Holland Auto Care Scoreboard:High School Basketball Tonight Finals:More scores coming in on Wednesday morning

+++++Anybody have any news on the Dudley boys and girls at Durham Hillside???+++++

Durham Hillside boys 49, Dudley 32
Greensboro Day School boys 70, Charlotte Latin 31
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 79, First Assembly of Concord 69
Smith boys 89, High Point/T. Wingate Andrews 75
End of 1st Q:Smith 27, HPA 8…Halftime:Smith 47, HPA 25…End of 3rd Q:Smith 64, HPA 49…
JV boys game:High Point Andrews 53, Smith 49
Lots of more scores set to roll in here…
Page boys 72, McMichael 50
Western Guilford boys 64, Morehead 63
Southwest Guilford 98, Southeast Guilford 62
Ragsdale 53, Southern Guilford 50
Northeast Guilford 50, North Davidson 45

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
North Davidson	10	6	10	19	45
NEGHS	         5	20	9	16	50


Northwest Guilford girls 72, Forbush 44
Durham Hillside girls 72, Dudley 33
Charlotte Latin 39, Greensboro Day School 36
Cardinal Gibbons 74, Bishop McGuinness 44
Southwest Guilford girls 52, Southeast Guilford 32
Page 59, McMichael 27
Northeast Guilford 67, North Davidson 50
Southern Guilford 46, Ragsdale 42
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls 50, Concord First Assembly 45
No news on GDS girls at the GDS site…..
Morehead 52, Western Guilford 50

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Morehead	        13	13	12	14	52
Western Guilford	8	19	5	18	50

12 thoughts on “Holland Auto Care Scoreboard:High School Basketball Tonight Finals:More scores coming in on Wednesday morning

  1. Very balanced attack for Page girls. Sorry for not knowing names but #34 rebounds her butt off. #55 nice inside out game, then #20 and 15 making shots from the perimeter. I do know 15 is the youngest Kargo and she’s starting as a freshman. Inferior opponent tonight but still impressive.

  2. From what I heard GDS girls lost by 3. Amazing that boys score is in and girls isn’t. How does that happen when the boys finish 2 hours later? Maybe the AD needs to set better media expectations for the entire sports program besides the boys bball program. In addition, AD should have expectations for coaches to be proactive and not rely on social media to relay results and accolades.

    Regardless if the programs are winning or not, the student athletes of every sports program deserve the outcomes to be published good bad or indifferent.

    It’s all about leadership!!! Every student athlete no matter what school needs to feel that their coach is there to support develop lead and promote.

  3. More and more people seem to be going to and relying on Twitter these days and I don’t think there will be any turning back…

    You have to follow it and it is hard to keep up with Twitter, they have so much going on, on there…

  4. LOL, where is “Correction” when we need him/her? I bet Coach Stewart would have posted the score ” win or lose”. Oh, but he disappeared in the dark of night, and we never even knew. Hard for me to promote the Bengals the way I used to do. Way too many shenanigans for me.

  5. Hard to keep everybody happy down on the reservation…Combined (9-1) to start the season and a lot to be thankful out on Lawndale Drive and we will get with them and have those girls scores here in the future and Twitter is calling for many of the teams these days…No doubt about that….

    Thanks to all for some great ball and also early Happy Thanksgivings for those with us here today..

  6. We will have Greensboro Day girls scores in the future…We are getting that worked out with Coach/AD Johnson and Coach Miller and they are coming our way/on board with us/to us…

    On a side note, High Point Andrews at Smith last night, HPA had some real small guards, but that #1 could pound the rock as they say and little #12 looked like he ought to be in the 5th grade, but he was a pest and he hit one of the sweetest bank shots off of the right side glass, that you might see the entire year….Perfect angle on that shot by #12 and #14, Andrews’ outside shooting guard, could nail the three’s….Andrews got back in the game late due to the help from those three guards and from the crashing of the basket by #22 and #44 and especially #22…Opposing teams of Andrews are going to have to box out #22 or he will kill them…He crashes the boards like a maniac..

