Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 10/28/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Dudley at Page with Andy Durham and Dennis White.

Game of the Week Stream 2: Western Alamance at Northeast Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 9 – 11:00 PM

Dudley (9-1) – 22
Page (9-1) – 23

Eastern Alamance (8-2) – 18
Eastern Guilford (10-0) – 29

Northwest Guilford (7-3) – 23
Southwest Guilford (6-4) – 6

Ledford (7-3) – 30
Southern Guilford (9-2) – 40

East Forsyth (9-1) – 38
Ragsdale (4-6) – 14

Grimsley (3-7) – 12
Southeast Guilford (6-4) – 21

Western Alamance (8-2) – 45
Northeast Guilford (4-9) – 7

Northern Guilford (3-7) – 34
McMichael (3-7) – 28

Smith (3-7) – 48
Southern Alamance (2-8) – 14

High Point Central (3-7) – 14
Glenn (7-3) – 49

Asheboro (7-3) – 62
Western Guilford (2-8) – 42

Wheatmore (3-7) – 0
High Point Andrews (6-4) – 51

High Point Christian Academy (7-1) – 27
North Raleigh Christian (2-8) – 6

Bartlett Yancy – 0
Reidsville – 64

Graham – 23
Cummings – 6

Lexington – 45
East Davidson – 34

Mt. Tabor – 14
Davie – 35

Morehead – 0
Williams – 48

Bishop McGuinness(4-6):OFF

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38 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 10/28/16

  1. Let’s go Pirates!!! Huge win for them tonight. Also great cause they did it all without their star RB. Some many people doubted us, but we came out on top. Great game tho.

  2. Here Teddy, here Teddy, Teddy,

    Ya’ll here that, I do. Complete silence from Ole Teddy. What a loser, oh that’s right just like his little kittens. Hahahahahahahaha. Go Alma Pinnix, his word for Pirates. Hahahahahahahaha still laughing at Teddy.

  3. Not to put any fuel on game but check out highlights on news 2. Camera was in end zone and I would guess to say page player on TD was out of bounds

  4. But Teddy Roe said the Dboyz are so superior of a team…one score by page shouldn’t have been a factor.

  5. First, I hope I made amends with Coach Gillespie, his wife, and his coaching staff. My son is happy; therefore, his father, siblings, grandmother, Uncle Chris, and his heavenly mother is happy.

    When my son slipped on the INT, I whispered a prayer because plays like that should not dictate a game. He hung his head. Nevertheless, Page won. Every night I picked him up from practice, he affirmed, “We are beating Dudley.” Every single night he told me, “Dad, we are beating Dudley.”

    My son honored his family and redeemed himself. I, Anwar Alston, am open to all criticism. I am a man. As a teenage father to his oldest brother, by the same woman, criticisms on this blog by cowards who hide behind false names do not impede anything. My masculinity will remain intact.

    James Benson Dudley High School
    C/O 1997

  6. Congrats to the pirates you finally beat my patjers after 5 years of disappointments. Both teams played a hard.

  7. Page won. No excuses. Page is the newly crowned conference champion. First time the school has won conference since 2012. Northern Greensboro and other Puritan communities should be proud. Dudley played an incredible game. The Panthers came up short. I question some calls, but games cannot be left in the hands of officials. No excuses, Page won.

    I must admit that my presence is felt on this site. I am reading the perspectives without weeping. Dudley will be fine in the playoffs. The “football gods” answered the other team’s prayers. Stars align, and that’s what occurred.

    Mr. Anwar Alston: please pay these punks no mind. The New Irving Park crowd will have their communities “protected” by the police Monday so certain types of individuals won’t invade the neighborhood. So much for integration.

    Theodore F.W. Roe

  8. Take notice: everyone is bashing Teddy Roe but Not one poster has a negative thing to say about Dudley.

  9. First off, mad respect to Dudley, what an epic game! I enjoyed taking pix for this game! Hendon and other Panthers definitly will do well in the playoffs, go get a ring and represent Greensboro well!

    For my Pirates players, way to persevere when no one even thought you’d be in the game. Thats how how you grind out a W! So proud of my boys! Makes me wanna do another hype video for the playoffs lol! Way to go Pirates! Go get a ring!

    To other Pirate fans, cmon guys lets win classy, rejoice with honor, and be respectful! But lets not be internet trolls. Theres a way to respond when we win, and this aint it, we betta than that!

  10. As a fan we have something to look forward to in the future. Big win in OT (stopped McMichael 3 times from the 2 yd line). Played a lot of sophomore and freshman this season but they’ve gotten better as the season went along. Win next we and we finish 4-4 in probably the toughest 3A conference in the state, we should accept that and look for the bright spots to come soon. Koonce #21 and Foster Jr. #25 ran hard after MJ left with an injury. Koonce with the game winner on the second play of OT. Nice game from Lane with a lot of catches over the middle of the field.

  11. Finally it’s time for the rematch! NW at East Forsyth next week boy! After the way the coaches acted on our field running the score up then getting in our coaches faces I hope the Vikings beat the heck out of them. I know it’s a very tall task but It would be fun to see us celebrating a Conference Championship in the middle of your field talking trash just like you did ours last year. East is the most overrated team in the area just ask Page. I saw them against SW on film and if they start like that against NW the Vikings can smack them. Go NW!!! I hope Coach Rolfes goes on sides runs a fake or does something classless to get back at you for how you ran it up last year.

