon Hooker play at Hillside last week. If you would have told me he had signed a letter of intent to play QB at Va.Tech, I would have laughed in your face. He was that bad!

    The Panthers will face a team similar to Hillside next week Richmond Co. Good team speed on offense with an average defense.

    In order for Dudley to win this game. Hooker and the Dudley offense will have to play one of their best games.

    The Panthers will have another winning season. However; unless the QB and offensive play improves. A state title is not in the Panthers future for 2016.


  3. To Dudley 1…None of these kids are machines and are always learning & growing. I’m giving you a D for dumb because who would assess & grade a team based on one game against a really good team? Yes, improvement is needed overall, but look at more than 1 game or a few in order to give your OPINION. And yes, Hooker has other offers from Notre Dame, Oregon, Louisville,& 20 other D1 schools. So those coaches don’t know what they’re talking about? Get out of here with that.

  4. I would give Hendo Hooker an E for effort….The kid accounts for 5 Touchdowns with three rushing and 2 passing and going to be hard to top those numbers and for what does for his team he is in very strong contention right now to be the Guilford County Player of the Year if he keeps on having performances like the one he had last night…Great work by both Will Jones and Javon Leake at Page, but for what one guy does for his team, Hooker is your man right now and he will get better as time goes on, we feel real good about that…Thomas Hennigan does many of the same things along the same lines as Hooker, with Hennigan for NWG, but with Hennigan down and out right now, the focus remains on Hooker in Guilford County….

    He is one pretty darn good high school quarterback and sure he will have to get better when he goes to college and he has some very big games coming up like the one this Friday at Richmond County, but you have feel certain the kid will be up for the challenge and he is still just a kid and he is growing into a young man and he is a good one….

    No need to be overly critical, contrary to what we all talk about, the upcoming games are not the whole world and they won’t be the end of the world on his shoulders…

    Hendon Hooker is doing real good and he will do OK down the road…I would have to say he is on the road to success; win, lose or draw….

  5. Thank you Andy. Our sentiments exactly. Also, CBS Sports analyst for college recruiting, Tom Lemmings, had a special on yesterday that ranked Hooker as 6th QB in the nation. The Nation. Somebody saw great things in him. Let’s celebrate a young man working towards something positive instead of putting them down.

  6. I am not trying to put this young man down. Having played QB I see a lot of areas he will need to improve on in order to be successful at the next level, that’s all. The main one is consistency!!!!

  7. The right offensive tackle for Northern Guilford had to leave the game last night with an accelerated heart rate and his blood pressure was running way high….

    EMT’s called and they took the kid to the hospital and he checked out OK late last night and he is doing fine at home today/Saturday and resting and taking it easy…

    Will have to go through several protocol tests on Monday before he is able to return to practice…

    Game was stopped at Northern last night due to that medical issue and good to hear the young man is doing OK/good today…

    I ran into Coach Westberg(NG) today, as he was out walking his dog, and I got the report…I was up at Guilford College coming back in off of the trail….

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