Middle School Football Finals Today from Guilford County Football Fields:Could use some more scores to light up the scoreboard(SWG, SEG and Allen Jay all now 6-0)

Aycock Middle 22, Kiser Middle 0
Guilford Middle 35 Jackson Middle 16
Allen Jay Middle 44, Ferndale Middle 12
Allen Jay All-Stars now at (6-0) for the season…
Northwest Guilford Middle 22, Northern Guilford Middle 20
Eastern Guilford Middle 22, Southern Middle 13
Looks like it really is the “Year of the ‘Cats”…EG varsity (9-0), EG JV’s (8-0) and Middle School doing well…
Southeast Guilford Middle 41, Kernodle Middle 8
Southwest Guilford Middle 26, Jamestown Middle 8
SWG(6-0)/Jamestown(4-3)…More on Southwest Guilford-Jamestown scoring below….
Mendenhall Middle 38, Northeast Guilford Middle 8

Other games for today/Wednesday and we sure could use those scores….
Penn Griffin @ Hairston

Scoring breakdown from the SWG at Jamestown game….
SWG took the 5th Quarter game, two touchdowns-to-none…

SWG-Jamestown Scoring:
50-yard fumble return by SWG and Devan Flowers and the Cowboys take the lead 6-0 after the failed two-conversion and with 2.7 seconds to play in the first quarter, SWG 6, Jamestown 0…
End of First Quarter:SWG 6, Jamestown 0

7.5 seconds to play in the second quarter and it was a two-yard pass from SWG’s Devan Flowers to #3 Quantez Poche, and the two-point conversion pass attempt failed and SWG goes on top, 12-0…
Halftime Score:SWG 12, Jamestown 0

1:36 left in the 3rd quarter when Jamestown blocks a punt by SWG and Tigers recover the ball in the end zone for the Tiger Touchdown and the two-point conversion run by Knox, from Jamestown is good and the score now stands at SWG 12, Jamestown 8….

End of 3rd Quarter:Southwest Guilford 12, Jamestown 8

7:05 remaining in the 4th quarter/game, SWG scored on a one-yard run by QB Devan Flowers to take a 20-8 lead and the Cowboys’ two-point conversion is successful and now your score is, SWG 20, Jamestown 8….

1:15 to play in the ball game and SWG scores on a six-yard run by #23 Larenz Smith and the two-point conversion fails and the scores now sits at SWG 26, Jamestown 8….
Final Score:Southwest Guilford 26, Jamestown 8

Video from Southwest Guilford and our interview with Coach Joey McGinnis coming up here on Thursday morning….


  1. Southwest Guilford is amazing. #5 Devin Flowers stepped up today even though he got sacked multiple times. He was eating up on offense, and defense with a strip fumble recovery for a td early in the game. All together they did great, having one more game next week, they hope to go undefeated.

  2. SW has a tremendous team and some great athletes but what was missing from the description of the game was their behavior. SW had 3 personal fouls for late hits and an unsportsmanlike penalty for pushing down on the helmet of Jamestown’s tailback after a tackle as they were getting up. Also, after the game and the handshake line the players and some of the coaches, instead of peeling off and going to the opposite endzone to celebrate their big win, actually came to Jamestown’s side of the field and were taunting and yelling almost like they wanted to instigate a fight. When Jamestown won at SW last year we went to the opposite endzone and celebrated amongst ourselves and never did anything close to what happened last night! I have taught and coached in Guilford County for almost 20 years and the behavior during and after a hard fought game that I saw last night was the worst I have ever seen! The SW coaches should be embarrassed as well as any SW parent. We have had a great competitive and respectful rivalry over the years but last night was ridiculous!. Andy, when you interview the coach why don’t you ask him about this. Thank you.

  3. Sore losers. A loss is a loss jms has 3 of them southwest has none and now the parents want to get involved after SW takes down a rival in the biggest game of their season…….. is there something wrong with Celebration after a conference championship?

  4. Hey Wow, you say sore losers but you have no words for the behavior! I would rather come up short and know I played the right way than what I saw last night! I also have never and never will coach a team that is taught to have 3 personal fouls and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in one game! By the way check with your principal and other parents at SW to see how they feel about the behavior that was shown before you call someone a poor loser!

  5. Funny, I was at the SW/Jamestown game last night as well as the game last year at Southwest’s stadium. I clearly remember last season the Jamestown team stomping on the 50 yard line and doing stuff quite similar to what Southwest did last night.
    Seems to me like this is the pot calling the kettle black.

    I was also close to the field last night after the game and saw the Jamestown coach try to walk off without shaking the SW coaches hands. The Southwest coach said something and then ran over to shake his hand.

  6. You are wrong on all counts as I am the coach of Jamestown. Last year we shook hands and celebrated with our fans in the opposite end zone! As far as not shaking hands the coaches are usually at the front of the line and last night we did not see the SW coaches till after the cheerleaders and soon as I saw them I went to shake hands! Nothing was said, you weren’t there, and again as soon as I noticed the coaches we all shook hands, nothing was said!Again, I go back to check with your principal to hear how she feels as well as your own parents about the behavior!

