Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 09/23/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White
Game of the Week Stream 2: Dudley at Richmond County with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 9 – 10:23 PM – All Finls – Good Night

Dudley (6-0) – 34
Richmond County (4-2) – 14

East Forsyth (5-1) – 21
Page (5-1) – 34

Southeast Guilford (3-2) – 8
Southwest Guilford (6-0) – 34

Northwest Guilford (4-1) – 34
Grimsley (2-4) – 14

McMichael (1-5) – 7
Eastern Guilford (5-0) – 43

High Point Andrews (1-4) – 12
High Point Central (3-3) – 14

Ledford (4-2) – 62
Western Guilford (1-5) – 13

Southern Guilford (4-2) – 23
North Forsyth (2-4) – 6

Smith (2-3) – 47
Burlington Cummings (0-5) – 7

Western Alamance (5-1) – 55
Northern Guilford (0-5) – 14

Bishop McGuinness (3-3) – 42
North Stokes (0-6) – 0

Glenn (4-2) – 22
Scotland County (6-0) – 51

Eastern Alamance (6-0) – 35
Burlington Williams (4-2) – 20

Mount Tabor (5-1) – 17
WS Reagan (2-4) – 0

Southern Alamance – 48
Graham – 0

Rockingham County – 26
Morehead – 0

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  1. I can’t watch our beloved Nighthawks get wrecked every week. The team seems less motivated each and every game. These Seniors are missing out. Need change and it starts at the top !!!

  2. AD has to walk the plank for this one. I saw this coming! Man we’ve lost more games on the field this year than the last 4 combined! New coach said he was going to change some things! Guess he accomplished that! Sucks to see these kids limp through the season!

  3. Great game at Marion Kirby Stadium between East Forsyth and Page. Much love to Madison Cone who had 1 or 2 picks, and what a catch in the end zone by (Christian Beal…I think, maybe it was another student). But overall my boys pulled through. Will Jones did a great job passing and came up big on some run plays. He really put that 6’5 frame to work! Ronald Polite and Naseem Alston are really stepping up too! But the kid Javon Leake! Oh my the boy was on fire! And that defense has reeeeeealy stepped up! Alex Angus, Tremaine Cousar, Alex Gray, Alan Tisdale, There are so many young talents it’s hard to name them all, most arent even seniors! I think Page might be able to get back to the Ship this year! But then again, I am biased ??? 😉 Much love to the Eagles tho, they played a good one!

  4. I’m not sure Nick Saban or even Bill Belichick
    could field a competitive team with the talent pool you guys are dressing up his season.

  5. It is a very sad state of affairs. Devastating for the community and the seniors. Everyone you meet at the store, gas station, and local restaurants are all heartbroken about this year.

  6. Congrats to Dudley and Page on big wins tonight. Really impressed with Dudley going down to Richmond CO and taking care of business in a big way!

  7. Y’all are making fools of yourselves whining and complaining. It’s called rebuilding. You have zero talent this season. Everyone knew what was coming this season talent wise. Jeez.

  8. @Dudley1 – Surprised that you are impressed by Dudley, the #1 Team in the state! Glad you didn’t say anything negative. Go DUDLEY! Happy for Page, & SW hanging in there.

  9. as far as northern, after all the summer winter,spring,and summer workouts how is this team looking the same or maybe worst this far in season. I know these kids, its talent there! As coaches you have to put your team in positions to win each week. One kid had 140 tackles at middle linebacker last year, this year he is outside linebacker? Do any local people know The Foster Family, along with Moser there is a Foster kid on team that tore up jv a couple years ago and has been waiting for his chance and he is not utilized at all on offense, after sitting behind and learning from
    Cj freeman for two years. Team looks sad and lost, has to be changes or will not win game whole season, go watch a game, down by 40, and running the ball, sad!