    Smith will be looking for Jaylen Gainey to become dominant….I can’t say more dominant, because I don’t think he is ready to dominate the game yet…He has a bit of hand injury and this kid Gainey has all of the tools, he just has to get stronger and develop some of the same mentality that we saw from #22 from Andrews…Gainey and #22 are two different type of players, with #22 being a banger and Gainey being more of a twister and a slider, as he battles for position…

    Smith is very deep with Cheek and Bigelow shining the brightest from the scoring standpoint last night vs. Andrews….The Smith kids all can put the ball up and shoot and it works good for them, the way they are rotating their lineup….

    Like we said, Smith is deep and that is a good thing, because it is a long season and you will end up playing right at 25 games when it is all said and done….

    Smith won the Metro 4-A Tourney last year and they will be a favorite to do it again this year, depending on how the football players come out at Dudley…Page will get a boost from their football players too, but Page has pure basketball players like Tatum and McIntyre and then they will get Will Jones and a few more from the football team….I would like to see Micah Gafford as as a quick guard out there and Cam Gavin as a small power forward, but we probably won’t see that….

    Smith is deep and right now until somebody else steps up coming out of last year and losing Raymond Pratt, Smith is still more than ready to roll…

    Going be hard for Smith to match up with teams like GDS and NWG, but Smith can match up, but you would have to favor the long-term game experience of the veterans at GDS and the athletes at NWG…

    NWG has a three, with Spicer, Davis and Turner that could match up with a 3 vs. 3 with anybody around here, at least I think so….

    Davis, Turner and then Spicer vs. Moorman, Perkins and Newman Jr. but then you look at it and GDS has Will Dillard too and that might be the real edge, the quality of the GDS top four vs. everybody else’s Top Four or Five….Three on Three good battle, but after that it gets iffy for the other teams, especially if you take these matchups into game situations and add in a ref…

    Without a real game setting and without the refs, no telling what kind of game you might get if you go 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 with these players….

    GDS vs. SWG on Saturday night at RJ Reynolds…..SWG has the three Langley brothers, and Brandon Lamberth and it might come down to that fifth spot with Pearce Landry for GDS and for SWG it appears it would be Christian Martin…

    Favoring GDS would the fact that the Langley twins are young, still in the sophomore class, but that might also lead them into thinking that we are younger than GDS and we have nothing at all to lose, since the majority of ballers are leaning toward GDS in this contest….

    GDS has some bench experience too with Austin Inge available and he can withstand those tough defenses since he has sliced up quite a few of them in the past…

    GDS is the favorite and it might just be important for the Langley brothers to be able to run on the Bengals….If SWG can get running with success, the young kids won’t be looking back or having to adjust and change plans…If the running works, SWG can be tough and can stay in this game….

    Back on NWG as they will meet SWG at least twice this year and could be seeing GDS in the Haeco final, NWG will get much support from Thomas Hennigan and David Funderburg…Funderburg is getting older and he has to be getting stronger…He kind of reminds me of Brandon Clifford back in his day….Tall and developing…Funderburg and Clifford, while Clifford was at Page, that might be a decent comparison….

    Thomas Hennigan might not be the total basketball package now here early that he will become later in December, since he must still be working on his football on a regular basis, as he will be participating in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas for football on December 17 in Spartanburg, S.C.

    Just a bit of a basketball map to keep you busy until Thursday at NOON when you will be trying to make a fast break for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table….

  7. To my knowledge the Smith and Andrews girls did not play…I got to Smith at around 7:40 and the JV Boys game was still going on…Andrews wins JV game by 4 and I think it was 53-49, the final…

    The Smith girls played on Monday night at Southern Vance, I think it was, and don’t believe they played last night….

    If they did, I would be interested in seeing that score too…

  8. Smith and TW Andrews girls did not play. Smith girls next game is against Western Guilford on 12/2

  9. That is what I was thinking about Smith…Coach Ed Johnson, at Smith, has been doing a great job of sending us the results on the girls games at Ben L. Smith….

    Kind of reminds you a little bit of the old days when Hank Bullard was over at Smith, but a big size difference in those two coaches…

    I thought Coach Bullard did a great job with the Smith girls back in the day and Coach Johnson is bringing the Golden Eagles back around….

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