Veritas Academy Middle School All-Star Game Rosters

Middle School All-Stars Game coming up in March at Ben L. Smith High School and we will kick in the Boys Rosters for now and will be adding in the Girls, later on this morning….

Boys East Roster:
Jalen Williams(Aycock Middle School)
Ayden Gamble(Aycock)
Sterling Brewer(Aycock)
Kadyn Dawkins(Eastern Guilford)
Ben Miller(Kiser)
Mook Jenkins(Kiser)
Manajee Gillyard(Lincoln)
Dejour Miller(Lincoln)
Johnathan Medlin(Southeast Guilford)
Trajan Green(Southeast Guilford)

Boys West Roster:
Keith McDuffie(Allen Jay)
Jeremiah Manley(Allen Jay)
Jaden Ellis(Mendenhall)
Michael Maxwell(Mendenhall)
Micah Salmon(Northwest Guilford)
Noah Allred(Northwest Guilford)
De’Anthony Butchee(Penn Griffin)
Pharaoh Underhill(Penn Griffin)
Caleb Curtain(Southwest Guilford)
Lawson Albright(Mendenhall)

Girls are due up our way this morning….