Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 10/14/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Dudley at Grimsley with Andy Durham and Dennis White.

Game of the Week Stream 2: Northeast Guilford at Northern Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM.

UPDATE # 11 – 10:35 PM – All Finals – Good Night

Eastern Guilford (9-0) – 31
Western Alamance (7-2) – 26

Southwest Guilford (6-3) – 14
East Forsyth (8-1) – 42

Glenn (6-3) – 47
Northwest Guilford (6-3) – 45

Dudley (9-0) – 47
Grimsley (3-6) – 0

Smith (2-7) – 12
Page (8-1) – 30

Southeast Guilford (5-4) – 36
Southern Alamance (2-7) – 21

Southern Guilford (8-2) – 49
Southwestern Randolph (1-8) – 6

Ragsdale (4-5) – 28
High Point Central (3-6) – 21

Northeast Guilford (4-5) – 27
Northern Guilford (2-7) – 35

Western Guilford (2-7) – 61
Central Davidson (0-10) – 13

High Point Andrews (5-4) – 52
Eastern Randolph (6-3) – 28

Northside Christian (5-4) – 12
High Point Christian Academy (6-1) – 16

East Surry (6 -3) – 41
Bishop McGuinness (4-6) – 7

Mount Tabor (8-2) – 58
WS Parkland (7-2) – 12

Wake Forest Heritage (7-2) – 15
Raleigh Millbrook (7 -2) – 17

McMichael – 10
Burlington Williams – 7

Randleman – 39
Trinity – 11

Rockingham County – 7
Eastern Alamance – 43

Lexington – 29
West Davidson – 26

Reidsville – 57
Jordan Matthews – 0

Providence Grove – 26
Wheatmore – 7

WS Carver – 22
Forbush – 14

Mt. Airy – 52
WS Atkins – 18

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17 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 10/14/16

  1. Great to see that Nighthawk Team Win tonight and greater still to see Johnny Roscoe greet the boys at the gate when they entered the field tonight. He stayed in a very unassuming distant stance at the end of the field and all over the stadium the crowd whispered to each other that “Johnny Roscoe is in the house tonight”……his presence was felt in the nest tonight. Great job Nighthawks!

  2. When you go for 700 yards and over 40 points and still lose something is terribly wrong! The NW Defense couldn’t stop anything Glenn did and haven’t stopped anyone with talent all year. Whatever they wanted they took and we looked lost all night. The offense gets all this praise but it put up numbers cause Glenn is equally as bad on defense. Then just like every time we lose our Coaches act like a bunch of little kids after a loss. Way to go!

  3. The community of Northern Guilford should have supported the hiring of Charlotte Vance’s head coach. Despite the past situation, it pulled out a victory last night. Vance upset Mallard Creek. Northern upset Northeast? Okay.

    Coaching will play a big factor next week for the conference championship between Page and Dudley. If Page would have blown out Smith, then residents of New Irving Park would have higher hopes about next week’s matchup.

    Grimsley, Smith, and Ragsdale scored multiple TDs on Page. Dudley has pitched shutouts for every conference foe it played. Hillside, again, posed the largest threat. Obama set a dangerous precedent with “Hope” and “Change” because much will remain the same as the last three years that Dudley has played Page.

    Panther Pride

  4. Northern started 7 or 8 Sophomores and Freshmen last night and have most of the year with a brutal schedule. Let’s hope Ted stays around for the Nighthawk rising!

  5. Andy, you’re killing the traffic to your sports blog here by closing off the comments during games. Might wanna hire a few moderators if it means that much or maybe you guys just don’t like web traffic here, smh!

    SN: NW, hate to say this and wish it weren’t true but you’re not beating the eagles this year.

  6. The reason we cut off comments during the games is to have people NOT report scores here and submit them through approved (and verified) methods.

  7. I swear…everyone is always in gotcha mode these days…thanks AD and crew for the service you provide.

  8. We need to go with the methods Don is using if that better helps us to keep the scoreboard going during the games…Those scores on Friday night are a key and you can always hit comments after the games, since this board/post opens up again as soon as the games are complete…

    Bill Goldberg is back and I remember back when he was 178-0 or something like that and lost to Scott Hall or maybe Kevin Nash in a script written by Kevin Nash…

    With the coaching moves things will probably work much better for Northern in the long run…

    It would have been hard to keep said Vance coach at NG, because he is on his way up, as long as he keeps all of his ducks in a-row and that is the key these days…

    Everything has to stay in order when all of the checks and balances are weighed in their totality….

    Many times there is more there than meets the eye when the schools reach their decisions and we are not all made privy to what goes into the choices and we are left to speculate without all of the facts and knowledge going on behind the scenes and that is what makes all of this football talk so much like that of professional wrestling talk…

    Who knows for sure if Dixie Carter has any money left????

    Who knows for sure if Billy Corgan will get his money and if Dudley can shut out Page like they have done to every other Metro foe this season???

