Looking at the Boys and Girls High School Basketball Polls for this week

Here is what we had for the polls for this before we ran out of time and did not get our Friday night basketball games in….Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford boys next Wednesday at 7pm, Dudley at Page next Friday night in what would be Hendon Hooker’s last high school game of his career, before he enters Virginia Tech on January 17 and two from today/Saturday, you have Northwest Guilford vs. Southwest Guilford and I think that one hits at 4pm in the afternoon on Time Warner Cable….

For this week we have and “What Do You Think?”…..

Boys Poll and we are going with two Combined Polls for this week….
1)Greensboro Day School
2)Wesleyan Christian Academy
3)Northwest Guilford
4)Southwest Guilford
7)Northern Guilford
8)Eastern Guilford
9)Southeast Guilford
10)TIE:Northeast Guilford/Page

Girls Poll
1)Northwest Guilford
2)Southwest Guilford
3)Northern Guilford
4)Wesleyan Christian Academy
5)Northeast Guilford
8)High Point Andrews
9)High Point Central
10)Eastern Guilford


  1. SW should be ranged ahead of NW. The only teams that beat SW were GDS and WES. These are two teams ranked in the top 25 teams in America. NW lost at home to an average team from Raleigh. SW is about speed, perimeter shooting and ball movement from 4 great guards. NW is about power, physical play, hoping that Tre is hot, Spicer is on and if anyone else can score more than 12 pts. I will predict SW by 10 or more in a couple of weeks due to their teamwork and ability to consistently hit shots. This is the final year of NW and SW playing each year and likely the end of the Langley boys at SW. SW will retake the title this year.

  2. What is that website that ranks the basketball teams within the state for 4A, 3A, etc? Curious where teams like SW and NW are ranked.

  3. I think that would be NCPreps.com with the state-wide polls and we will try and get them up here this week if they come out with new ones…

    The reason many feel NWG should be ranked ahead of SWG is that NWG defeated SWG twice last season and although they have not yet met this season, NWG has some bigs and SWG has the quick but smaller team and no real bigs…

    Reggie Davis might be the key to the game, because he can inside or out and Tre Turner can turn up the volume too and when add in Spicer and Hennigan and Funderburg and the freshman Hampton, that is some kind of team…

    The Langleys are all super quick to the bucket, but will they be strong enough to hand with NWG and again, SWG is lacking the true bigs inside and that hurt them against WES….

    The benches will be important too…..Again, not sure if SWG gets by NWG, but we will see and it ought to be a great game and so should GDS vs. WES….

    Some very good games coming up in the next few weeks and NWG-SWG girls might be just as good as the boys game and the SWG speed might allow the Cowgirls to win that game….NWG has had a big edge the past two season, but this who knows and NWG might be ready to do it again….NWG girls sure turned it up at the HAECO….

    For the boys from last year, SWG lost Mitchell and NWG lost Gore and both of them were big-time players in the SWG-NWG series….

  4. I’ve only seen SW play once (GDS), but I’d have to put them ahead of NW too, based on performances to date. Those games should be interesting and entertaining, for sure. Even though both teams have many key players back, the teams are different than last year’s. SW also lost Orlando Smith off of their team, and he gave NW fits in at least one of the matchups last year. NW may not be quite as deep, at least as with regards to being able to apply pressure for the full game. In NW’s two wins last year, their pressure eventually wore down SW. But SW’s kids are a year older…freshmen are no longer freshmen. In SW’s game with GDS this year, it was SW’s pressure in the 2nd half that got them back into the game. How well will NW handle that pressure without Gore there along with Spicer? NW doesn’t shoot it very well from outside, but Hennigan, Davis, Turner, Funderberg can attack the glass and score (even if on the 2nd or 3rd try), and Spicer always puts pressure on the D…it’s so hard to stay in front of him.

    Looking forward to watching. It should be fun.

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