NCHSAA Basketball Finalized Playoff Brackets/Pairings for the Boys/Men

*****Games will played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday…Higher seeded team will be the host….*****
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  1. Just curious to how Dudley is a 10 seed and Page is a 12 seed. Page beat Dudley twice and was conference Tourney champs

  2. It may be that the NCHSAA is putting more credence and placing more emphasis on the Regular Season winner than they are on the Conference Tournament winner…

    Just our speculation and Dudley was #1 regular season and Page was #2 in the Metro…

    Here is one of the main by-law rules from the NCHSAA as it applies to seeding for the State Tournament:
    4.1.17 – Playoff Berths/Qualification:

    (a) All teams that finish first (1st) in the conference regular season or are the conference tournament champions, automatically qualify. In a split conference a team must finish first in their part of the split or be the conference tournament champion to automatically qualify.

    (1) Split conferences cannot have separate tournaments, and the regular season conference champion must participate in the conference tournament.

    (b) All other teams must qualify based upon the best 20-game record from the non-automatic qualifiers, they will be broken by:

    (1) All Head-to-Head Competition:

    (i) The non-conference game(s) that are dropped for seeding purposes may still be used in breaking a tie

    (2) Conference Winning Percentage

    (3) Draw

    (c) All classifications will field a full complement of 64 teams with the exception of tennis, wrestling and lacrosse.

    (d) If ties exist for the final at-large berth(s) qualifiers, they will be broken by:

    (1) All Head-to-Head Competition:

    (i) The non-conference game(s) that are dropped for seeding purposes may still be used in breaking a tie.

    (2) Conference Winning Percentage

    (3) Draw

  3. On the girls side, Page girls #5 and Dudley #10….Page won the Regular season and Dudley won the tournament…Page took the regular season games and Page at (18-2) and Dudley(13-7)….That is with adjusted schedules….

    Page and Dudley boys split on the regular season, on the head-to-head chart with Dudley winning 64-62 at Page and Page winning 59-45 at Dudley….

    Dudley and Page boys almost look dead-even with Page having a slight edge today, after winning the tournament, back on Friday night….

    Dudley girls have won the Metro three straight years/seasons….

    Dudley girls got hot a tournament time last year and went Overtime vs. Northwest Guilford in the sectional final at NWG…That was some kind of game….

    Page will see Ardrey Kell at home in Round One…Ardrey Kell, with Steven Santa Anna, defeated Page in Round One of the Regionals, on a Friday in Winston-Salem, back in 2015, just two years ago…

    Page owes Ardrey Kell one and if Page gets past Ardrey Kell, they could be facing Lake Norman in Round Two, and Page owes Lake Norman too…

    Lake Norman beat Page in the West Regional Final back in 2014 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center on a Sunday afternoon….Page down like 24-0 in the game, battled back, had the lead and then got beat on shot just off the left sideline, about 10 feet past the three-point line and Lake Norman squeaked out the won on a shot by a player who had barely shot outside the entire game, it was one of Lake Norman’s post players that hit the winning shot and that got Page on that day…

    Page really owes Ardrey Kell and Lake Norman and if Page can make it through the first two rounds, they could be seeing the Southwest Guilford Cowboys on Saturday in the sectional finals…

    Lots of possibilities….

  4. Last word we had was he would be available if Page made it as far as the Regionals….A credit to the Pirates on how well they have been playing minus Will Jones…Page has really hung in there and played well being a man down…Lots of kids, including guys like McIntyre and Elijah Short have been stepping up….Talton, Jordan Smith, Jahlen King, Tatum and there you go…Page going about 7 deep these days and you’ll see Terrell Davis out there getting it done some too….

  5. In the seeding, I believe that this year, there were some slight changes. First, all conference regular season champions are seeded. Then, conference tournament champions. Then, everyone else.

    Explains why both Dudley and Page have a higher seed than NW, though both have significantly more losses.

    To me, the biggest weakness in the seeding is with the split conferences. South Caldwell finished 5th in its conference, and did not win the conference tournament, yet because it had the highest finish of the 4A teams in its conference (a 3A/4A split conference…..I believe there are only 2 4A teams) it is the #9 seed, with a 13-7 record.

    I understand that the seeding process has to be objective, but the split conference rule needs to be changed. South Caldwell (and Watauga from the same conference in the prior 2 years) does not deserve a home game over many other teams that had objectively better seasons by a sizable margin.

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