New/Updated High School Football Playoff Projections from the HS OT at

New as of Sunday October, 30 and new on the re-do and coming on through, from Nick Stevens and the Crew, at and the High School OT…

The teams that lost or fell on Friday are now re-slotted here in the new high school football projections and this may be the way it all goes on Saturday November 12, when the brackets are finalized and released, but chances are there will be a bunch more changes going down and right now for the sake of all that we know now, let’s go down to Raleigh and find out what Nickie Stevens and his men are leavings on the table, with their projections for the new week, as we skip the Halloween Dance and make a new stance(projection) by chance, and what do you say we do some pickin’ and some clickin’…..

CLICK HERE for the new 4-A Projections with the 4-AA and 4-A play/picks/projections of the day….Page, Northwest(4-AA’s) while Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Ragsdale and teams like Southwest Guilford look to the hills and 4-A’s West….

As you get a little deeper in the Halloween Monster’s Mash it may get like Sergeant Schultz and Corporal Clink used to say, “Interesting, very Interesting”….You have Northern Guilford listed in the Big 3-A/3-AA and then you see Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford and Northeast Guilford in the 3-A ranks, with Southern a #1 seed and Eastern Guilford as a #2 and we’re not through yet….SG 1 and EG 2 and how about you, do you go that way too???
CLICK HERE to see how all of the 3-A schools are shaping/stacking up…..

On the 2-A side of town, they have HP Andrews in the 2-AA East and if they won out in Round One they could be meeting a current (3-5) team in Round Two and of all things Reidsville is #1 in one of the 2-AA West Brackets, but the #2 team is Lincolnton, who many consider to be the best 2-A team in the state, but do you have unbeaten Shelby out there on the 2-A barbed wire/electric fence too…Plus along with Reidsville, you have a very good Eastern Randolph team in that same bracket…I still want to see the ‘Hackett Bracket’…..
But before we look away and go further South,
CLICK HERE for the new on the 2-A Projections/Brackets…

On 1-A freeway, you have local Bishop McGuinness looking to play a team like (2-7) Hayesville in Round One and sure is not Bob Hayes or Elvin Hayes Country based on what I am seeing with the ‘Games Hayes Plays’….But you see Mount Airy, East Surry, WS Prep, East and West Montgomery, Walkertown and many more small towns looking to get down and dirty just soon as those 1-A Brackets are released by the NCHSAA and if they had to play today, you might just say, it could go this way….
CLICK HERE to see, if you agree…
+++++Above Down and Dirty, as opposed to being Up and Pretty….+++++

******It may all look crazy now, but at least we have made it as entertaining as possible, on the way to the playoffs….******