High School Football For Tonight with the Chick-fil-A High School Football Game of the Week

Picks, Poll, Pains, other Parts and maybe even Postponements on the way….Lots of Homecomings scheduled for this evening….

All games set for 7:30pm kickoffs….
Chick-fil-A High School Football Game of the Week will be Reidsville at Northwest Guilford with Dennis White(GreensboroSports Radio) and crew and pre-game gets rolling at around 6:45pm and the kickoff comes at 7:30 for Reidsville and NWG…Kris Walser will have McMichael at Northeast Guilford on GreensboroSports Radio 2 and they go at 7pm with kickoff at 7:30pm…Wyatt Smith will be on hand for Southeast Guilford at Ragsdale for GreensboroSports.com and Cameron Robles will have the camera down at C.K. Siler Stadium for Western Guilford vs. Southern Guilford….Don Moore will be on the GreensboroSports.com score desk and not as many scores as on some Fridays due to teams observing their OPEN weeks, but Don will have your scores tonight, here at the site with Dennis White, Kris Walser, Coach Daryl Steele, Wyatt Smith and Cameron Robles in the field/on the field….GreensboroSports Radio
+++++Happy Birthday to Gary Thomas over at Power Team Sales today….Gary is moving on up and if you see him, wish him a Happy Birthday today….+++++

Tonight’s High School Football Games:
Southeast Guilford(3-2) at Ragsdale(1-4)….Homecoming….
Western Guilford(1-5) at Southern Guilford(4-2)
Smith(2-3) at High Point Andrews(1-4)….Hall of Fame Game….
Reidsville(5-0) at Northwest Guilford(4-1)….Endowment Game….
Morehead(0-6) at Eastern Guilford(5-0)…..Homecoming….
McMichael(1-5) at Northeast Guilford(1-4)…..Homecoming….
Northern Guilford(0-5) at Eastern Alamance(6-0)
High Point Christian Academy(4-0) at Randleman(4-1)
WS Prep(1-4) at Bishop McGuinness(3-3)
OFF:Dudley(6-0)…Southwest Guilford(6-0)…Page(5-1)…High Point Central(3-3)…Grimsley(2-4)…

Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Eastern Alamance
Bishop McGuinness

3)Southwest Guilford(6-0)
4)Eastern Guilford(5-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(4-1)
6)Southeast Guilford(3-2)
7)Southern Guilford(4-2)
8)High Point Central(3-3)
9)High Point Christian Academy(4-0)

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  1. Really liked this Tweet I saw from Twitter today:

    Bob Uecker @BobUeckerSays
    “I was paid a tremendous amount of money by sporting goods companies to never be seen using their equipment.”


  2. No football games in Cumberland County tonight, as there was no school in Cumberland County today due to the recent heavy rains over the past couple of days….

    Other postponements from Down East/headed East for tonight courtesy of WRALSportsFan.com….

    Cape Fear @ Overhills – Postponed until Saturday, 8:00 PM
    Douglas Byrd @ Lee County – Postponed until Monday, 7:00 PM
    Jack Britt @ Pine Forest – Postponed until Saturday, 3:00 PM
    South View @ Seventy-First – Postponed until Saturday, 6:00 PM
    Southern Lee @ Triton – Postponed until Saturday, 6:00 PM
    Terry Sanford @ Union Pines – Postponed until Monday, 7:00 PM
    Wallace-Rose Hill @ West Bladen – Moved to Wallace-Rose Hill on Friday, 7:00 PM
    Westover @ Gray’s Creek – Postponed until Saturday, 6:00 PM

    Read more at http://www.highschoolot.com/some-football-games-postponed-after-flooding-rains/16062282/#hQWXJY8MoR6AX6QF.99

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