High School Basketball Tonight with Finals coming in from In and Around Guilford County(12/8/16)

Girls Final:Eastern Guilford 66, McMichael 30
Boys Final:Eastern Guilford 71, McMichael 62
Boys Final:Southwest Guilford 84, Dudley 37
See Game Report with Greg Vlazny…
Southwest Guilford girls 63, Dudley 43
See Game Report…

9 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight with Finals coming in from In and Around Guilford County(12/8/16)

  1. Anyone have any information on if any of the guys on the EG football team are on the basketball roster this season. It’s unfair how these playoffs overlap the next sporting season.

  2. According to maxpreps there are 3 or 4 I believe. Normally seasons wouldn’t overlap as much but this year everything got pushed back due to Hurricane Matthew. Wouldn’t consider it unfair because they’re usually only missing non-conference games or 1 or 2 conference games. It’s a win-win because football players get to enjoy their run and basketball teams realize some of the non-football players may actually be able to help them win games when the football players get back.

  3. I know for a fact that Dominique Graves and Nic Cheeley are on the BBall roster…Saw them on MaxPreps the other day…

    EG is doing OK minus the Football players and right now they are dedicated to bringing that 3-AA football title to Gibsonville…

    I think they can get the football work done and there will be plenty of time for the hoops…You can get a lot of hoops in during Christmas…

    There will be a good article in tomorrow’s/Friday’s News and Record on the football team, by Ed Hardin…

    The article is available now at http://www.greensboro.com….

    Go Wildcats and Go Pirates and Go Panthers too…Guilford County very fortunate to still have three teams out there fighting for those football titles and all three have a great chance to win tomorrow night….

  4. Interesting that the Eastern Guilford football team is (14-0), the JV football team went (10-0) and that gives them a combined football record of (24-0) and when you add in the Varsity basketball record so far this season(4-0), the three combined are (28-0)….

    Not too shabby…

  5. It is a great thing that the football team is having the success and I hope it continues. When it comes to playoff seedings for basketball don’t think they are going to make exception for missing players if a team loses until the other basketball players return.

  6. I don’t feel like they will make any allowances for teams that got all of their players together late due to football, but the NCHSAA is looking at schools that were hurt and had their basketball seasons altered and some started late with practice, due to Hurricane Matthew…

    The state made some adjustments for football due to Matthew and they are making some for basketball too.

  7. Yes sir go Reidsville Rams….Lincolnton with Sage Surratt will be a formidable foe, but the Rams go really go and hoping they, go all the way….

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