N.C. State has fired men’s basketball coach Mark Gottfried:Gottfried got Fired but will Finish out the season

Gottfried got fired today…..

from FOX 8 NEWS at www.myfox8.com:
RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina State University has fired men’s head basketball coach Mark Gottfried, university sources told WNCN.

The Wolfpack have suffered six straight losses including a 97-73 loss to the North Carolina Tar Heels on Wednesday.

Gottfried will remain the coach for the rest of the season.

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  1. I don’t get it. Why let him finish out the year? If you are going to fire him, fire him and let someone different finish out the year as interim coach. I understand that you are announcing it to calm the fan base and that’s fine, but just get it over with. There is no reason to have a man on the sidelines who is already out…

  2. Yes, why not just have one of the assistant coaches run the team the rest of the year…You’ve got Derek Whittenburg or just bring back Bobby Lutz and let him finish of the year, as the coach for N.C. State…

  3. when it come to NCSU athletics very little that goes on in Raleigh these days makes any sense. real Pack fans are now waiting on the University President to announce that the AD has been released of her duties as well…

  4. #1 Debbie Yow already announced back in the fall that she would only at NC State for another year or two.
    #2 It would be even worst for NC State to have Debbie resign now, take another month or so getting a new AD and having to wait until mid to late March to get a new coach or later.
    #3 The team may not be winning but unless you are planning to enter the NBA draft as a player you need to still have the best remaining season that you can to make yourself more marketable to other coaches.

    I would not doubt if this team wins as many games to finish the season as they have won in ACC play all year. No pressure but everything to gain.

  5. Don’t understand why people are calling for Debbie Yow’s job. NCSU has made big strides in their sports programs under her leadership and the new facilities are fabulous! I do think Gottfried had to go and don’t understand letting him finish the season, but all in all the sports programs are much better now!!

  6. Wonder how many of the current players will be back next season???

    Who returns???

    Sean Miller, Archie Miller, Smart, somebody, get in here and get this team back on some solid ground…

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