  12. Ted Roe,

    Shut up and eat your crow, that is if you can get your foot out of your mouth. Sad, sad sad.

  13. Sorry I was there NW Haters? The only people acting like a bunch of jackasses after the game was your coaches. I was right down at the track and they were the ones that got in the East Coaches faces calling them classless. Get the story straight and don’t be drunk and post.

  14. WOW What a game at Page tonight! Stop with all the BS both teams played their hearts out. As far as the East Forsyth being overrated just ask Page. I saw them play Page and they have some of the best players in the area. The score doesn’t show just how close that game was in the 4th. East will be a lot of trouble in the playoffs again this year.

  15. Triadwatch. The News 2 program camera angle was great. It WAS A TD!!! Must have to be a ref to know the rules and know it’s good, or ya don’t know the rules and looking for some excuse. The TD was good, LJ was in top of the play. A great officiated ballgame!!!

  16. Hey Andy I did notice #40 for page did a great job of pressuring Hooker and plugging that front line great job oh yea I think he’s another Gavin

  17. Yes he is becoming a beast, Kam Gavin and he is the former quarterback for the Mendenhall Mustangs…
    (I think he was in on the safety last night for the Page defense.)

    If I was choosing a three for a pickup basketball game or pickup football game, I would do pretty good if I selected James Gavin, Jaylen Gavin and Kam Gavin…

    The Gavins are competitive and they come ready to play, each and every day…

    Going into battle, grab a Gavin and take them with you…

  18. NW Guilford can beat East I don’t care what you think. The Vikings are not scared of East Forsyth and we will go right over there and hit them in the mouth and see what happens. Yeah they’re big and fast but so are we. Hennigan is healthy now and I’m telling you nobody has a guy like Tre Turner on their team.

    As far as the rivalry between the coaching staffs. It’s not a rivalry. East ran the score up last year and Coach Rolfes just told them he didn’t like it. It was the fat East coach that got up in the NW coach’s face after that and tried to start a fight. It was clear East was trying to make an example out of NW cause Coach Beal had his feelings hurt. If his feelings were hurt last year they are really going to be hurt this year when NW beats them.

  19. Andy

    If you are going to edit post, please do it equally. Ted Roe has called me a pro white liberal that loves Donald Trump several times and his post of Irving Park houses being protected insinuates exactly what you edited. If everyone wants equality then it has to go boths ways. You can’t have it one sides Andy. Do the right thing and shut his down as well.

  20. Tired of Nonsense: I do not know whose post was edited, but I have never advocated for you to be censored. I can handle all types of critiques. You have sincerely asked that I be censored and possibly prohibited from posting on the site. I have offered to dialogue with you in private, but you hide behind a false name. Again, here is my email address,

    Lastly, Page won the game. I made no excuses. They all played well. I just do not understand how can some men be so sensitive. It is only a blog that Andy gives us all to celebrate the local Greensboro community.

    *The New Irving Park/North Elm/Willoughby communities have police block entrances so “alien” citizens to their area are prohibited from entering. These are the die-hard Page fans. I see through the charades of false racial comaraderie/ illusion of inclusion.

    Andy, if this comment is racially insensitive, by all means edit or delete. This is your site. I try my best to abide by all rules established.

  21. Ted,

    The problem with your post being wrong is you said so much for integration like Page was some all white school. That my friend brings a sensitive issue in our country to the service. There are some African Americans in those gated communities.

  22. There is not too much that I am racially sensitive about, for I have heard quite a bit over the years…
    (That is why sometimes I need to be reading the context more carefully.) But,

    There has been so much that I go read and go through that I can not even remember all that I edited now but I do know that I edited info out from both sides…

    I try to let you guys and for me I mean men and women hash it out, but when I feel it has gone over the line and it is getting personal, then I have to make the move…..

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge and I’m not sure that there is that much difference in Dudley and Page in the current day, in the old days or in old school sure there was but today, I’m sure there are plenty of kids that are at at Page that would love to be at Dudley and many at Dudley that would love to be at Page…Male and female alike….Both schools have strong athletic programs in almost all sports and especially in the primary sports of Football, Basketball and Baseball…

    The communities have many pros and cons and I mean positive and negatives…

    Glad to hear the young child was returned home safe and sound and if it was a little boy and I called him a girl, my bad there…Was thinking of Jada as a girl’s name, but maybe off the mark….

    We will try and keep it as clean and safe as possible here and shut it down if necessary and like Skip McCall says over at Dudley some times you have to look up, because, “We have a marker on the field”…..

    Here’s hoping both Page and Dudley have a long run in the playoffs, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but my credo is, “We love to beat those Charlotte Schools”….

  23. Teddy- I think it’s obvious how we all feel about you. Not too many negatives said about either school…but you on the other hand. LOL!

  24. NW Haters?,

    You must be another one of those Viking fans that think there are no other teams in the conference other than NW & East Forsyth. Check your standings a bit closer. Even if the Vikes were to upset EF this week, provided Glenn wins over a much improved Ragsdale, the only thing you’ll be celebrating at midfield is a 3 way tie for the conference title. NW would hold the tie-breaker over East, East over Glenn, and Glenn over NW. More than likely, Glenn will beat Ragsdale and your Vikes will lose to the Eagles and you can celebrate a 3rd place finish on the way back to Oak Ridge.

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