Football Scores coming in to the GreensboroSports Center for Tonight(10/5/16):SWG, Aycock and SA came ready to play so far Today/Tonight:Looking for Middle School and JV Football Scores

******Middle School Football from earlier in this week:Southern Guilford Middle School 26, Northwest Guilford Middle School 10…..*****
More today/Wednesday:Aycock 42 Jackson 0
Jamestown 22, Northern Guilford 0
We got the word on Northeast Guilford Middle School and the Rams lost the game to Southeast and they lost one of their top players too, to a broken leg….NEG lost big to SEG and they lost a big/key player too, and we hope that kid comes back strong in the future….Wyatt Marini battled back for NEG after going through cancer surgery and now he is doing good things in baseball…It can be done….
Kiser @ Allen….Cancelled

Final this Wednesday/afternoon from Kernodle Middle School:
Southwest Guilford Middle School Cowboys 52, Kernodle Middle School Cougars 12
End of First Quarter:Kernodle 6, Southwest Guilford 6…Halftime:Southwest Guilford 20, Kernodle 12…End of the 3rd Quarter:Southwest Guilford 36, Kernodle 12…Final:Southwest Guilford 52, Kernodle 12…
SWG has an outstanding young QB named Devan Flowers and you need to check him out, #5, if you get a chance…

JV Final from Tonight over at Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley High School Campus;
Southern Alamance 36, Grimsley 22
Halftime and the score was 8-8 when I arrived from the trip over from Kernodle and SA scored right before the end of the first half to take a 14-8 lead into the end zone for the halftime meeting during halftime….Nobody goes to the locker room any more unless it is a Real Cold night….
Halftime:Southern Alamance 14, Grimsley 8…End of 3rd Quarter:Southern Alamance 22, Grimsley 16…Final:SA 36, Grimsley 22…SA had a very strong running game tonight the Grimsley defense was living by bend but don’t break and they really needed a break….The Grimsley ‘D’ was on the field too long and they got worn down and it is going to happen, hard to stop the result….Quan Nora(#7) and I know it is Goins(#4) and I think it might be Eddie Goins, very impressive for Grimsley….I think I remember Quan and maybe Goins too back when they were over at Kiser….I may be wrong about Quan Nora, he may have played for Kernodle…I remember hearing his name at Middle School games in the past…..

Middle School Football Countdown for the game we are still looking for/trying to find……
Mendenhall @ Eastern Guilford…Play games at Tommy Grayson Stadium….
Welborn @ Penn Griffin….Play games at Simeon Stadium in High Point…
Hairston @ Allen Jay….Not sure where the Jaybirds play, not sure if they are still the Jaybirds, used to be the Jaybirds back in the day…

Guilford – Open


  1. Jamestown 22
    Northern 0

    It saddens me to say this but I don’t think Northern football from Middle School to JV to Varsity has won a game this year. I sure hope that all three can turn it around and have a closeout the season with some wins.

  2. The Northern Guilford varsity is looking to get a win and maybe start a close-out winning streak tomorrow/Friday night….(You should see a lot of hard running by MJ Frazier(NG) in the next few weeks and they hope to be Flippin(NG) the ball to Moser(NG) a lot too.)

    Not sure if they play this season, but I would like to see a game between Jamestown and Southwest Guilford Middle, I bet that would be a good one…


  3. Don’t know how the middle school conferences are set up, but I think SWG middle and Jamestown usually play late in the year. May be in the same conference but not sure.

  4. Just got confirmation that SWG and Jamestown will meet at Jamestown on 10/26 at 5:30.

  5. MUST SEE with Jamestown hosting SWG…..

    Hope they are both Unbeaten going into that game….


  6. That’s what I am talking about…..That is some real good clarification right there and thanks…

    I may have heard his name called over the PA system at a Kiser-Kernodle game…I have this total recall factor and I really feel like I heard Norman Smith, the PA man extraordinaire calling Nora’s name at a Middle School football game and Mr. Smith calls them for Kernodle and it could have been Nora and Kiser at Kernodle where I heard his name before….

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