Reminder:Varsity Football with Northwest Guiford HS vs. Reidsville on Friday night – Endowment Game

Friday’s Northwest Guiford football game with Reidsville at RL Billings Stadium at Northwest Guilford High school has been designated as a North Carolina High School Athletic Association endowment game.

According to NCHSAA rules, only NCHSAA honored passes are allowed for admission and no school purchased passes will be honored for this game. GCS employees passes are valid for the employee only.


  1. From what I have seen, Thomas Hennigan has not yet been cleared to play…

    It might be the middle of October before he is ready to go again, but let’s hope he gets back in the lineup sooner….


  2. I’m wondering if the N&R really has the injury report on correct on Hennigan. The news and record said it was a knee (micro-fracture). I’ve heard of Micro-fracture surgery but not a (micro-fracture). Unless they meant it was such a small fracture you need a microscope to see it. Anyway That Micro-Fracture surgery is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique that works by creating tiny fractures in the underlying bone. This causes new cartilage to develop from a so-called super-clot. Micro-fracture is a procedure not a 4-6 week thing that heals itself or at least to my knowledge it doesn’t

    This is a crazy procedure and takes a long time to recover not 4-6 weeks like the Vikings HC Jared Rolfes put out there. So that can’t be right.

    If its an actual fracture of the knee cap A knee fracture is a break or crack in 1 or more of the bones in the knee joint. It may be just a bend or small crack in the bone, or the bone may break into pieces or shatter. Now if this is so With treatment, the fracture may take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. You may need to do special exercises to help your leg get stronger and more flexible. That sounds like what is going on based on the report from the N&R.

    I’ve seen this kid play and I know he would be on the field right now if he could. I just hope he doesn’t rush it and hurt himself worse. He already has his offers and playing next year for App-State is what he needs to focus on if he comes back and the knee doesn’t work at 100%

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