The HPT HiToms & Hepler Strength Join Forces for Winter Speed/Strength Camp

January Speed & Strength Camp

The HPT HiToms & Hepler Strength Join Forces for Winter Speed/Strength Camp

Committed to developing versatile and ‘athletic’ baseball players, the High Point-Thomasville HiToms & Hepler Strength are pleased to offer a unique, pre-season speed and strength camp. Providing fundamental instruction and development in the areas of speed and agility, linear and lateral movement and core body strength, the four-week/8 session training camp is an ideal opportunity for emerging athletes to receive quality instruction and necessary physical skill development. Conducted by local speed and agility coach Andy Hepler, the speed/strength program targets young athletes from the ages of 8-13.

Assisted by the HiToms staff, attendees will focus primarily on the development of skill sets that lay the foundation for in-game quickness and physical strength. Benefiting significantly from a staff that boasts over 20 years of college/high school level training experience, all attendees will gain a sense of self-confidence that inspires physical growth and dispels mental blocks associated with speed enhancement.

Conducted in a 8-1 student to teacher ratio at the Hepler Strength training facility, the hour-long sessions cater to both the speed & strength ‘rookie’ and the ‘seasoned veteran’. Encouraging participants to embrace the ‘game’ and all of its finer skill sets, the pre-season camp is the perfect compliment to a ballplayer’s incremental growth.

Registration begins December 28th and concludes January 18th.

Speed & Strength Training Curriculum:

Speed & Agility
1st Step Quickness
Linear /Lateral Speed Training
Arm Strength
Training Sessions:

Start Date: January 19th
Time: 5:45 – 6:45
Location: Hepler Speed & Strength Facility, 1064 National Hwy. Thomasville, NC

Camp Costs

Contact Information

E-Mail Brian Rountree, HPT HiToms VP:;
Phone: 336-472-8667 or 336-893-0736