Free Passes/Tickets to the Woods of Terror on Church Street:Give us the “Halloween Candy of the Day”

Free Pass/Ticket to the Woods of Terror on Church Street:Give us the “Halloween Candy of the Day”

Looking for the “Halloween Candy of the Day” and if you can give it to us, you win the Two Free Passes/Tickets to the Woods of Terror/$28.00 per ticket value($56.00 Total Value) and you can learn more about them by going to their website at…..

Just shoot us that Halloween Candy of the Day into the comment box and when you signed up make sure you have left a valid E-mail address where we can reach you and we will get your address and mail you your passes/tickets….

What is that Halloween Candy of the Day???
*****We are looking for a pretty good one too not trying to be funny, but no Laffy Taffy on this one…..*****
+++++Maybe each hour or so, we will tell you what it is not, but this is pretty good Trick-or-Treat stuff here….+++++

Think about it and shoot us that winning answer into the Comment Box…..

Now- Sat, Nov 05, 2016
Woods of Terror at Woods of Terror on Church Street
Woods of Terror on Church Street Is Located at 5601 N Church Street…


  1. No correct answers so far and this candy would more elite to eat than the ones you have mentioned so far…

    Laffy Taffy, Candy Corn, MaryJanes, can not compare to what we have for your here….Another hint of some sort in the 1pm hour….

  2. With still no correct answers/guesses let’s see if the info below will get those in the know on the go without having to show a video of me eating this Halloween item…

    This Elite sweet of the Treat-or-Treat falls into the Candy Bar category….

    Let’s see if it will catch on here…

  3. You could almost say the Swiss Family of Robinson has shown up for this one..

    If you were to guess a Swiss Miss on this, you would swing and miss…

    Hopefully that earlier info we gave will get some people started and headed into the right direction…

  4. Got some of you holding back on us and you may want to let it out and bring out this candy bar that some say and it even says it on the wrapper, it is more a Cookie Bar….

    Definitely on the Candy Bar shelf at the Sheets and those tickets are waiting for you when you name the Candy/Candy Bar/Cookie Bar….

  5. There you go it is the Twix Bar…..

    Cookie Bar loaded with caramel, it says on the wrapper….

    Wyatt with the Win and he will get those tickets to the Woods of Terror…

    Tomorrow we go back to the “Halloween Word of the Day”, and it will a two-worder, two words and the fit will fit in with Halloween spirit and the dark nights and on those dark nights this item would be hard to see…..

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