New News and Record Top Ten High School Basketball Polls with GDS and WES 1-2 Boys, with NWG and Northern Guilford 1-2 Girls

CLICK HERE for the girls new Top Ten High School Basketball Poll from the News and Record, with Northwest Guilford at #1, Northern Guilford at #2 and Rockingham County at #3…

CLICK HERE for the new Boys Poll with Greensboro Day at #1, Wesleyan Christian Academy at #2 and the Southwest Guilford Cowboys at #3…..

Coming in from Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin at the News and Record HSXtra section, with input from area coaches…


  1. That is correct….Got off to a good start at BC, time was cut down and output dropped and now is out and looking for transfer destination…

    He is still a Greensboro kid and we wish him the best wherever he lands….

    Used to like to watch that young man play basketball, going all the way back to his days with the Mendenhall LMustangs…

    He and Anthony Eaves were really something back in those old days….

  2. More specifics from Twitter:

    Travis Ford has just added another player. Ty Graves, who is transferring from Boston College, will play for SLU_Billikens next Dec.

  3. Thx for the update! Always liked his game, especially when he played at Page! Hope it works out for him. Wish him the best!

  4. Does anyone know what happened? I followed the first couple of games at BC. I noticed that he came off the bench to score around 15 pts in the season opening loss to a team that they should have beat. The next couple of games he started but I did not follow them afterwards. Now I am hearing that he quit the team. I understand the logic of leaving during the 1st semester so you will be available by the 2nd semester of the following year. However I just wonder what could have went so wrong to go from an early sub off the bench, to a starter to quitting the team all within 2 months. Personally I think that coach will be fire after this season but as a player you likely knew that before you signed considering the past performance history of that program.

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