Veritas Academy Middle School All-Star Game Rosters

Middle School All-Stars Game coming up in March at Ben L. Smith High School and we will kick in the Boys Rosters for now and will be adding in the Girls, later on this morning….

Boys East Roster:
Jalen Williams(Aycock Middle School)
Ayden Gamble(Aycock)
Sterling Brewer(Aycock)
Kadyn Dawkins(Eastern Guilford)
Ben Miller(Kiser)
Mook Jenkins(Kiser)
Manajee Gillyard(Lincoln)
Dejour Miller(Lincoln)
Johnathan Medlin(Southeast Guilford)
Trajan Green(Southeast Guilford)

Boys West Roster:
Keith McDuffie(Allen Jay)
Jeremiah Manley(Allen Jay)
Jaden Ellis(Mendenhall)
Michael Maxwell(Mendenhall)
Micah Salmon(Northwest Guilford)
Noah Allred(Northwest Guilford)
De’Anthony Butchee(Penn Griffin)
Pharaoh Underhill(Penn Griffin)
Caleb Curtain(Southwest Guilford)
Lawson Albright(Mendenhall)

Girls are due up our way this morning….


  1. Both say “Boys East”. I think the second one should read “Boys West”. Thanks Andy for the updates!

  2. Yes running into some long days and some long nights at this juncture of the basketball season(s)….


  3. Congrats to all the kids who made it. I hate it for the kids who didn’t have the chance because coaches didn’t turn in roster and coaches didn’t show up to the voting.

  4. Andy,
    Please change M. Maxwell to Michael Maxwell. I see he’s the only first name you don’t have.

  5. The list this year looks a lot more representative of the players in the city than the list from last year. Southwest dominated the player list in the West last year. Everybody knows why that happened when you consider a few names on the list. Fortunately the list appears to be more fair and in line with reality now.

  6. Do appreciate everyone’s input….The spellings and the names are they were provided to us and now is the best time to make those revisions…

    We are working on that girls list…

  7. Can someone explain why not one plaplayer from kernodle middle school which finished 2nd doesnt have any players nominated?? Now thats totally wrong. There was at least two of those kids that no one could match them. Ethan Smith and Tucker Gibbs

  8. Those 2 plus another was nominated not once but twice. They were nominated at the coaches meeting. It’s obvious that the system is flawed. You have multiple teams that got multiple players on the team that they beat head to head. Some they beat twice this season and they get no one else on. They won their conference tourney last year beating Southwest at their place. Southwest got 4 players on Kernodle got 1. They make it back to their conference championship this year losing to a well deserving Norhwest team and they get 0 on. SMH!

  9. System could use some changes but this year the coaches came to a meeting and voted…..Kernodle didn’t have a roster in so if the roster is blank how can the coaches vote for a kid. All the coaches didn’t show up to vote so if another coach from they conference wasn’t there to vote for them other coaches from different conference may not know them. If you want to blame anyone blame they coach for not submitting a roster or coming to vote. I voted for Ethan because I know who he is but I had to write his name in also. Kid from Eastern Guilford didn’t get in who a g a double double but his coaches didn’t come in to vote either to vouch for him but I know some who voted he just came up short in votes and he should have been in also. Everyone can’t get in unless they make East,West team then add North,South for the ones who fell short

  10. Aycock those 3 should have made it Eastern should have two Kiser should have 1, Lincoln I know of 1 they should have the other I’m not sure…. So the east team maybe are 2-3 players off in my opinion but i didn’t see every school player either. On the West Mendenhall should have had 2 not 3 maybe should have only been 1 the Ellis kid. The two from Allen Jay can play Butchee from Griffin super athletic Northwest two should have made it so the West of maybe 2-3 also. So who do you replace? Just like any other All Star game everyone can’t make it!

