High School Basketball Tonight with Finals:GDS goes to (8-0) with 21-point win over Providence Day/SWG boys Winners over NEG/Page girls top Morehead/Cunane with 19 and Furlough with 16 send NG past NWG girls/NWG boys take down NG Nighthawks/Page over Morehead in tight tilt with Tatum taking it to the top

More scores/finals are on the way in…
WS Parkland boys 74, Dudley 66
Northeast Guilford girls 61, Southwest Guilford 48…NEG(4-0)/SWG(2-2)
Must have been some Ram defense from the ‘Lock Box’, as Lashonda Monk(SWG) was held to one point and the Rams were glad to see the return of Nichelle Jeffries to their lineup…
Bishop McGuinness boys 72, North Wilkes 62…Bishop(1-0)
Western Guilford boys 66, Ragsdale 51…WG(3-1)/Ragsdale(2-3)…
Southern Guilford girls 48, Trinity 33…SG(3-0)/Trinity(0-5)
Page boys 66, Morehead 64…Page(2-1)…Tylan Tatum of Page looks to be the top scorer on the night with 30 points for the Pirates….
Northwest Guilford boys 78, Northern Guilford 45…NWG(1-0)/NG(1-2)
Northern Guilford girls 58, Northwest Guilford 47…NG(3-0)/NWG(1-1)…Elissa Cunane with 19 and Sammi Furlough with 16 for NG, Lindsay Gauldin with 13 and Cayla King with 10 for NWG….
Page girls 64, Morehead 49…..Page(3-0)/Morehead(1-2)
Southwest Guilford boys 88, Northeast Guilford 50…SWG(2-1)/NEG(2-2)
High Point Central girls 37, Asheboro 21…HP Central off to a (2-0) start..
High Point Central boys 65, Asheboro 46
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 90, Wake Christian 38….WES(5-0)
Final from the Dillard Athletic Center:
Greensboro Day School boys 73, Providence Day School 52
End of 1st Q:GDS 16, PROV 10…Halftime:PROV 29, GDS 27…End of 3rd Q:GDS 46, PROV 36…Final:GDS 73, PROV 52
Big night, almost like a career best night for GDS’ Jordan Perkins with 20 points to lead the Bengals….JP Moorman in next with 16 points and at least 10 rebounds, Perkins with 6 boards, John Newman Jr. in double-digits with 10 points for GDS, Will Dillard and Pearce Landry with 8 points each for GDS with Will getting his inside and Pearce on the outside with 2 three’s…Alex Michael added 5 points, Perry had four and Solomon Smith chipped in two for the GDS Bengals….
GDS now at (8-0) for the season and the have more NCISAA regular season games coming up, plus the Chick-fil-A Tournament in South Carolina in mid-December and the Haeco Tournament just after Christmas….A busy December for the GDS Bengals and a very strong effort tonight coming out of halftime in a warm Dillard Athletic Center….
Trey Wertz led the Providence Chargers with 23 points and Devon Dotson added 17 for Providence….Dotson and Wertz are both top-level DI prospects…Wertz with at least 6 three’s on the night…

On the Girls side at the Dillard Athletic Center the final was:
Providence Day 43, Greensboro Day 37….GDS led most of the second half and the Lady Bengals gave a great effort, but could not pull off the upset of the well-established Chargers from Providence Day, who have something like 7 straight NISAA Girls 3-A State Titles…Might not be exactly 7 in a-row, but is is a number that will almost knock you down…Good job by the Bengals tonight….


  1. The Northern girls will win the TIMCO this year. They will play either Dudley or Smith in the championship game. NW is over rated and can’t hit shots. The big girls are big but they are soft. NW did not even take their top player the point guard out once. Page will take care of business against NW later this week.

  2. The NW girl’s will be fine. They are young and they will get better. They have a lot of talent on that team. You are underestimating them.

  3. Agree with first statement on NW. All we have heard all offseason is how NW has a few amazingly talented STARS, and how they will average so many points and rebounds, etc, etc. Well obviously those stars are not ready yet. It’s a team game and NW should realize that as they seem to have taken for granted the TEAM that just graduated. No weak links in that group. I saw the coach and above comment using youth as an excuse, well the group that graduated did just fine in winning many games even when they were ALL sophomores, not to mention losing 2 total games junior and senior years one in finals and other in final 4. Again, maybe the triad, and more importantly the NW area will see and realize what a special group they had and now have lost, and stop being ga-ga goo-goo over a few potential stars, when those “stars” are soft physically and mentally, as shown by the whipping Northern just dropped on them.

  4. Calling high schools kids soft is a sure sign of an adult who is misguided. I have always said NW is the hardest place to coach and teach because of the parents. The team that just graduated was very good. This team is very good as well. Parents should enjoy watching the games and try to build the team up. They are just high school kids.

  5. That comment is exactly maybe why they are soft, my point is proven. Sports is the greatest of teaching experiences because life does not usually build you up, it beats you up and treats you terrible. The younger kids learn this the better equipped they are for the world. The class that just graduated was better than “very good” 2 losses in final two years and did things no other team had done at NW, “very good”? If the graduating class was very good and you call this team this year very good, calling them equal? Wow, misguided and blinded much. This years team will be prime example of college scholarship offers don’t equal high school wins when you are not a TEAM

  6. If you understand the NW-Page player matchups; NW could win by 20 plus.

    If you understand the coaching matchups; NW won’t run up the score.

