Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 11/18/16 – NCSHAA Playoffs – Round One

Game of the Week Stream 1: Alexander Central at Dudley with Andy Durham and Dennis White.

Game of the Week Stream 2: Northeast Guilford at West Craven with Kris Walser and Don Strader.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 12 – 11:00 PM – All Scores Final

Southeast Guilford (6-6) – 14
Davie County (11-1) – 42

Southwest Guilford (7-5) – 49
Watauga (9-3) – 50

Alexander Central (7-5) – 8
Dudley (11-1) – 52

Charlotte Olympic (5-7) – 14
Page (11-1) – 39

Northwest Guilford (7-5) – 27
Myers Park (11-1) – 42

Northeast Guilford (4-8) – 7
West Craven (11-0) – 55

Northern Guilford (4-8) – 21
West Brunswick (9-3) – 35

Corinth Holders (3-9) – 20
Eastern Guilford (12-0) – 55

West Carteret (7-5) – 0
Southern Guilford (10-2) – 37

North Brunswick (7-5) – 7
High Point Andrews (8-4) – 27

Christ School (10-2) – 6
High Point Christian Academy (10-1) – 16

A.L. Brown (9-3) – 37
Glenn (8-4) – 29

Bishop McGuinness (4-8) – 27
Thomas Jefferson (10-2) – 54

Southern Durham (7-5) – 16
Western Alamance (10-2) – 21

Asheboro (9-3) – 31
Triton (8-4) – 14

Charlotte Catholic – 55
WS Parkland – 7

East Forsyth – 43
Harding – 20

Jacksonville Northside – 41
Randleman – 7

Havelock – 42
Burlington Williams – 14

Mount Tabor – 16
Porter Ridge – 14

South Meck – 25
West Forsyth – 28

East Wilkes – 21
Walkertown – 42

Reidsville – 64
Madison – 7

Eastern Alamance – 35
Nash Central – 21

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18 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 11/18/16 – NCSHAA Playoffs – Round One

  1. No crap Viking Funeral…Did you think they were going to go down to Charlotte and blow out 10-1 Meyers Park? What team do you pull for cause you never state that? Or is your hobby just trolling the Vikings?

  2. All that talent and it ends the same as usual. 7-5 (2016), 8-5 (2015), and 8-4 (2014). Vikings have the market cornered on mediocrity in the triad.

  3. All that talent? Get a clue. Northwest has four college guys. Turner, Cloud, Hennigan and 71, that lineman that came in from Grimsley. Turner, Cloud and Hennigan all need the ball, and Northwest has nobody in the school who can get it to them. Add in that the defense was pretty bad all year, and you wind up with a playoff team that loses in the first round. That’s about right for the skill level there now.

  4. Get a Clue is right. And if you look at the list of college guys, and the skill sets they bring, they are not going to do much without some help. Which is why I kept thinking that the best thing NW could do is run Hennigan behind Ashley (the Monster from Grimsley). Repeat. Repeat some more. Then maybe you get a defense so keyed in on the run that Turner can get the ball. Next year will be interesting. I hope they can figure it out, but the Vikings may be a .500 team with college scouts at every game looking at Turner and Ashley.

  5. How many schools have 4 kids on one team who can legit play in college? A lot less than 4 on a average I’ll assure you. Vikings problems all revolve around poor coaching decisions and lack of vision. A good coach could only have Hennigan and by putting him in right places…they’d be wildly successful.

  6. I would argue that if they only had Hennigan the coach’s job would have been easier. Just run him behind Ashley. Turner is such a weapon that he actually presented a game plan problem. In an effort to get Turner involved, they didn’t have a consistent identity. Were they a passing team (without an experienced passer) or were they a wildcat team with Hennigan under center? Do i agree that the coaching staff never figured it out this year? Yes. Do I think most high school coaching staffs could have figured that out? No.

  7. And how about Grimsley who was listed as having 4+ all-county guys earlier this year. And ended up what? 3-8? Shouldn’t that kid going to Penn State have been able to get them to .500 by himself? He’s better than Hennigan.