  10. East Forsyth made Sportscenter Top 10 with the one handed TD grab between three Page defenders what a play

  11. Northern fans got to hang in there man…

    You have shots for wins vs. Morehead, Rockingham County, McMichael and Northeast Guilford and you have never lost to Eastern Guilford, but this is a different EG team this year…

    Go for those wins in all your remaining games, but you have legit shots to get victories and go get those 4 and build from there…

    I saw a photo the other day on Twitter with Daniel Downing and Rocky Scarfone standing there with Coach Roscoe…Two State Champ QB’s, but those days are behind you now and you must re-build and press on…

    Focus on your remaining games and go get those games you must win….And you need to congratulate Ford Moser, just named the Bob Sawyer Player of the Week and that does not go down in your Win Column, but this is still a team and school victory….

    Good job Ford Moser and he set two-three school football records in the process, that is a good night’s work…

    Folks get out there and enjoy some college football on Saturday…..

  12. The kids are fully behind the coaching staff. Foster and Moser are both doing their best and are happy. Stop putting the weight of the world on these kid’s shoulders. It’s highschool sports not the Olympics. They’re motivated and will push themselves, they dont need or want you posting nonsense online and beyond that it does not help. To suggest this is somehow our ADs fault is ridiculous. The kids are learning and improving. That’s what school is for last time I checked. If you expect more then you need to look elsewhere.

    The kids and coaching staff have the right attitude. The wins will come. You online keyboard warriors need to pipe down and just support from the stands.

  13. What the last person just posted, well said and the right approach for the program…Got to dig in and hang in/stick in for the long haul…

  14. On a side note… I have been in attendance at Page games off and on for the past 15 years, since my kids graduated from there and the 2011 season was as much football “fan” fun as I have had. That 2011 defense was relentless, fast and physical. I must say after watching the Page defense last night, It is obvious that the style of play from 2011 has returned. They just fly to the football, and seem to be much smaller than their opponents. Worth the ticket price to see them play, along with that high powered offense, of course.

  15. Ditto to what NG teacher said…however, the parents and fan base feel entitled it appears. I feel sorry for the coaching staff and kids because of the nonsense we hear in the stands and online each week.

  16. True Fans are True Fans win or lose. The fair weather fans and parents at NG need to understand JR is down on the farm in SC and not coming back. It’s a new day at NG for once they are having to play with the athletes they have and I applaud them for that. Let’s support the players and coaches and stop living in the past. It’s much more rewarding when you build a program the right way.

  17. There is chance Coach Roscoe would let these kids quit on games. This wait for the long haul is the wrong approach Andy. The JV team is winless and losing big. Must be changes right after Morehead game. Sad to see the whole program going to the shed.

  18. Northern had a chance to get 2 big name coaches over the Summer and for some reason the offers were pulled; one from the Charlotte Area of a current top 10 4A club. Coaching is fraternity in itself and if someone is given the “middle finger” by the administration you better believe the word will get around because coaches talk amongst themselves all the time. Maybe it’s time Nighthawk Nation holds leadership’s feet to the fire.

  19. I thought of a good phrase today that we need to put into play…

    Finish The Play….

    Got to finish what you have started this season, no matter who you are and no matter where you are playing..

    What can be learned from walking away….

    Finish The Play…

    Got to be honest with you here too…

    There is a certain degree of satisfaction in building a program from scratch and starting over and then rising back up and getting to the point where you are good again…

    Take the lumps and build and there will be a foundation developed that will not go away….

    Look at the current top teams in Dudley and Page….They are now doing it every year and their programs had stretches where they had to re-build it but they did and Page had a losing record shortly after they won it all back in 2011, but now they are on solid ground and Dudley had a stretch back around 1997 when they were on top of the world and then they fell apart, but they got it back together and have not looked back since back around 2003….

    Eastern Guilford is now a team to be respected and what they did took time and the Wildcats had to “Finish The Play”….

    Western Guilford has been down and they have never made it back yet, but if they continue to battle they will be back there some day…

    Is the answer always throwing in the towel and giving up and walking away, or is the Answer to take your lumps and “Finish The Play”….

    I remember a time when Northwest Guilford had NOTHING, but look at them now and they had to build that program and they did…

    I was playing in a game against NWG years ago and our team was in front and one of the NWG guys broke off on a long run and was sure to be gone and everybody just stood around watching and the runner was going for six to be sure…I took off after the guy and ran him down and we ended up getting a shutout that day and that is part of the message today….

