J’Nai Millner(Morehead High School) having very big senior year and Extra-Large HS Basketball Career(50-point game and 2,000-plus points in career)

*****J’Nai Millner(Morehead High School), Class of 2017, is having the kind of senior year and high school basketball career, that most players can only dream of….*****

J’Nai Millner(Morehead High School) hit the 2,000 point mark in her high school basketball career back on January 14, 2017. She also scored her career-high of 50 points, against the Reidsville Rams, on February 9th.

For the last two years/seasons, she had led the Mid-State 3-A Conference in scoring and she leads the conference in scoring, again this season/year…

Yes, that is three years in a-row. She is currently 2nd in the state, in scoring. She has averaged an impressive 27.3 points a game, 9.2 rebounds, 3.5 steals and 2.8 assist.

J’Nai Millner
27.3 points per game
9.2 rebounds per game
3.5 steals per game
2.8 assists per game

GAME ON!!!!!

+++++One heck of a basketball career so far for J’Nai Millner(Morehead High School), and college coaches, it is time to start taking notice of this Player-of-the-Year Candidate….+++++


  1. This girl has had a very accomplished high school career, yet was not nominated to play in 2017 Triad Allstar East/West Classic. I don’t know why she gets no recognition. What a shame!!!!

  2. Totally agree. Also Kodi Centry from McMichael who is the school’s All-Time leading scorer and Southern Guilford’s Nokomis Williams averages nearly triple/double gets over looked as well.

  3. I watched this young lady play at Eastern Guilford and she is very good. Not sure why no one is taking any interest in her.

  4. Funny thing is, I have watched her for 4 years put up eye popping numbers and still she flies under the radar. Winning has something to do with it but she is doing everything she can. She averaging 27 pts and 9 rebs. That’s insane #’s I’d like to see if she gets any serious consideration for POY, she already got overlooked for the All-Star Game.

  5. I just think for 4 years she have been under a bad coach. From what I have seen,she have done everything she could do to win but if you have a coach that don’t care about winning and his players,this is the results you get.A player should still get recognition for what she have done individual.

  6. Without that individual recognition it hurts the player’s opportunities for recruitment. If there is no buzz about the player, the recruiters don’t know about the player. So that’s why it intrigues me why a player of this caliber has so little fanfare.

  7. Totally agree with Panther Girls Fan. Thanks Andy for posting. Does anyone know when the District tournament begins for Morehead?

  8. Morehead plays Northern Guilford to night at 6PM at NG. I have seen this young lady play and she is special. She has an incredible handle and she can score off the bounce. She can create her own shot easily and you very rarely see that at the high school level.

  9. Let’s keep real!! People are talking winning,no team that Morehead went up against have given her anything and no single player has been able to stop her.Give credit where credit is due.Morehead hasn’t had a winning record in about 15 years but haven’t had a player come through like her since 1999!!!

  10. I guess I should have clarified a little bit more. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve credit because they aren’t winning, I’m saying winning helps when it comes to recognition. Does she deserve credit and recognition for scoring 2,000 points? Of course. For being 2nd in the state in scoring? Absolutely. For leading the conference that includes Elissa Cunane, Nichelle Jeffries, and Madeline Hardy in scoring for 3 years in a row? Definitely. Would it benefit Millner, Centry and others more if their teams were winning? More than likely

  11. Millner & Centry definitely need to be mentioned when talking about the best players in the conference, they shouldn’t be slighted because the pieces around them are not as good as the pieces around Cunane, Jeffries, & Hardy. Recognition is critical to these girls after high school lives (college). Wins or losses shouldn’t determine what school someone gets recruited to. If the player can play they can play. Like PanthersforLife said give credit where credit is due. It might just change someone life.

  12. I’m giving her credit. Wins and losses shouldn’t determine what school someone gets recruited to but the sad reality is it does sometimes. Also coaches should do a better job of trying to get their players recruited by contacting college coaches or sending in tapes to coaches. If the coaches have players like Centry and Millner but they aren’t trying to get them recruited then they are doing a disservice to the players

  13. I have seen all of the girls play and yes Millner has a slight disadvantage.Don’t get me wrong,#1 which I hear is her sister,is and will be a very strong player in the next couple years but will probably be in the same situation as #32.I’m sorry but #32 is one of my favorite players and she is straight balling. Numbers definitely don’t lie.That young lady works hard on both ends of the floor. She gets my vote?!!

  14. Panthers fan club,you said #32 didn’t get nominated for the all star team. Well, it is up to the coach to nominate her. He dropped the ball and have not supported her like he should have. I have been coaching for about 12 years now and I have never seen a female as athletic as her.I could work wonders with a player like that. I personally don’t know her but I see the love of the game is real with her. The coach at Morehead has totally failed #32.

  15. @John I know the coaches are dropping the ball. This thread was not designed to call out the Triad All-Stars group, I understand their process. My whole gripe is that, the people who are supposed to care the most about these kids are not doing what they need to do to help get these players get the recognition they deserve for being student/athletes representing their schools. Being nominated and playing in an All-star game is an honor and it recognizes the best players. Being chosen to be in a select group of the area best, helps gives the players notoriety and that help with their recruitment. No shade on the Triad All-stars.

  16. I don’t even know the young lady’s name but when you talk about Morehead girls basketball, everyone knows #32.@ panther girl fan,I didn’t think you were particularly calling out the Triad All Stars but I was getting a point across. If you don’t put your players out there,then you are not giving them an opportunity.

  17. Has she been offered any scholarships yet? If she hasn’t something is very wrong. She will really excel at the next level.

  18. 32 points for J’Nai Millner in the game vs. Northern Guilford on Monday night….

    32 points for #32 from Morehead(J’Nai Millner) and Elissa Cunane from NG, the opposing #32, had 24 points, but Elissa had a supporting cast with 12 each for Sammi Furlough, Kassie Robakiewicz and Mercedes Wampler…

    NG gets plenty of support for Elissa and when the Nighthawks are on, they are on and the opposition is usually gone….NG still missing Kelli Lomax, who suffered and injury in the Nighthawks’ home game versus Eastern Guilford and I think that might have been a concussion-related injury for Lomax and I could be wrong, so if you quote, please use the disclaimer…

    “Andy sounds like he knows what he is talking about, but he may not know what he is talking about”……

    As of 2017, 37 years of outdoor basketball on Sundays and it is not time to come in yet…..

  19. I was there. She was scoring from everywhere. Drives, Pull ups off the bounce, three pointers, etc… She has the whole arsenal. I hope the local D1’s have her on their radar.

  20. I certainly hope she gets poy. I have watched her for years,even before high school and I knew she would be special and a huge impact on whatever team she was on. She is the truth. You can take the Triad all star team away, poy,and any other honors,but you can’t the talent and what this young lady has brought to the community. A very humbled child.

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