FINALS are HERE for “Thursday in the Middle”:Middle School Basketball for today in Guilford County(Big Upset Tonight at NEG)

*****More scores on the way in here….*****

Middle School Final Scores from the Thursday games:
*****Looks to be a BIG upset here:Northeast Guilford Middle School boys 37, Mendenhall Middle 32
Would be the first loss of the season for the Mendenhall boys now at (11-1)….
Eastern Guilford Middle School girls 48, Southern Guilford 20
Eastern Guilford Middle School boys 58, Southern Guilford 45

Northwest Guilford Middle girls 47, Northern Guilford 26
NWG Girls remain Undefeated…
Northwest Guilford Middle School boys over Northern Guilford and watching for that score…
Mendenhall Middle School girls 47, Northeast Guilford 13
Kernodle Middle School boys 39, Southeast Guilford 31
Kernodle Middle School girls 47, Southeast Guilford 43
Aycock Middle School boys 64, Kiser Middle School 56
Kiser Middle School girls 35, Aycock 30
The boys game was the Wildest game I have seen all year and with two very athletic and quick teams on the court today, it gives reason to have three officials for these Middle School boy’s games…Both teams up and down the court in a hurry and action was wide-open and at the End of the first quarter it was, Aycock 18, Kiser 12….Halftime:Aycock 30, Kiser 28…End of the 3rd Q:Aycock 48, Kiser 39 and Kiser would just not go away, but the Aycock had to go away when the game got real heated and he got ejected…Final was Aycock 64, Kiser 56….Aycock now at (11-0) and at Mendenhall(11-1) on Monday and Kiser falls to (8-2)…Top scorers for Aycock were Brewer with unofficially 28 points, Williams with 10, while Gamble and Whitley had 9 points each…For Kiser you had Miller with 15, Travis Shaw with 10, Cameron Spencer with 8 and #12 with 8…
+++++The boys game was played at a high level, it got heated and there was energy all over that building tonight….+++++

On the girls side, at the end of one period the score was Kiser 12, Aycock 4…Halftime:Kiser 20, Aycock 11…End of the 3rd Q:Kiser 28, Aycock 19 and the final and just like the boy’s game, the Aycock Lions would not go away, the final was, Kiser 35, Aycock 30…
Kiser leaders in scoring were Destiny Tisdale with 13 points and Kate Jones with 11…Desha Busby led Aycock with 14 points….

*****More scores on the way in here….*****

+++++Guilford County High School Basketball Game Tonight:Glenn at Southwest Guilford with girls at 6pm and boys at 7:30…..+++++

**Thursday, February 2, 2017**
All Middle School games set to begin at 4:45pm with the girls playing first and then the boys to follow…Today and then next Monday and the regular season will be complete…
Jackson @ Guilford….Girls game, both teams have struggled, but it should be fun to see who gets that win today…Jackson boys have that PG Amaryah who can play and lead..
Northern @ Northwest..Both NWG teams having strong seasons…NWG boys have the 6’5 center that has been tearing it up….
Eastern @ Southern…Eastern’s girls led by Monroe and Frazier having only lost once this season…Dawkins leads the boy’s team..
Penn Griffin @ Hairston
Aycock @ Kiser…Aycock boys at (10-0) and last we heard, Kiser was at (8-1)…Aycock boys very tall with Williams and Gamble and Kiser girls have that little dynamo, Destiny Tisdale, leading the team…
Jamestown @ Southwest…Huge Rivals, and always a great game, when these two get together with Curtain and Flowers leading the SWG boys, and we are guessing that they are coached(SWG), by Coach Joey…
Mendenhall @ Northeast…Mendenhall boys at (11-0) and Mendenhall girls led by Isis Adams..Mendenhall boys led by Jaden Ellis and I wonder if that is James Ellis III’s younger brother and James was at Page as WR and now at Gardner-Webb…
Welborn @ Lincoln….Hank Bullard was coaching Lincoln a few years back and not sure if the former Smith Golden Eagles coach is still at the helm of the Lincoln Hornets’ boys team….
Ferndale @ Allen Jay
Southeast @ Kernodle (NC)….Kernodle’s girls won an overtime thriller over Northern back on “Monday in Middle”, 57-50…One of the girls(Hailey Blackwell) for Kernodle had 30 points back on Monday…Coach Johnnie Richardson with have his Kernodle Cougars boy’s team ready….
Allen – Open

*****If you have any comments in addition to what we have listed, add them in and let’s stay on the positive, as that seems to help the players, who seek that positive reinforcement…..*****


  1. Hey Andy this is good stuff here! Also do you know if Alan Hooker has sent the ballots out for the all star game. I was told some coaches have yet to receive ballots to vote and nominate players. I hate for some kids to miss out on the chance because votes already took place before all rosters were in. Mendenhall is led by Jaden Ellis kid is one of the better ones in the county.