  7. I’ve coached for years and never seen the coaches at the front of the handshake line. Always at the end. And I was there last night. The Jamestown coach goes through the handshake line, gets towards the end and sees the SW coaches.
    He says “good game coaches,” and waves his hand before turning to walk off. The Southwest coach says “we’re right here” before walking over and basically making the Jamestown coach shake hands.

  8. You are wrong and unfortunately lying. Ask the SW coaches if they had to say anything to me about shaking hands! And, one more time because after this it’s done. Contact your principal and the Assistant Principal who saw what happened and ask if they are happy with the behavior.

  9. And why would I have any reason to lie about something I witnessed with my own eyes and heard with my own ears? But it’s fine- whatever helps you sleep at night.

  10. What helps me sleep at night is the truth. Were you in the line, have you talked to the coaches or principals? If not you are fabricating things. Talk to the people I suggested and then shoot off your mouth. Plus, what about the 3 late hit penalties and unsportsmanlike conduct against SW, while Jamestown hasn’t had one of those all year, let alone 4 in one game. Sleep at night with that.

  11. We had the video of the mentioned celebration and chose not to post and run that part/video here at the site, because we knew it was a sore spot…

    I was very impressed with Coach Joey McGinnis and I felt like he took the high road and had some good things to say about Jamestown in the post-game interview and that was a war out there yesterday with the Tigers and the Cowboys…

    Heated ending but let’s hope both teams can keep and maintain their focus going into next week’s end of the season games…

    The Devan Flowers kid will be a very big part of the future of high school football in Guilford County and there many other young men in Wednesday’s game that have a great future ahead of them and who knows, we might see Coach Curt Switalski and Coach Joey McGinnis on the varsity sidelines one day…

    You never know….

    Very proud of the hard work the players and their coaches have turned in this season and goes all the way back to early August….

  12. If Chuck Norris would have been there yesterday/Wednesday, there would not have been a game,
    there would have been Chuck Norris…..

  13. As a matter of fact, I was in the line. As a matter of fact, I witnessed this exchange go on firsthand. As for the penalties, the one “late hit” out of bounds was completely bogus. It happened right in front of me. As for the unsportsmanlike, that flag was picked up. As for the other two, we made sure to take care of that at practice today and punish those involved.
    As for the postgame celebration, is it not ok to celebrate on the field after winning a championship against our rival? Despite what you “remember,” your team did the same thing last season.
    And when our team began to approach yours at midfield, the Southwest head coach began yelling at the team to get back and go to the sideline. He even looked at you and said “I’ve got my guys.” Again, we addressed that at practice today.
    But to sit here and basically call us classless? I’m not going to quietly let that go by. Was it an emotional game? Yes. Did some of our student athletes cross the line? Yes, and that situation was taken care of. But if it weren’t for the Jamestown antics last year, I can guarantee you some of this wouldn’t have happened. But you conveniently have a different memory of last year’s game. Admit that the better team won. That’s what we did last season. Learn from it, and come back next year seeking revenge. That’s what makes the SW/Jamestown and SW/Ragsdale rivalries fun. The emotion.

  14. So no, I’m not shooting off my mouth. I was there, in the line, and I witnessed firsthand, the attempt to avoid shaking hands.

    As for the Chuck Norris lines, they had me cracking up! And yes, Coach McGinnis had nothing but positive things to say about the Jamestown program. I saw the video on YouTube earlier today.

  15. I already complimented the SW team in my first post. To say we did the same thing last year is a fly out lie! There was no near altercation last year like this and I didn’t have to disipline any of my players on their conduct I only complimented them on their effort and class. Your own comments is telling about how they are coaches and how they acted. Again, last time, was the admin at SW happy with the conduct last night? Same principal didn’t have any complaints towards Jamestown last year. Any answers to that, end of story.

  16. Yeah, by the way you are shooting off your mouth. I have never avoided a handshake in my life and if you say otherwise you are a liar and I’d be happy to say that to you next year also.

  17. Near altercation? That’s quite a stretch. And my comment shows “how they are coached?” What, that we punish student athletes for poor behavior on the field and reprimanded it? Because that’s what we did. And are you telling me that in your almost 20 years of coaching you’ve never had a player receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty? Because unless that’s the case, I don’t see how you can argue your case.
    Again, we reprimanded the players who received penalties. The wrong thing would have been to turn a blind eye, which we didn’t do.
    As for last season, a number of parents commented that they would be contacting Jamestown about the postgame antics lst year. Whether or not you were made aware of the complaints, I have no clue.
    And don’t worry. I’ll see you again later this school year. I’ll be sure to come shake your hand.

  18. As Chuck Norris would say and even Trivette and probably the close associates of John Bobbit would say,

    “We need to chop or cut this one off right here”….

    As was stated no need for any altercations, but please do this, be sure to mark this week on your calendar for next year/next season and we will see you for Jamestown at Southwest Guilford, in High Point….

    As the Cowboys or the Indians/Tigers/Cubs or some of Donald Trumps closest charges/ex-friends might say, Adios…….

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