High School Football Tonight with both JV and Varsity Games going on and College too:Chick-fil-A Game of the Week is Smith at Dudley:News just in from HP Andrews and NO JV game tonight

News just in this afternoon from T. Wingate Andrews High School:The Andrews at Providence Grove JV football game has been postponed until Monday October 10 at 7pm. Due to the number of Varsity Games being moved to Thursday night there is a shortage of officials to staff a full crew to cover the JV Games tonight.
Varsity Football Update
The Andrews vs Providence Grove Varsity Football Game remains scheduled for Friday October 7th at 7:30 pm at AJ Simeon Stadium. We will continue to monitor the weather and update you should conditions require a postponement or cancellation.

***********Now let’s go with the Varsity games for tonight and then we will shift into the JV and College games for tonight next….**********
Varsity HS Football Games on tap for this evening/Thursday:
Smith(2-4) at Dudley(6-0) 7:30pm….Game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio with Dennis White with the pre-game at 7pm…Check out Dennis White tonight on the Smith-Dudley game which can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio and we will try and scores from other games up here for you too…
Eastern Guilford(6-0) at Burlington Williams(5-2) 7:30pm
Grimsley (2-4) at Southern Alamance(2-4) 7:45pm
Bishop McGuinness(3-4) at Winston-Salem Atkins(0-7) 7pm
Eastern Alamance(7-0) at Western Alamance(5-1) 7:30pm
Reidsville(6-0) at Graham(1-4) 7pm

JV Games for Tonight:(All set to go with 7pm kickoffs.)
Southeast Guilford(3-2) at Page(5-0)
Southwest Guilford(4-1) at Glenn(2-3)
Central Davidson(1-4) at Southern Guilford(1-4)
Northwest Guilford(4-1) at Ragsdale(0-5)
East Forsyth(1-4) at High Point Central(0-5)
Morehead(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(3-2/2-1)…..NEG played on Monday and they are playing again here on Thursday….2 games in 4 days…
Northern Guilford(0-5) Rockingham County(2-4)
Western Guilford(0-4) at North Forsyth(2-3)…North Forsyth will win this game by forfeit…WG has cancelled their JV season, due to lack of players….
High Point Christian at Charlotte Carolina Pride
JV Games for later on and not on Tonight’s Schedule:
Burlington Williams(0-5) at Eastern Guilford(5-0) Monday at 7pm
Smith(4-1) at Dudley(4-0) TBA
JV Football Final from Wednesday night:Southern Alamance 36, Grimsley 22

College Games for Tonight:
LaGrange(2-2) at Greensboro College(1-3) 7pm…..LaGrange sounds like a pretty wild-scoring team….They lost to Averett(Danville, Va.) 65-62 in 4 OT’s last week….
Norfolk State(1-4) at N.C. A&T(3-1) 7:30pm

High School Varsity Games still scheduled for Friday night:
7:30pm Kickoffs…..
Page(5-1) at Southeast Guilford(3-3)
Glenn(4-2) at Southwest Guilford(6-0)
Southern Guilford(5-2) at Central Davidson(0-7)
Ragsdale(2-4) at Northwest Guilford(4-2)
High Point Central(3-3) at East Forsyth(5-1)
Northeast Guilford(2-4) at Morehead(0-7)
Rockingham County(1-6) at Northern Guilford (0-6)
North Forsyth(2-4) at Western Guilford(1-6)
Providence Grove(3-3) at High Point Andrews(2-4)….Simeon Stadium in High Point…
Charlotte Carolina Pride(2-5) at High Point Christian(4-1) 7pm kickoff at the High Point Athletic Complex, beside Simeon Stadium


  1. Yes, got the copy on that (4-1) and MaxPreps was off the mark on that one…

    You folks have to be taking in this Post here today at GreensboroSports.com…

    This is most the most complete Game-Day schedule posting in the history of this city….

    I have never seen anything or put together anything like this in my Life…

    We have the Colleges, the Varsity, the JV’s, it seems like we are doing Friday and Saturday on the same day….

    This has what you need to get around town and to get to all of the games here tonight….

    College, High School Varsity, High School JV for today and from yesterday, I am telling you daddy, you have never seen the likes of this before and you may never see it again, my friend…

    I am telling you brother, this is a true GreensboroSports Center post…..

    Enjoy and eat it up and spread the word, we have the local sports sandwich covered here at the site….

    Out of site/sight and Dyn-O-Mite….That’s Right….
    (May have gotten a little of carried away there, but you know, that is the way it is, when you are your own self-promotion department)….Ditto Dyn-O-Mite….

    You may see some of this on other sites, broken up and in different pieces, but all on the site(on the same post, in detailed fashion), Dyn-O-Mite daddy, Dyn-O-Mite….This like having Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love and Mick Foley all on the same show, on the same night, Dyn-O-Mite…..

    It is crazy daddy, Crazy and I am Long Gone….
    +++++Maybe Gone Crazy, but I am hoping the Jury is still out there and deliberating….And if you spell deliberating correct on your first shot, then that is Money in the Bank….MITB brother….+++++

  2. From what I am seeing today, everything is going CRAZY and from what our old friend Karen Carpenter said, “It’s Only Just Begun” or “We’ve Only Just Begun”, to go CRAZY….

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