Friday Night Finish:What I learned at Eastern Guilford High School this evening/on Friday night(Plus a ‘Blast from the Past that wouldn’t Last’)

What did I learn tonight down at Eastern Guilford High School???

I learned that those Eastern Guilford Wildcats have a lot, and I mean a lot, of talent…

Once that offense gets rolling/clicking, those ‘Cats can score and they have a lot of young men/kids that get involved in the offense…

Tonight/Friday we saw Dominique Graves and Bryant Barr factor into all of the Wildcats scoring, but EG has so many people helping to get it there and get it done, it is nearly incredible, but not quite incredible, but pretty darn close…

You have Graves and Barr that can both run the QB spot and tonight you had Graves to Nic Cheeley on the first EG TD and then you had Graves on the run for the second EG TD and then Barr came back and ran for a TD and Zion Walker added another….

But if you stop for a second or two and look at the numbers of players that are contributing to this great Eastern Guilford (8-0) start, it might just startle you…

You have Barr and not to be confused with Art Barr the tag-team partner/teammate of Eddie Guerrero back in the day and Barr’s tag-team partner at QB is Dominique Graves, so you have Bryant Barr and Dominique Graves and then you look up and there goes Zion Walker off and running and on the outside, at the receiver spots, you have the ‘Cats leader in Nic Cheeley, plus you have to look out for James Artis who can run and catch, then there’s that name I had not really heard about until tonight/Friday and that’s Zaccheus/Zach Milton and Zaccheus can climb up over the top of and around the defenses like he is trying to climb up into a sycamore tree….A long-time helpful hand for the EG offense and the defense has been Isaiah Finerty and when you have Zaccheus and Isaiah working for you have to feel like something miraculous, or something of huge biblical proportions, is about to/getting ready to happen….And add in Justin Matthews to that mix….Pretty good sized receiver and only a sophomore..

Did you catch all of those names coming out of that Eastern Guilford offensive attack???????
Dominique Graves
Bryant Barr
Zion Walker
Nic Cheeley
James Artis
Zaccheus Milton
Justin Matthews
Isaiah Finerty
….That is almost a Magnificent Seven/Great Eight right there and I may be leaving somebody else out and let me know if I am…..

But let me tell you something, I saw it with my own two contact and cataract aided eyes tonight and those Eastern Guilford Wildcats have some real nice offensive weapons….WMD, we used to call them back during the Bush administration…And for those keeping score at home, those would be Weapons of Mass Destruction and Eastern Guilford has them and the coaches know how to use them….

And that is a very big factor, right then, right there and right now….

Power run by Walker, Pass up field by Graves, run off tackle for 5 yards by #5 Barr, a swing pass from Graves to Artis, a pass into traffic to Cheeley, Milton hauling in a pass over the middle, Finerty working the sidelines for a quick 12-yard reception and he gets out-of-bounds….Graves spreads out the offense and then takes off up the middle on a designed QB run for 22 yards and TD and then Barr comes back and hits for another 10 yards on the run and right when you are looking back up field again, EG sends Walker back into that line, going off-tackle, or between the guard and his tackle for six unanswered yards…..

The ‘Cats are clicking and this whole thing about (8-0) overall and (5-0) in the conference is starting to look pretty good and it seems to be sinking in, that this is for real….Next up for the ‘Cats will be Western Alamance(7-1/5-0) at WA next Friday night and then EG has Eastern Alamance(7-1/4-1) at home/at Tommy Grayson Stadium, before closing out the regular season, on the road at Rockingham County(1-8/1-5)….

Eastern Guilford knocks off Northern Guilford tonight/Friday night 28-0, for what would be the first win in school history for the ‘Cats over the ‘Hawks and it was a sweet one for EG, since the offense racked up 28 points and the defense played lights out all night and they ended up pitching a shutout, and not a baseball game, but at a football game…

With the shutout, we need to give a few more shout outs too, to Spencer Clapp, the big man played a fine game on both sides of the football for EG in this game and we send a shout out too, to Kyin Howard, I had him with a fumble recovery and many stops along with Dennis Brooks and Chrishon Goldston on defense….

Shout Outs to all of those guys we had up there in Clapp, Howard, Brooks and Goldston….And again, if we overlooked anybody that needs that Big Shout Out, let us know….

So that’s what I learned down at Eastern Guilford tonight/Friday night and from you can see and based upon our research, EG is a team that has many useful and well-working parts/weapons….This is a multifaceted unit of ‘Cats…..
*****Right now Eastern Guilford and Western Alamance tied for the Top Spot in the Mid-State 3-A Conference, with both teams at (5-0), with three conference games left to play…..*****

We will continue to look at other big wins around the site area from tonight and they are calling it a real Big One with Northeast Guilford over Burlington Williams, 34-33 and you had Ragsdale slipping past Southwest Guilford, 20-19 and on we could and more from Wyatt Smith on Ragsdale-SWG later on and maybe more on NEG-BW from Kris Walser….
+++++Nice win by Southern Guilford(7-2) over Asheboro tonight, with the Storm taking down the Blue Comets, 9-7 and what about that score from down in Charlotte, Charlotte Vance 38 and Mallard Creek 21 and WOW! is all I can say about that one….WOW!!!

