Football In Focus – NC High School Bracket Show – Saturday 6 PM Live from Karonda’s

Kris Walser and Wyatt Smith will be hosting the Football In Focus Special – NC High School Football Bracket Special – at Karonda’s Sports Bar, 2036 Rankin Mill Road. The Show kicks off at 6 PM.

You can watch the show live at Karonda’s or listen on either stream: GreensboroSports Radio 1 or GreensboroSports Radio 2.

Guests (in scheduled order of appearance)
Northeast Guilford High School – Coach Lippard
Winston-Salem Parkland High School – Coach Samek (by phone)
Southern Guilford High School – Coach Bates
Northwest Guilford High School – Coach Rofles
Eastern Alamance High School – Coach Kirby (by phone)
Eastern Guilford High School – Coach Robertson
Tuscola (Asheville) – Coach Pursley (by phone)
Wrap Up with Andy Durham, Kris Walser and Wyatt Smith.


  1. Morning Andy and staff; Can we surmise that some of the predictions on the NCHSAA’s website are correct? Do you have any inside information on this new bracket system? What constitutes MW, W, and other regional distinctions?

  2. The Seeding now at are Final…

    They have tried to break the teams down a little more than in the past, but for the most part the West, Midwest and East, Mideast deal is just for Title purposes only and doesn’t really mean much at all..

    Only the regional break-downisms are designed to help the NCHSAA and maybe they do help them, but remember last year Page was in the East and this year they are in the West and they are located at the same spot on Alma Pinnix Drive they were last year…

    One of the old Page coaches told a friend of mine the other day and this coach is from way back, he told this football man that Page is located further East geographically than Dudley is and that might be a geographic stretch…

    The NCHSAA has a so-called line of demarcation that runs right through the middle of the state and Meridian Line is to help them break down where teams go for the East and the West and sometimes if they need a team to fill in a spot in the East and the West
    they will stick them there..

    No true science, but interesting….

  3. Hoped that helped some and the thing you have to look for now is Receivers have to find space and runners have to find holes and the Quarterbacks have to see the whole field….Lineman have to hold those blocks and drive the guys across the line until you hear the final bell/horn, the whistle is now just a bug in your ear…Drive those guys across the line until the cows come home and if they don’t come home, go find them and block them too…

    The very first play for every team is going to be so crucial this Friday night…

    That first play will set the tone for your entire playoff existence….

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