Average Daily Memberships announced by the NCHSAA and here are the attendance/student population rankings(NWG still #1/largest GCS)

Here are the ADM’s that they use for the football seedings to give you 4-AA/4-A, 3-AA/3A etc. and here are the Guilford County Schools and how they rank/stack up this year….CLICK HERE to see the ADM’s from the NCHSAA….

Northwest Guilford-2,237 ADM/Average Daily Membership/Attendance of Students…
Southwest Guilford-1,725
High Point Central-1,703
Northern Guilford-1,466
Southeast Guilford-1,432
Western Guilford-1,397
Eastern Guilford-1,335
Northeast Guilford-1,189
Southern Guilford-1,144
High Point/T. Wingate Andrews-984

CLICK HERE to see all of the ADM’s from across the state and the NCHSAA….


  1. These numbers are so skewed that it isn’t even funny! Many schools like SWG, HPC and Ragsdale get inflated numbers due to the amount of kids that actually are at the early colleges that still count toward their daily attendance numbers. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if they are counted as part of their populations, but can be a big deal for sports. I would love to see a study of how many of the kids that are early college kids actually play sports at their “home schools”.

    For a Southeast, High Point Central, Ragsdale or Southwest these students may have been the difference between being 3A or 4A in previous years.

  2. Anonymous,

    The same thing happens to the bottom 2. TWA and SG would both be well south of 1000 ADM if not for their academies. TWA would be 1A and SG would be 2A.

    The county puts the IB program in the big urban schools and puts academies in the smaller school zones to boost numbers.

    That is the way it is. So I think your study is done.

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