Middle School Football Finals Today from Guilford County Football Fields:Could use some more scores to light up the scoreboard(SWG, SEG and Allen Jay all now 6-0)

Aycock Middle 22, Kiser Middle 0
Guilford Middle 35 Jackson Middle 16
Allen Jay Middle 44, Ferndale Middle 12
Allen Jay All-Stars now at (6-0) for the season…
Northwest Guilford Middle 22, Northern Guilford Middle 20
Eastern Guilford Middle 22, Southern Middle 13
Looks like it really is the “Year of the ‘Cats”…EG varsity (9-0), EG JV’s (8-0) and Middle School doing well…
Southeast Guilford Middle 41, Kernodle Middle 8
Southwest Guilford Middle 26, Jamestown Middle 8
SWG(6-0)/Jamestown(4-3)…More on Southwest Guilford-Jamestown scoring below….
Mendenhall Middle 38, Northeast Guilford Middle 8

Other games for today/Wednesday and we sure could use those scores….
Penn Griffin @ Hairston

Scoring breakdown from the SWG at Jamestown game….
SWG took the 5th Quarter game, two touchdowns-to-none…

SWG-Jamestown Scoring:
50-yard fumble return by SWG and Devan Flowers and the Cowboys take the lead 6-0 after the failed two-conversion and with 2.7 seconds to play in the first quarter, SWG 6, Jamestown 0…
End of First Quarter:SWG 6, Jamestown 0

7.5 seconds to play in the second quarter and it was a two-yard pass from SWG’s Devan Flowers to #3 Quantez Poche, and the two-point conversion pass attempt failed and SWG goes on top, 12-0…
Halftime Score:SWG 12, Jamestown 0

1:36 left in the 3rd quarter when Jamestown blocks a punt by SWG and Tigers recover the ball in the end zone for the Tiger Touchdown and the two-point conversion run by Knox, from Jamestown is good and the score now stands at SWG 12, Jamestown 8….

End of 3rd Quarter:Southwest Guilford 12, Jamestown 8

7:05 remaining in the 4th quarter/game, SWG scored on a one-yard run by QB Devan Flowers to take a 20-8 lead and the Cowboys’ two-point conversion is successful and now your score is, SWG 20, Jamestown 8….

1:15 to play in the ball game and SWG scores on a six-yard run by #23 Larenz Smith and the two-point conversion fails and the scores now sits at SWG 26, Jamestown 8….
Final Score:Southwest Guilford 26, Jamestown 8

Video from Southwest Guilford and our interview with Coach Joey McGinnis coming up here on Thursday morning….