Northwest Guilford girls top Ragsdale on Friday night in one of the few games to be played and Makeup Games announced

Girls Basketball Final from Friday night and I am a bit surprised that they were able to get the game in, but with a 5pm start and if the refs were there on time, this could have and it did work….
Final and I was expecting this game to be much closer that this, it almost shocks you a bit to the margin of victory, but here it is….
Northwest Guilford girls 73, Ragsdale 34
This is going to put the NWG girls right at (11-2/1-0) on the season and WOW has this NWG has meshed here, still early in the new season…NWG vs. SWG in just about two weeks and that ought to be a great game….

The word from NWG Athletic Director John Hughes:
Varsity Boys makeup with Ragsdale at NWHS will be on Wednesday, January 11th at 7pm.

JV Girls makeup at Ragsdale will be on January 11th at 5pm, followed by the JV Boys at 6:30.

Similar word from Brian Herndon Ragsdale Athletics Director:
Last postponed Men’s Varsity Basketball game, Ragsdale @ NW Guilford, has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, January 11 (at NW Guilford). Start time is set for 7:00 PM.

*****Really hoping the Schools are back in session by Wednesday of next week…What do you think…..*****


  1. Guess you were way off on Ragsdale, Andy, you and all the homer Ragsdale fans who are new to the party. Piedmont triad is SW and NW when it comes to girls ball, has been for a while and will be for a long time. So they need to stop passing the Ben Kool-Aid around at all the ragsdale games and realize the truth. This was total domination, Ragsdale is years away and may never get there. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. No one complaining much about rules being bent/broken now at Ragsdale because they aren’t winning and no one cares, hahahahaha You gotta be relevant to draw attention.

  3. We are still hoping for good things for Ragsdale and it would be good to see them turn that program around and it may well take longer than expected…

    Looking for some very good battles between NWG and SWG girls and High Point Central has been showing improvement too..

    Going to be a fast moving season, once it all gets rolling on a regular basis and the weather has stepped aside and it will all done by Mid-February and that is when the tournaments will get rolling, weather permitting…

  4. Andy,

    Why on earth was this game played, when almost EVERY College/ HS game was PPD? Some of these kids were most likely driving home when it was snowing and roads being dangerous. Poor decision!

  5. Can anybody actually cite the rule that is being bent/broken by the Coach at Ragsdale? I know last time someone posted a link to a 9 year old article in the News and Record where the School Board discussed possibly enacting a rule. I don’t recall seeing a follow up article where any rule was actually enacted.

    And I know someone mentioned that a custodian heard from the lunch lady that there was a rule somewhere that was written down on something that showed there was an obvious potential violation.

    If Stan K. would’ve just renamed his school “Northern Academy” before he started, none of this would even be an issue.

  6. The first round of snow last Friday was not a problem and the girls game go going just before 5pm and they were done by around 6:15 and the snow had just about stopped by then and there wasn’t much on the roads at all…

    The second round of snow was the kicker on Friday and it did not even begin until around 9pm…

    Hard to tell the future, but I do not foresee that the kids or parents would have had any problems getting home at around 6:30 on Friday…Maybe some heavy traffic, but I wouldn’t think much more than that…

    You may have been able to get the boys game in too, but with the heavy snow beginning at 9pm and the boys game ending at around say 8:15, you may have been pushing that game…

    But with the girls, I would say they would have been OK on that day…Would have been some concern, but nothing that they could not handle, one would think….

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