  2. Hoping and thinking that Alan is on top of this and I hope he gets a chance to read your post…

    He works very hard on this event and if the coaches haven’t heard from Alan Hooker, I suggest that they do reach out to him…

  3. Calling All Coaches…

    from Alan Hooker,

    There will be a coaches meeting on Wednesday February 15, at Triad Lanes on West Wendover Avenue and at time, if you have a player that you would to nominate/name to the All-Star Games, the team will nominated that night…

    Boys and Girls coaches from all Guilford County Schools are invited to attend and private school school coaches that have Middle School teams, you are invited to attend too….

    Going to be a Public School game, a private school game and then later they will have a game with the public vs. the private….Planning on having at least three games/dates for games this year/season….

    If you are a middle school basketball coach, be sure to plan to be at that meeting on February 15, at the Triad Lanes, at 6pm….


  4. I have to remember that girl’s name and it is Hailey Blackwell….Thanks for reminding me…

    We hope everyone will send us your scores today….

  5. Kernodle Girls defeated Southeast – 47 -43
    Led by Hailey Blackwell- 15pts, 6 steals, 6 assists
    Lauren Sells- 12pts, 7 rbnds
    Cori McMillan- 11pts, 4 rbnds, 3 steals
    Jaelyn Neas- 6pts
    Mackenzie Davis – 2pts, 4 rbnds
    Ava Cowles- 2pts, 6 rbnds

  6. Kernodle boys won 39-31 over Southeast. They beat Kiser earlier in the season. List to Mendenhall by 3 and lost to Northwest in overtime at Northwest. Big game at home against Northwest in the final regular season game on Monday!Kernodle now 11-3 on the season.

  7. NW Girls over Northern 47-26 with Shaena Riddles leading the Vikings with 28 points. Northwest remains undefeated going in to Monday’s game against Kernodle.
    NW Boys over Northern by a good amount but don’t have that score.

  8. Shaena Riddles at NW is another Gater that plays on that 8th grade team. Looks like Gater girls are representing their Middle Schools well. You have Riddles, Blackwell, Monroe, Frazier, Adams (Mendehall), Wyrick (St. Pius) and Bradford (Jamestown) that is dominating middle school ball for their perspective teams no wonder they are the AAU State Champs the last 3 years. This is alot of talent for 1 county. Guilford County produces phenomenal athletes. These young ladies are going to be the ones to watch on the HS scene next year.

  9. Good job Mendenhall (boys), keep your heads up you just had a minor setback for a major comeback. Congrats to Be on the win.

  10. NW boys clinch #1 spot in the conference tournament with the big win tonight, they stay undefeated in conference!

  11. How about shooting us a score on the Northwest Guilford boys game if you get it/have it….

  12. Eastern Guilford girls with the win over Southern Guilford 48-20 led by Mariah Frazier with 18 and Diamond Monroe with 15. For the boys Kadyn Dawkins led the way with 32 points and Kamel Smith 13 points and 12 rebounds winning 58-45. And yes that’s James Ellis little brother.

  13. @KD that Dawkins kid is a bonified ball player. He isn’t big but he is explosive and is not afraid to go to the hole. What is the record over there for the boys? I heard the girls only lost 1 game with Monroe and Frazier leading the girls.

  14. @Guards run the show thanks he spends a lot of time in the gym and they are currently 8-5. As for the girls they have loss 1 they took a big hit from St Pius. Monroe and Frazier are different kind of players them two can play on some of the boys team in the County and be major contributors those two have a bright future if they continue to work like I know they will.

  15. Kiser aycock game was best game ive seen all year. Ben Miller played a heck of a game. Kiser has beaten Northeast, who just beat Mendenhall. Kiser plays Mendenhall next wednesday, should be a good one.

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