When the Pitch Count reaches 105, “Day Over” for High School pitchers and rest days are required before next start/appearance

The pitch count for high school pitchers was reached/decided on today by the NCHSAA….

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[High School pitchers, here is the call from the NCHSAA:]

The maximum number of pitches allowed in a single day is 105. In addition, there are mandatory rest days required based on the number of pitches a pitcher throws in a game.

+++++If a pitcher throws 76 or more pitches in a day, four calendar days of rest are required before pitching again. If a pitcher throws 61-75 pitches, the pitcher must rest three calendar days. For 46-60 pitches, a pitcher must rest two calendar days; and one calendar day of rest is required for 31-45 pitches. Less than 31 pitches does not require any rest.+++++

*****The pitch count rules apply only to pitches during an at-bat. If a pitcher reaches the 105-pitch threshold, he will be allowed to finish the at-bat before he has to leave the mound.*****

+++++Coaches will be responsible for tracking the number of pitches on an accountability form. The form will be signed by competing coaches and entered into MaxPreps.+++++

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