  11. For everyone commenting on the Kernodle situation. Here are the facts. The Kernodle Coach submitted his nominations at least 2 weeks before the meeting. Not only did he send in his nominations but he sent in nominations for kids from Mendenhall, Northwest, Southwest, Kiser, Northern etc all without the benefit of having a roster from those schools. Fact number 2 …this Coach works nights so he was unable to attend the meeting hence submitting his picks early. Fact number 3…while at work he got a call from the girl coaches from Kernodle saying his boys names weren’t listed so he asked the girls coachesto add those 3 names he submitted earlier. They were added. Here is another fact…if you keep a good game book or record the games you don’t need a roster to know who played really well against your team. So the excuse that it’s his fault is bs.

  12. If you want to make sure voting is done fairly then some changes need to be made in how kids are picked. Right now it’s a popularity contest. You have names on the roster that coaches don’t know because they haven’t played against their team. It’s not fair to the coaches or the kids. Have the coaches send in stats so that coaches can see what they have done through out the season ie…points per game average…rebounds…assists…turnovers etc. Then have the coaches vote based on that. Also their should be a rule that only 2 kids from 1 team can make it at the most. Last year southwest had 4 girls and four boys on the all star team. This year Mendenhall and Adcock got 3. That’s 2 spots that could have gone to other deserving players.

  13. I was trying to figure out how Mendenhall get on the West side but played in the East Conference. When is the game?

  14. None of Kernodle players names were on the voting ballot not sure were you got your info from. All coaches got ballot papers at the same time. So your facts may be off unless you were there. As stated before Ethan Smith name had to be wrote on the ballot since the roster wasn’t in. It’s over and done with now. Again if you weren’t there you would know it was not a popularity contest. Heck coaches didn’t even send in roster why you think they will send in states.

  15. It’s not the Kernodle coach’s fault his kids names were not on the ballot. He submitted his nominations before the meeting took place to someone on the committee. Why their names weren’t on the ballot is the committees fault. Not only did he submit nominations from his team but from 5 or 6 other teams as well.

  16. I’m hearing there was a roster update. Kernodle kid did make the team from what some of players have told me the Tucker kid. If they added one that means another kid was added not sure which one that is. Also what happen to the girls roster and also the private school roster?

  17. Wow lot of energy around a middle school all star popularity contest in one county. This is what youth sports is about nowadays?
    Congrats to the kids who made it well deserved.
    Now i read above there are late additions.
    So what about the jamestown number 42..the other tall kid from northern? Nobody knows them or got loud for them so they cannot get picked?
    What about the kids who played lock down defense and rebounds? Or is this about who threw up the most shots.
    Kernodle had a tall one very athletic number 35 or 33 ..also northern had a tall kid. They have tremendous upside. They did the dirty work of rebounding had high motors and defended multiple positions but get no love. It is about who you know. Be selfish and get buckets is the message out there. Luckily high major d1 coaches can see through all this nonsense.

  18. This is just a kids pick-up All-Star Basketball game and a chance for the boys and girls to have some fun…I don’t think you will see any DI coaches in attendance and they aren’t tracking any of these kids…These kids are still in Middle School and for most of them, their games are just barely starting to develop…

    This is all about fun and the games and not some get serious and get mad event…That is not what it is designed for…If you make the Middle School All-Star Game, you are not putting that on your College entry form our your resume…

    This game is to help the kids and to educate them on some things that can help them when it comes time to even be thinking about who might help them when they get to high school and the idea to be imparted is to make the right choices and make the right decisions…

    If the kids can learn those two things and they are pretty much the same thing, making the right decision and making the right choices, they will be carrying those principals with them the rest of their lives….

    It is everyday all about making the Right Decisions and Making the Right Choices….