Page took care of Grimsley, 56-14 on Friday night over at Jamieson Stadium and with the new Cheesecake Factory getting ready to open up over at Friendly Center next Tuesday, I thought we would leave you tonight/this early morning with a slice of cheesecake we posted up here at the site on the Page-Grimsley rivalry and this originally ran here, back in 2010…Enjoy, if this is your ‘Slice of Life’ and we will return some time on Saturday morning, with the “High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind”…..

See what you think, if anything, about this ‘Blast from the Past, that wouldn’t Last’

Page-Grimsley: More than a game….
Posted by Andy Durham on October 6, 2010 at 12:31 pm under High School | 36 Comments to Read

Page at Grimsley this Friday night is more than a game…..It is an event, a once-a-year get together, a renewal of friendships and kinships, and all-in-all, I don’t know of any other neighborhood battle in the state that can stir up this type of attention, even if the matchup doesn’t hold the same overall win-loss bearing each season…..

This year will be like all of the others….Bigger than Dudley-Smith(although this one made a very nice comeback this year), larger than WS Carver-Parkland, High Point Central-High Point Andrews, Glenn-East Forsyth, WS Reynolds-Mount Tabor and any other meeting in the state you can think of….Year-in, year-out, no matter what the records, the fans will turn out for this football game….Matthews Butler and Charlotte Independence were working on something, but it will not come together on a consistant basis….

This is, “The Game”….It is sort of like the N.C. A&T Homecoming, but it is bigger than that, because the Grimsley-Page game happens so fast and the A&T Homecoming goes on for about a week….(With A&T, the week is bigger than the game itself.)

It is like one big night for Page and Grimsley, “One Shining Moment”, and it is gone for another year…..They do have other activities built around the game, but showing up for the start of the game, the opening kickoff, that is charisma that fuels and lights the fire……It may burn out quickly, but the build-up is HUGE!

The game is an event….On that night, fans will show up at Jamieson Stadium, and many of those fans will not attend another game the entire year….It is like or akin to going to church on Easter Sunday or the church attendance the Sunday before Christmas……That is when the masses show up and they will be there early at Jamieson Stadium on Friday night….

This is more than a game…..It has been a family get together over the years….

Look at the “Family Ties”….

You had Bobby Dunn and Jeff Dunn from Page. Stuart Albright and Ethan Albright from Grimsley.. Todd Ellis and Mark Ellis from Page… Tripp Welborne and Keith Welborne from Page…. Frankie King, Tucker King, and Bill King from Page and Bill is the dad and the others, brothers….. Jeff Smouse and Brian Smouse from Grimsley as a father and son duo…… Ryan Moody and David Moody at Grimsley, in another father-son duo and this time it was Ryan the QB and dad David, the school’s principal…….(Ryan Moody, now QB coach at Ragsdale HS.) There has been Will Newman, the QB at Page and his dad, Lewis Newman, the AD at Grimsley……..You had Donald Moore Sr. and later on his son Donald Moore Jr., both at Page………

This has been a real family institution….The “Family Ties”, are everywhere…..

This Page-Grimsley meeting, really is more than a game. You never know who is going to step up and be the man or star, that comes forward for that “One Shining Moment”, and helps his team win the darn thing……

Just look back from one year ago when Page topped Grimsley 42-14:
Page WR Justin Gorman was really the hero of this game, a virtual unknown becomes a instant Page/Grimsley rivalry legend. This is his first year ever of playing football.
*****Two huge TD catches by Gorman in the game to go along with his other game-changing receptions…..No disrespect toward Justin, but we didn’t talk a lot about him before that game and his name has not come up very often since last year about this time, when he became as the writer above noted, an instant legend….*****(We sure are talking about you now though Justin……)

That is the beauty of this game, you never know who will be the next in line to step and take over this game, much like Justin Gorman did back in 2009….

Will it be a new Donald Moore Jr., who had to kick the field goal twice that year to win it for the Page Pirates? Will it be a Gavin Segall-Abrams, who got a second chance a few years ago and booted the FG through for a Grimsley win? Would it be a Kirk McGuinn, that kicked the FG for Grimsley to win it for the Whirlies over Page in a playoff game, when Grimsley was led by coach Jeff Smouse and GHS hadn’t won one of these games in about 20 years??? How about a new Ron Crawford, the RB that helped Grimsley get a regular season win over the Pirates way back in 1999 and as the crowd rushed the field, we saw police officers charge the football field, riding on bicycles for the first time ever, in an effort to control the fans????? That was a wild night and Grimsley’s Joe Franks can attest to that…..

Who could it be now????? Didn’t The Police sing that tune? Well, it will be more than a game again this year and will we see a new Will Newman, maybe a Carlos Doggett, Antonio Kirkpatrick, John Cassels, Ron Harris, Matt Millisor, Austin Anthony, Haywood Jeffries, John Newman, Mack Jones, Stafford Moser or who knows, who might be next in the long line of Page-Grimsley game heroes…….

One thing is for certain, Page-Grimsley is More than a Game…….

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