New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with Dudley keeping that top spot and Panthers not looking to give it up

The new News and Record High School Football Top Ten Poll is ready to roll and you can roll right in and begin to check it all out when you

Dudley at #1, Page at #2, the Reidsville Rams are at #3 and then you have teams like East Forsyth, Eastern Guilford, Southwest Guilford, Southern Guilford and others fighting for the top spots….Dudley remains on top and the Panthers look to keep that top spot for a while to come…..

Again you can check out the new poll and see how it is going to roll, when you CLICK HERE.

*****The top 10 is compiled by staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer D. Turkin, with input from area coaches…..*****


  1. When Dudley @ Page comes around, it looks to be a much better game than last year was. Dudley probably wins but will be in a battle.

  2. As long as Page scores some points, the loss does not appear as bad. I call it the Mayweather effect. Floyd can win fights; the boxer he’s outperforming lands a solid blow, it’s a moral victory. Moral victories in high school football games do not equate to playoff positions.

    This year’s Dudley team is not as predictable as Page’s team. Page runs four plays the entire game with some new additions, some option. One player will not beat Dudley.

  3. Dudley got tooooo many dawgs in the fight for that one ,if everyone remains healthy. You’re now seeing Dudley loosk and play like the number team in the state. They are not creating alot penalties now , and they’re clicking. Those D-Boyz are well oiled

  4. Dudley vs. page game will be a good one. Page has came off of that lose and is doing well. BUT… DUDLEY has a team that knows their position and plays it well. This team is in unison from the bus to the field. They have several guys that can play different position and play them well. Dudley team has rhythm with each other. I just hope they get there due after the win against Page. It’s only two players on Page team that is talked about ALL the time. hope that combo is ready against the Panthers DEFENSE. Dudley whole squad brings HEAT!!!

    The media needs to give the Panthers their props after the game!!!

    All the Panthers have to do against Page is play like the soldiers they are train to do.

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