    “Finish The Play” and you will get the reward and it may not come this week or next week, but it may be on the way and you don’t even know it…

    You have to “Finish The Play”…

    Sure you could go out and bring in a bunch of new guys that might be the studs that put you back on top, but don’t you want to do it with your own men/players???

    If you started it why not finish it….

    “Finish The Play”…..

    Look at Southwest Guilford….(6-0) and the best record in 32 years and it sure did not come over night….The Cowboys had to go to work and “Finish The Play”….

    Phrase of the day, “Finish The Play”….

    Just a few thoughts on my end and we sure won’t get much done sitting around on our rear end….

  20. who in the world would believe that any kid with a pinch of competitiveness at Northern would be happy with what”s going on with the football team. Do you not see the heads of some of the kids as they come off the field after being destroyed week in and week out. Northern historically has a great fan base and a lot of you are right, stay positive and things will get better. I believe it will, but omg, what will the same fans say if at end of season poor team is 0-11, omg scary thought!

  21. I know some of the kids you speak of very, very well. Some of them are extremely competitive and yes, the losses hurt; but they are healthy, happy kids and the vast majority of them are excelling in the classroom.

    Again, for the people that believe winning football games comes above everything else; I suggest you look elsewhere. Our kids and staff are going to dig in together and make the best of the situation. If you dont like that then maybe Northern isn’t the team for you!

  22. sportsguy, no disrespect intended. You seem to be coming from the right place. I just wanted to clarify. Some of the other folks on here have some misplaced intentions by the looks of it.

  23. You’d think this is the first time that a successful program has had to rebuild. Some of you fans sound ridiculous. What will poor johnny do if he can’t win during his senior year. Johnny will learn a valuable lesson mom…that’s what.

  24. It’s sad to see people all over this blog post negative comments about the coaching staff at Northern Guilford. Coaches that all make modest salaries who try to teach your children about discipline, teamwork, and becoming better people. But there are too many uneducated people (I know because some of the grammar within these comments is atrocious ) pinning their hopes and dreams on 16 and 17 year old kids. Too many adults that have seen Varisty Blues way too many times. Too many adults that idolize the character Matthew McConaughey portrayed in the film Dazed and Confused and not characters named Atticus Finch . Instead of enjoying your child’s youth there is just a nastiness that exudes from your words. I guarantee the same people who are write these nasty comments with regards to anyone else are same people that bless the Lord tomorrow and thump that fictional book you call a Bible. Tearing into a coaching staff that is putting 16-18 hour days is a good substitute for your own insecurities. Why aren’t you taking your anger out on your Governor who has cost your county millions of dollars because he cares oh so much about where a person deficates or urinates. Pathetic. Let’s all Make America Great Again and watch every season of Friday Night Lights and dream about it tonight.

  25. Well we live in the era of instant gratification and cash is king so someone dropped the ball on this NG rebuilding process where expectations are very high; look at the median home prices around Northern. Northern teacher do you really think the “moral victory” message goes over well with Nighthawk Nation?

  26. I believe our community is thankful for a staff that puts student’s well being first. I know our community is thankful for the great education the kids get. Are these the moral victories you speak of? If so, absolutely, yes…people who live in higher than average median price homes love their kids being educated. (?????)

    NT out. Keep fighting Nighthawk football players and coaches. We’re proud of you.

  27. In reply to Northern teacher, I am not completely sure what your point is. I agree with you that coaching is and will continue to put in extra work to scaffold these children into better on and off the field, especially in the classroom. But if you think that only people who “live in a higher than Average homes ” and have a greater median income “love their kids to be ” then you are not only offending 70% of the population, but you shouldn’t be anywhere near a classroom. All children, no matter race, creed, sex can learn at the absolute highest level. When you put your objective on your lesson plan ( hopefully your objective is alligned to the standards your teaching ), do you put your parents must make this much amount of money to answer the objective today. Please don’t embarrass yourself.

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