Time is Running Out:Big Van Vader(Leon White) says he has less than Two Years to live/”On the Clock”

Big Van Vader says he will be gone in less than two years….His life is on the clock and time is running out…

It is very bad news when you learn you are going to die and maybe even worse news, when you know pretty much how much time you have left…

For Leon White, who played professional football as a lineman for the Los Angeles Rams and then became professional wrestler Big Van Vader in the WCW, WWF and all over in Japan, the plan is; “Make No Long-Term Plans”….

Big Van Vader is on his way out of here in less than two years and it is because of too much football and too much professional wrestling….
(For Vader/Leon White, it all =’s Congestive Heart Failure.)

Remember that angle where he was hiding out in the Rocky Mountains/in Colorado and waiting to take down Sting? I don’t think that did it…

Remember the time that Paul Orndorff knocked out/laid out Vader for real back-stage at the WCW main event?? That sure gave Vader a jolt….

But nothing like the jolt he is getting with learning this news, that he just got this week….He was like a Monster in Japan, but now he is living on “Borrowed Time”….

from Jason Powell with ProWrestling.net and PWTorch.com:

Leon White, who wrestles as Vader, announced he has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and has less than two years to live. “Told by 2 heart Drs that my heart is wore out,” White wrote on Twitter. “I have been given less than two years to live. I am only now allowing this as part of my reality.”

Powell’s POV: Terrible news from one of the best big men in the history of the business. Here’s wishing White and his family the best while also hoping for a miracle.

CLICK HERE to see the full Jason Powell post at PWTorch.com……

Here is the Wikipedia inside on Big Van Vader/Leon White:
Billed Height:6’5/Billed Weight:450 lbs.

Leon Allen White(born May 14, 1955), better known by his ring names Big Van Vader, or simply Vader, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler and former professional football player. White notably performed for the promotions World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), and All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) in the 1990s.

A super heavyweight wrestler capable of aerial maneuvers such as the moonsault (voted by Wrestling Observer readers as the “Best Wrestling Maneuver” for 1993), White competed as both a face and a heel. Among other accolades in WCW and Japan, he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (the first non-Japanese holder) and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship three times each, the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship once, and won the battle royal main event of the 1993 Battlebowl pay-per-view.

Although he never held a championship in the WWF, White challenged for all of the promotion’s heavyweight titles, including multiple WWF World Heavyweight Championship matches on pay-per-view and cable television.

White was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996.

Learn whole lot more about Vader, when you CLICK HERE for his Wikipedia site/posting….

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