    NW by 14.

  7. I played basketball in college. I understand the dynamic of creating tough hard nosed players. The kids will learn this through sports and they will fail. Failure is good for them. It is a great way to learn life lessons. I also know that parents calling out kids as soft does not help anything in any way. I am sure they get enough pressure and comments from their coaches. If all you care about measuring one team against another, enjoy yourself. Btw, last year’s team was great.

  8. Doesn’t take much of a coach at Page or any school to realize stop one or two players at NW, which Northern did. Or let them shoot, which Northern did and these ‘key’ players missed a lot as they did much of last year. NW may very well beat Page but youth excuse aside, this team is a glimmer of previous two years teams. They better hope they can avoid Dudley and/or SW.

    And ok, thanks for re-phrasing on last years team compared to this this years team. Just months of hearing seems like every day how this years team wont miss that graduating class, and this year we have this person and that person who is getting offers from everywhere, blah blah. It gets old and annoying when you live in the area and people have no clue what wins basketball games and took for granted the bunch that just rolled through there. Maybe this group does get better, hopefully they will. But losing as badly, and the way they lost, to Northern was/is a shame.

  9. This is a peak year for Northern Guilford girls. We should expect them to dominate…They are very good and they are the top team in the area and it will be hard to get close to them this year..

    NWG had a peak year last year and NWG was an outstanding girls team over the past two seasons…

    Four players on to college off of that team and that speaks well for the overall results…

    New team pretty much for NWG this year and it will take some rebuilding and they will be better as the year moves on and they have to get used to playing together and as a new unit…

    SWG was right there with NWG at the Regional Final at UNCG last year and SWG pretty everybody back and they have already lost 2-3 games this year and it is not easy…

    You draw it up and might not turn out how you draw it up….

    Give these teams time and reward the ones that are doing well and the teams that are working to get there too….

    NWG at Page will not be easy on Thursday night….Page girls at (3-0) will be ready and it should be a tight game with an edge on the inside to NWG…Page has some very good girls scorers and the boys game might be a lot of NWG, as the Vikings appear to be ready to roll with a very good Top Five and some good depth too…

    New year/season and have to work with the crew that you have on deck….

  10. Just went back and checked….last year’s talented NW group lost 11 games when they were sophomores. So, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t expect this year’s team to lose a few games, especially early in the year, when playing a high quality team such as this year’s Northern team.

  11. I am so tired to hearing the excuses from the NW fan base. This team will not match the previous two years and may not the team from 3 yrs ago. The NW coach only really played 6 players the entire game. She is in the process of killing her best player by not letting her get any rest. The players in the paint are good but without outside shooting the paint players won’t be good. Unless NW can hit shots from the outside, they will have a rough year against good teams. If they think their point guard is going to win all games for them, then that coach is living in the past. NW will not beat good teams because they can’t hit outside shots period. SW by at least 20 pts. Page by 10 pts. Dudley or Smith by 5 pts. Ragsdale by 13 pts. Mark it down.

  12. Motivation….Many of these comments will serve to be Motivation for the teams and coaches that read them and you will see improvement, and I am certain there will be some frustration in-between, but that is part of the process….

    Might be a GOOD time for some of our teams to be flying Under the Radar…That could be a Good Thing…

  13. Outside shooting and shot selection. Last years graduating class had 2 sharpshooters and 2 others that shot above average. This year NO sharpshooters and maybe 1-2 above average. Saying that shooting isn’t really something you get better at as years goes along. At this point in your career you can either shoot or you can’t. Shot selection yes, you can improve on. Biggest difference in this years team and previous is depth and defense. And to clarify about the 11 losses by the graduating team when they were sophomores, not all the sophomores played (coaching *rolling eyes*) as a few upper classmen stole unjustified minutes.

  14. Last two years at NWG girls the majority of games were yawners and most key players played no more than 2-1/2 quarters and were well rested especially for big games and for playoff run. This year very few games will key players get to rest. Also agree about depth comment, last 3 years at NWG they could run 8-9 girls out there and there was little to no difference, plus they could shut down almost any team they played on defense. That group had amazing energy mixed with solid fundamentals on defense. Shout out to the coaches they taught them ages 10-14 🙂

  15. NW will be fine. They went against a really good team last night, a team in which every girl knows her role and does her job. I’m hoping NG doesn’t face NW in the HEACO because they will only get better as they start to understand their roles. Page will lose by at least 20 tomorrow. Dudley and Smith, NW will have won those games by the end of the first quarter. Keep it up Nighthawks, long season but a great start.

  16. How would NWG girls not know their roles? 3 starters played major minutes last year and two of them started? Obviously the coach doesn’t even know their roles yet, as sg and pg were switched after a few quarters. Guess the entire summer was a waste, pretty sure that is when teaching and roles are defined.

  17. You have to get used to changes and you can’t get that done in the Summer….Now is when you are facing real competition and even the scrimmages don’t give a real feel because teams don’t show everything they have in the scrimmages…

    If you are not happy with the team you may have to find another team to pull for or to follow….Plenty of teams to choose from and if you can’t find a solution for your misery hop on board with somebody else…

    Not sure if your team will miss and you need to leave this to the coaches and let them do what they have to do…If you are not the coach or in charge of the team, then you are just like the rest of us and all talk…

    Give a kid a break and give it a rest…

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