    Makes for some good plot lines and the games are moving on down the line with just weeks left in the regular season and the playmakers, Hendon Hooker and Will Jones for Dudley and Page and others like Javon Leake for Page and that entire Dudley D with others like Crossen and Rush will have to be ready to make those big plays next Friday night….

  9. You are right NW Football. NWG is on their 4th DC in 4 years. Woodruff left for a new job in Michigan. Rolfes decided to hire Todd McComb instead of going with Woodruff’s DC. McComb left after one year to become the DC at Winston Salem State. As many people know instead of hiring Coach Beal to be the DC he hired Bryant Miller from Ohio (one of his former coaches). Coach Beal left NW after that to take the DC job at East Forsyth. Then this year Coach Pat Neal took over as DC after he left Grimsley. Yes NW is on their 4th DC in 4 years but it was because those coaches took promotions not Rolfes firing them. I’ve heard from coaches close to the situation say that Coach Rolfes didn’t think Beal was ready to be the DC at NW or had the experience and that’s why he went with someone he was close to.

  10. When you have offenses playing wide-open like it is Arena-Style Offense it is hard for the defenses to take over let alone keep up…

    The offenses were rolling and the skill players like Brown, Turner, Hennigan, Ruzzak, Leonard took over in the game…

    Coach Neal gives you everything he has got and it is not easy for the defenses to find a way to slow down the offenses in games like these…

    The players love the wide-open offenses and the fans do too, as long as their team is winning games like these…

    Last team with the ball usually comes out on top and I guess that was the case last night with Glenn-NWG….

    When the offenses are blazing a trail, there is only so much you can do on defense…Coach Neal and Coach Beal are both outstanding coaches and with Beal and Neal you can seal the deal, but you have to be sure your team is the last one with your hands on the Wheel/ball….

    Was hearing today that Javon Leake of Page has his foot in a boot and from not seeing his name in the Pirates’ game stats from Friday night, guessing he did not play last night and hoping he will be available for the game this coming Friday night with Page and Dudley…

    Sure hoping Leake will be back, because you want both teams to be at full strength for a big game like this one with Dudley at Page….

  11. I don’t know much about Coach Neal but I do know alot about Coach Beal (love the rhymes Andy lol). I wish Rolfes would’ve kept him as the DC at NW. I knew it was just a matter of time before another team picked him up after Rolfes didn’t name him DC 2 years in a row. Now everyone is seeing just how good a coach he is over at East Forsyth. They had good defenses in the past when my sons teams played East but this year and last year they have been really good. I also know there is some bad blood between NW and East and I think it started when Beal left NW for East. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2 weeks. I have to pull for the Vikings to upset the Eagles in 2 weeks by 1 score.

  12. I must say i’ve been critical and uneasy about NG coaching schemes and techniques this year. Being a diehard fan and watching those kids battle and win a must win game against N.East friday, running those same schemes and techniques and them actually working, who knows? Maybe that big win may convince fans and players to buy into system. And remember NG is playing a ton of underclassmen, and a Jr class that because of blowouts got tons of play?ng time their freshman yr and a champ ring. And oh yeah go check out NG 1st 6 games on their brutal schedule, Besides Williams each team they faced is top ranked in county and state. Stay tuned for rest of this year and prepare for some payback games next year!

  13. Coach Beal isn’t that great of a coach in my mind. He just has a bunch of talented players. Anyone could win with all those D-1 superstars.

  14. I think he’s good but in my mind he did get beat out by two coaches that are more qualified. Heck Mccomb is a DC in college and Miller had worked with Rolfes so there was a level of comfort there. As a head coach you have to do what you think is best and I think the moved worked out for everyone involved.

  15. Coach Beal has helped a lot of kids at the different schools he has been at over the years and he is a first-rate coach and it does sure help if you have a lot of top-notch talent to choose from when you line them up out there on the field of play….Hard to beat talent and that is what makes teams like Dudley, Page and East Forsyth so good and they had been good like that for a nice little while now…

    The coaches have to coach up that talent and help to make them become better and a lot of that comes from kids being ready to come to practice every day ready to work and ready and willing to get better…

    Working with coaches like Coach Beal and Coach Neal those kids will get better…Having coaches like Coach Beal and Coach Neal, it is almost a steal, you can’t help but get better if you listen to these men….

    Not being slightful, but the coaches that are no longer there are not going to be able to help you now and that is why you have to go and learn from what you have on hand and it can work, if you are willing to make it work….

    I am saying a lot and again, it all comes down to being ready to put the time and work in when you get out there on Monday….Next man up and next day up and time to get to work….Could be a long day out there at practice if you are just killing time and not there to get better….

    Life is like a game, and today is game on, next day up….

    Plus, I told everyone earlier to stick with what you have at Northern and you would win most of those last games on your schedule and here you go, with two to go and both of those games should go into you Nighthawks’ win column and don’t sleep on McMichael….MAC snuck into Burlington and stole one from Williams, 10-7 last Friday…..

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