Coach Jason Lippard has stepped down as head football coach at Northeast Guilford HS and now 3 football openings in Guilford County

Coach Jason Lippard resigned today as the head football coach at Northeast Guilford High School and he has accepted the offensive coordinator’s position at Statesville High School…

Family move for Coach Lippard as he goes back home to coach at his old high school at Statesville, in Iredell County and Coach Lippard’s wife has also taken a position in the central office in Iredell County, so this becomes a great move, all the way around, for the Lippard family…

Coach Lippard did a good job getting the Northeast Guilford Rams’ football program turned around and he had the Rams back in the playoffs this season, after an absence of three straight seasons….

With the addition of the opening at Northeast Guilford, there are now 3 head football positions available and open in Guilford County, as we head into 2017 and that would be the Southeast Guilford job, the Western Guilford spot/position and the most-recent opening coming this morning, at Northeast Guilford High School….

Coach Jason Lippard at Northeast Guilford High School head football coaching record:
Record for the two seasons, 2015-2016:(5-18) Overall/(5-11) Mid-State 3-A Conference
(Numbers courtesy of

Revised Coach Jason Lippard at Northeast Guilford High School head football coaching record:
2015-2016:(6-17) Overall/(6-10) Mid-State 3-A Conference
*****Eastern Alamance defeated Northeast Guilford 45-20 on November 6, 2015 and after it was proven that Eastern Alamance used an ineligible player, Eastern Alamance was forced to forfeit all 14 football games/victories from their 2015 season and that gave NEG another victory….*****

$$$$$Interesting coaching change/move that took place earlier this month, right around January 3rd….
Havelock High football coach Jim Bob Bryant resigned and took the head coaching job at Morganton Freedom….$$$$$
(Jim Bob Bryant has been a hot football coaching commodity in recent years.)


  1. Any word if any spots have been filled.New coach needs to start 2nd semester with his new team. Getting to know players. Getting his style accustomed to. Getting weight training and spring training geared up.

    Should be a top priority for any of the schools.

  2. As far as we know, NO spots have been filled and the former assistants would be working with the players at the vacant schools right now….

  3. David Hines is acting head coach at Southeast. The former Eastern Guilford head coach wouldn’t be a bad choice to take over, but that administration wants a “sexy” hire and a “sexy” offense — you know, like the one Northwest ran in its loss to Southeast last year.

  4. @J.D. Springer,

    How do you know that David Hines will not be the head coach? And who said, if anyone, that he is the “acting” head coach? Just wanna know…Thanks!

  5. @Just wanna know

    If you don’t think David Hines is the acting head coach at Southeast, just ask the kids or the AD or the principal. No one has said he won’t get the job — not officially — but based on the decisions made by the administration at Southeast, they want something different. They should be careful what they wish for.

  6. Andy, any info on the opening at WG? Seems like the head coach was pushed to resign. The hirings/coach turnover at WG have most alums puzzled.

    It will be interesting to see who they hire and when. With all of these other positions opening up, they need to lock a solid candidate in quickly.

  7. Coach Hines was very helpful to us this season and when we needed something from SEG football, Coach Hines was on it and got it done….

    WG needs a combo between Bobby Bouchea, Doug Henderson and Bill Hollifield and they need him soon…

    WG was once one of the top 3-A programs in the state and it has gone the other way….

    Maybe Coach Stell would come back and coach a few more years…He was an assistant over there for a few years with football and he won two titles in baseball….

    Maybe Coach Norman Weeks over at Page would step away and step up and go for the head job at WG….

    I think he would make a good one…

    I know Page would miss Coach Weeks, but if he is ready, Western Guilford would be ready and I’m sure they would love to have him on board and in charge…

    He has done a great job with that Page Pirate defense over the years and if he could keep Chris Jasperse at WG and in charge of the Lines then you might have a good start on the Hornet re-build…

    Just an idea that nobody has touched on yet….

    How about it???

    If he is interested in being a head coach, how about Norman Weeks from Page to Western Guilford…

    Western Guilford has always had a good history department with Coach Robinson, Coach Henderson, Coach Brown, Coach Ken Gordon and I think Coach Causey too, all teaching history at one time or another there over the years…

    If he wants to, Coach Weeks can chair the History Department too….

    Just a few ideas and some fuel for thought….

    Coach Hines would do a fine job for SEG, would they may want to hit outside the box and bring in totally new blood at SEG…..

  8. Wow. Football coaches come and go all the time. Sounds like JD was really attached to Fritz, or really against SE. Whose to say that all the assistant coaches themselves aren’t excited about change? Whose to say Hines wouldn’t make changes if he is the head coach?

  9. To JD Springer: Why is it that a coach can quit a school to pursue something else and that’s OK, but a school is not allowed to fire a coach to pursue something else ?
    Just asking ?

  10. I agree. Hines is a great guy but he has left multiple schools to pursue something else. whether it be location, better program etc. Left Eastern after one season. Nobody holds that against him. Everybody likes Hines. Why still so much anger @ SE for wanting to pursue something different?

  11. @Football Fan

    Yes, I liked Hessenthaler and I believe he got a raw deal from an administration that hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with some of its hires athletically and academically (remember, most of the best coaches at that school were not hired by these guys).

    It’s also lying by the administration when they say the program had “become stagnant.” They want a flashy offense — even if it doesn’t work — and they want a coach who matches their “demographic” because they are losing players of that “demographic” from the middle school to Dudley. That’s the truth, whether they will admit it or not — and that’s the word among the coaching community on what the school is looking for.

    If more wins in the last four years than in any four years in school history is “stagnant,” a lot of schools in Guilford County would sign up for “stagnant.” Maybe what Southeast got the last four years is as good as it’s going to get there with the kids they’re going to get. They’re good, hard-working kids, but the parents seem to have a very different opinion of their talent level than college coaches whose career success or failure is based on recruiting the most talented players. And if the AD and principal think hiring somebody different is going to keep kids from going to Dudley, a school that has a history of winning state championships, let’s see what happens between now and when Southeast fires its next football coach.

    @Birdman If you’ll remember, Hines didn’t just “leave” Eastern, they asked him to leave because they had Doug Robertson — a guy who’d won a state championship at Reidsville and wanted to come back to the Triad after being exiled to Person County for a year — waiting in the wings. Hines was not looking to leave Eastern.

  12. @JD Springer Sounds like you are way closer to the situation than I am. I guess there’s a lot of division at SE.

  13. I wonder why those kids and parents from that certain demographic didn’t want to play for the Southeast coach.

  14. J.D. Springer

    It’s times in life that everything doesn’t go your way. Seems like you’ve had your heart broken by this situation. The average time that a Head Football Coach remains at the same school is about 5-7. What did this coach do to improve his stock? Clinics, camps, team camps, coaching retreats or did he just walk around calling everyone a piece of #### and thinking that he was “GOD”. No one likes losing their jobs, but if you are busting your butt for kids, educating yourself about the sport you’re coaching, having a unified coaching staff, talking with parents, just being a people person might have worked in his favor. I hope that the new coach can come in and do a great job, because SE Guilford is a diamond in the rough. Every year coaches retire, move on, get demoted, get hired, so please realize that life will continue no matter who is in the drivers seat of that program. Good Luck to you and I hope that you are able to find peace and that sometimes starts with taking a good look in the mirror.

  15. This thread was initially about the head coach from NE stepping down to support his family. It has traveled down 29 south, exited on 421 and landed on SE School Rd. Wow!

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