Top 40 Boys High School Basketball Players for the Class of 2018 and from

Look it over and see what you think and no Casey Kasem on hand to announce this one, but here is The Top 40 list of boys high school basketball players from the Class of 2018 and we have the players from the Top 40, with Guilford County players inclusive….Here they are and to see the full/entire list from, CLICK HERE….

Guilford County Top 40 members from the Boys HS Class of 2018…..
2. Jaylan Hoard – 6’8 – Wesleyan Christian
3. Aaron Wiggins – 6’6 – Wesleyan Christian
6. John Newman – 6’5 – Greensboro Day
12. Tre Turner – 6’4 – NW Guilford
17. Will Dillard – 6’2 – Greensboro Day
21. Ian Steere – 6’8 – Wesleyan Christian
25. Andy Pack – 6’4 – Northern Guilford
34. Jaylen Gainey – 6’9 – Greensboro Smith

+++++Five from the private schools and three from the public schools and most of the private school kids would have re-classed, but that is their decision and we respect that and that is that….+++++


  1. Please don’t sleep on Jaylen Alston and Montez Venable, these two can go. I’ve seen all these kids play and these two can play with any of them. Andy just don’t understand why you and Rick Lewis don’t show EG any love. Guess we have to beat up on city schools to get noticed!!!!!!!

  2. If EG beats Northern tonight/Friday, they ought to be seeing love from a lot of different sites….

    Big game tonight….EG at Northern…

  3. Actually, the rankings posted above are the opinions of the staff at NCPreps. Rick Lewis has shown Jaylen Alston plenty of love. In the Phenom Hoop Report Class of 2018 rankings, Alston’s ranked #41. They’ve also done at least two articles on him.

    Venable hasn’t gotten as much love but PHR does have him ranked #75. Regardless of the level of exposure, those guys are fun to watch.

  4. Those two at Eastern Guilford are some TOUGH kids! Me and Rick Lewis just talked about Alston this week.

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