Page at Southeast Guilford Game is ON and game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio with Kris Walser and Darryl Steele

Talked to Southeast Guilford High School Athletic Director Shawyn Newton this afternoon and he said let the people know that the Southeast Guilford versus Page game will played TONIGHT at the Bill Slayton Stadium, on the Southeast Guilford High School campus…..

The game can also be heard here on GreensboroSports Radio with Kris Walser and Coach Darryl Steele….Game time is still set for 7:30pm and the pre-game with Kris and the Coach will be at 7pm….Kris and “The Coach” tonight bringing you Page vs. SEG here on GreensboroSports Radio….

Say you can’t make it to the game, or you don’t want to be out in that rain tonight, you can hear the Page-Southeast Guilford game with Kris and “The Coach” right here on GreensboroSports Radio…..

Pre-game at 7 and the kickoff at 7:30 and you can catch Page-SEG with Kris and “The Coach” bringing you all of the action right here on
GreensboroSports Radio…..


  1. This is crazy with a storm coming they still playing this game I guess SE thinks this will help them keep the game close but at what cost. kids safety should come first in situations like this the school system’s AD should step in and make decisions on the games not the schools

  2. Southeast has Homecoming scheduled for their field next week and the have games backed up with four games slated for Slayton Field early next week…

    Do to field use, it was almost play it tonight or go bust….Field is already set to be in use next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and it is hard to tell the other teams, we must take away your game and your field time…..Football has been famous in the past for pushing other teams out of the way and as you weigh your options, your choices are limited….

    Conditions are not optimum, but kickoff is just about 3 hours and 45 minutes away….

    Several teams having chosen to stay the course for tonight and for teams still in action, Game On….

  3. SE don’t forget Page has a running back too. Maybe you have heard of Mr. Leake.

  4. Look at what they are going to lose at the gate the others games don’t bring in that kind of money is. football is what funds the other sports.

  5. Page parent, don’t stay home. And you are correct. Sad that whomever responded to you must have an IQ of a moron. It’s about safety, ALL ABOUT SAFETY!!! And not all football is played inside….Arena Football!!!

  6. Safety? Because its raining .Wow people get hurt when its beautiful outside. Wait I am not driving because its raining. Safety first. Lmao. Safety. Safety safety safety . Is that a rule ?????? Hey don’t play in the rain you might hurt .Wow,Wow,Wow

  7. LOL, didn’t really expect you to subscribe to everyday logic. But tread forward, but purchase a service animal……you need help!!

  8. What Storm? It was just a little Rain tonight spoiled Page parents. Football is meant to be played in the rain. If there is a thunderstorm in Florida we must cancel football games in NC? You want to talk Safety? Have you ever been on Page’s Football field? That thing is a mud hole in the middle of July with no rain for 3 straight weeks. If anyone is going to get hurt it will be on the crap hole you guys call a field. Sorry you had to sit out in the weather and watch a football game.

  9. What?said……you are correct on one point, Page’s football field by July in rough! Most schools with above average athletic programs have the same problem, due to their teams playing so long into the playoffs!! I’ve seen your field in July, looks like a golf course….and it does for a reason! 4th down, you’d better punt!!!!

  10. Hey did you call nc state AD or any other college team today and tell them there is a storm outside and for your safety don’t play in the rain. Its a safety issue. The AD should step in. Maybe your kids cant stand up or play in the rain. I let my kids play in the rain they don’t care. Its football people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get over it.Good LORD!!!!/Get a life people.

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