    Think about it and the Committee for these games has done the best job they can to make the right decisions and to make the right choices…

    The committee has shown the ability to adjust and to take on input…

    They brought in the coaches and had ballots at the meeting and not everything turned out perfect, but each time they do this, they are taking another step in the right direction and working to make the entire selection process better…

    See them and tell what your gripes and complaints are and even better yet, tell them what your ideas are when you attend this year’s games…

    You need to make the right decisions and make the right choices even when you are leaving your comments on here at this site or when you make comments about the game out in public…

    Think about it, if this game helps one or two kids learn to make the right decisions or the right choices when they have someone offer to help them and their coach or parents are not around, then that might just help that young man or women/boy or girl make the right choice and it might even save their life, or their basketball career…

    It would really be something to be locked up today(say in the jail or in prison), but it is much better to have a basketball in the back of your car and be able to and shoot that ball any time you feel like it and when you are done shooting you can walk away and go home…

    Better to shooting a basketball on Saturday night than to be somewhere thinking about shooting a gun or maybe, and it is happening and we want to look away, but it is going on and it has gotten real bad in nearby High Point, better to be shooting a basketball on Saturday night, than to be out shooting up heroin….

    I think they will have some good sessions with these kids on the day of the event and some good things will be taught and discussed…

    You need to find a way in your right way of thinking to support these games and the people putting them on and if you can help in any way, why not volunteer???

    And again, it all comes back to the things we talked about earlier, Making the Right Decisions and Making the Right Choices and you will be doing that every day the rest of your life and you will be spending a lot of time and believe me, sitting around wondering, “what if I would have done that, instead of doing this?”….

    If the leaders of the games can teach those ideals of Making the Right Decisions and Making the Right Choices, then it will be a mission accomplished and that will be needed and seen in every game those kids play too…

    The basketball play is right in front of you and you have to make the Right Decision and the Right Choice….

    Pass or Shoot, pass to the kid on the left or the kid on the right on the Fast Break, Shoot the three late in the game, or go for the two??? Take that time out when you see the lead slipping away or save that one timeout for late in the game??? Foul and put the other team on the line now, or wait until more time runs off of the clock??? Go with the small and quick lineup or go big and use the power and try and take them inside?????

    On and on you go, it is about those two key concepts,
    “Making the Right Decisions and Making the Right Choices”….

    It all adds up in everything we do, every day in life….

    Support these kids and Support these games and help the Middle School Players make the Right Decisions and Make the Right Choices…..

    Some free advice/words of Wisdom, on a Peaceful Monday Night and this might just be some of the best info that I have ever passed along and why not use it, I hope to do the same….

  19. Perfect advice
    The cat from northern perfect example. Very athletic
    He the tallest kid yet the primary ballhandler, rebounds, can play and
    defends many positions. Making the right pass every time. But he is not a scorer so he gets overlooked. Maybe until he gets to his high school years in the right system. But he makes an impact on the game. Been a few others like him i have seen this year.
    Those type of guys need some love too is all i am saying.
    Saw some good talent and the future is bright
    Number 3 mendenhall ..caleb from sw…aycock kids legit all around players

  20. From the conference with AJ Prep, Penn Griffin, Lincoln, etc. the coaches got it right. I thought they overlooked an AJ Prep kid that drew 1 or 2 charging fouls every game and is probably the best team defender in the County and a decent scorer, but I heard he is on the team, but wasn’t listed because of name mix up with odd name.

  21. 33 from kernodle my son who played against them twice gave me his number. Kid did not light up the points column. They beat us twice but as i am watching the game this kid is all over the court. Must have had 5 blocks per game and was a rebounding maniac. He was tall but guarded our pg and our fast wing along with our 4 and 5 spot guy and effectively. Dude guarded the damn quick pg and he about 6ft2. Made the right pass out of the post aleays. I left those 2 games saying he had an impact and nobody realises it but he the reason they beat us.
    But he no 20 plus scorer so no love for him. As a div1 high major coch he is my recruit hands down. I can teach him how to score but the intangibles he brings i cant teach that
    42 from jamestown left me feelig the same way. Not mad all the players selected deserve it. Just saying find a spot or 2 for those kinda guys. Lucky for them high major d1 coaches usually value thise types of skill sets.

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