Average Daily Memberships announced by the NCHSAA and here are the attendance/student population rankings(NWG still #1/largest GCS)

Here are the ADM’s that they use for the football seedings to give you 4-AA/4-A, 3-AA/3A etc. and here are the Guilford County Schools and how they rank/stack up this year….CLICK HERE to see the ADM’s from the NCHSAA….

Northwest Guilford-2,237 ADM/Average Daily Membership/Attendance of Students…
Southwest Guilford-1,725
High Point Central-1,703
Northern Guilford-1,466
Southeast Guilford-1,432
Western Guilford-1,397
Eastern Guilford-1,335
Northeast Guilford-1,189
Southern Guilford-1,144
High Point/T. Wingate Andrews-984

CLICK HERE to see all of the ADM’s from across the state and the NCHSAA….