  8. Northwest had enough injuries to make it pretty hard to figure anything out. Their best games were when they kept it on the ground, though.

  9. Too much D1 talent with limited skill sets and a coaching staff with limited vision/ability. Wow…

    All county vs D1 talent is a stretch.

    Apparently Penn St picked up another Triad D1 kid with a limited “skill set”…I don’t know.

  10. It is hard to do, but for some teams and if their season is over, it is time to turn the page and move on…

    Very hard to do and for the most part, the kids do a better job of moving on than the adults do…

    For many hoops are here and do yourself and do us all a favor and support those kids in their efforts and remember as long as you have your coach, he is your coach and you need to stick together and stay on that same page too, where you support your coaching staff…

  11. What are you talking about? #71 is an average linemen at best. That kid was dominated by much smaller guys at East Forsyth. No way that kid is a big time college talent getting dominated by 5’8″ D-linemen. Without Hennigan that O-line will look average. There is a reason your coaches switched to the triple option. Its because your o-line isn’t good enough or has the size and strength to zone block. Without the system they put in place you guys couldn’t run the ball on anyone just like the last two years. You NW fans are spoiled from what coach Woodruff did there.

  12. What, What? You must be one of those guys who wouldn’t recognize a lineman even if he knocked you back five yards. That, or you stopped watching the EF game after the Vikings special teams put them down 14-0 right offf the bat. EF didn’t line people up near 71 the whole game. Ask the linebackers what they think.

  13. LOL, just LOL at 71 being an average lineman. That guy is a beast. Size, strength, footwork, hands, and apparently still growing. If you somehow didn’t notice his ability this year, just wait until next year, or the year after that on Saturdays.

  14. Ummm….wait…I distinctly remember all Viking crew claiming that they play with only “home grown” talent??? No transfers. Legal or otherwise. They do it “the right way”??? But #71 came from Grimsley??? I don’t understand??? I mean, I thought the Vikings would turn any prospective player away who didn’t come through their elementary and middle schools???

  15. Yes I stayed for the whole game and #71 for NW did nothing all night! #55 for East Forsyth is 5’8″ and maybe 220 pounds and he struggled all night. He must do well against all those 3A and 2A teams….wait the 2A team whipped your butts. He’s a decent HS linemen but big time…not! Average size, slow, not very physical. I could see him at Guilford College

  16. Good time to let the fire ride and for now the ride is over and we don’t really find ourselves at the proper place in life when start cracking on High School football players…

    The players and parents are proud of the high school kids that are playing for them and that is why they put those kids out there…

    It isn’t easy to do the job those linemen are doing and they usually don’t get any credit at all…

    I salute #71 and I couldn’t even tell you who he is but he deserves better than somebody that is not his coach or his parent coming on here cracking on him…

    This is high school, these kids are not getting paid and they are not getting a scholarship like they do in college, these high school kids are just out there representing their families and the name of the school on their jersey…

    I remember wearing one of those jerseys back in the day and I sure wouldn’t want anybody to be knocking on me on a web site, after I just busted my butt in the game and while the person talking junk about me was sitting on their butt and not doing a thing…

    Some fans have high expectations and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes things don’t go your way and that is how it goes and how it went…
    (And it is over/Gone for now.)

    We learn from failure and we learn to get back out there and try and do it again…

    I just got back from the football field and we ran a lot of routes today and it went pretty well, but it may be a completely different story on Thursday when the game is on the line…

    How many balls do you have to catch before you catch the one that counts??? Maybe 500, maybe a 1,000…

    Over and over again and you have to get up and get out there and keep on trying and we need to recognize the ones that are trying to get better and to every lineman out there on Friday night, you are out there busting your tail on Monday-Thursday just to get a chance to try and help your team and your school on Friday night…

    Some gave some and some gave all, but the ones that gave some hope to get some(Results) too and it does not help what they are tying to do if their fan base does not support and believe in them…

    Support your team and support your players or MOVE….

    We need to move on here and see if we can’t find a positive way to talk about our teams and our players and again we Salute those lineman for the job they do and it is thankless role, but hey you have to keep on trying, fighting and learning….

    Support your teams, support your players and support your coaches….

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