High School Basketball Today in and around Greensboro and Guilford County with Sectional Finals and NCISAA Championship Games:Greensboro Day School Men WIN and 2017 State Champions

Final:Greensboro Day School 63, Wesleyan 60….*****GDS(34-3) 2017 NCISAA 3-A Men’s Basketball Champions*****
#1 Greensboro Day School (34-3)…WES finishes at (28-5)
Final:Providence Day girls 58, Wesleyan Christian Academy 57….Excellent season for the WES Trojans girls team…

NCHSAA Sectional Finals/Round Three Playoff Games

Page(19-9) at Southwest Guilford(24-3) 7pm…..This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio beginning at 6:45pm…Dennis White at the helm…Remember that we will be on GreensboroSports Radio

Eastern Alamance(24-5) at Eastern Guilford(26-3) 7pm…..Tommy Michaels will be at the game reporting and covering the action for GreensboroSports.com….
Chapel Hill(16-12) at Northern Guilford(17-9) 6:30pm…Cameron Robles will be at this game with ‘Cam’s Camera’ and photos for GreensboroSports.com…

T. Wingate/High Point Andrews(19-8) at East Rutherford(28-0) TBA


Dudley (18-10) at Northwest Guilford (26-2) 6pm……Wyatt Smith will be at this game covering and reporting on the action for GreensboroSports.com…

Topsail (17-9) at Northern Guilford (27-1) 5pm…..Cameron Robles at this game with ‘Cam’s Camera’ for GreensboroSports.com…..

*****Eight(8) Guilford County teams still in the hunt and how many will be left/remain after today??? Do you say maybe 3 or 4??? Do we lose half the field after today’s games????*****(We have two head-to-head meetings with Guilford County teams, so we know we lose two teams there.)

Area teams:

Bishop McGuinness(16-11) at Avery County(23-4) 6pm


Bishop McGuinness(16-12) at Avery County(22-7) 4:30pm

Rockingham County(24-3) at Hillsborough Orange(26-1) 6pm

NCISAA Final Game/ Boys 3-A Championship Game:Greensboro Day School(32-3) vs. Wesleyan Christian Academy(28-4) 12 Noon at Charlotte Latin High School….

Wesleyan Christian Academy(24-5) girls vs. Providence Day(24-4) at 10am(Providence was up 29-27 at the half.)


  1. GDS vs WES tied at half 33-33

    Reports coming in that..
    Fight breaks out in second half. Game stopped.
    2 WES players ejected and JP from GDS.

    Not sure of the score when the fight started

  2. Greensboro Day School Men WIN 63-60 and they are the 2017 NCISAA 3-A State Champions…

    Congratulations to Coach Freddy Johnson and JP Moorman, Jordan Perkins, John Newman III, Will Dillard, Solomon Smith, Pearce Landry and the entire team on a job and season well-done…

    Also to assistants Jeff Smith, Robert Johnson, Christian Pulliam and the others on the staff at GDS..

  3. Scores courtesy of nchsaa.org

    EG 82 EA 62
    SW 84 Page 58
    NG 56 Chapel Hill 44
    Bishop McGuinness 47 Avery County 57
    HP Andrews 71 East Rutherford 82

    Bishop McGuinness 44 Avery County 67
    NG 61 Topsail 25
    NW 80 Dudley 40
    Rockingham 56 Orange 39

  4. Northern Guilford heads to Orange on Tuesday. However, Orange got dealt a huge blow tonight. Their star guard, Connor Crabtree, came down on someone’s foot in the first quarter. Looks like he might be out the rest of the way.

  5. GDS did not start the fight. The GDS player was pushed after tying up the ball and the WES player got upset. The reality is that GDS lost a far more valuable player in the 3rd Q than WES. That opened the door for WES but fortunately GDS was well coached and they responded like champs. None of this had anything to do with Freddy or Keith. This was simply a situation that players got caught up in their emotions.

  6. Please keep this part of the equation in mind…Most of the games will be forgotten in few days, but if you say something bad about a player or coach, that will be remembered for a long, long, time…

    Keep the Plan of Attack in Mind, and if you said it on here, would you say it to that person’s face, and if so, use that route and keep the attacks off of here…

    The Plan of Attack:

    Personal attacks on players, coaches, parents or school officials will not be tolerated.

  7. Losing Conner Crabtree would be a big loss for Orange…He is usually good for 20-25 points per game…

    From WRALSportsFan.com:
    UNC-Asheville recruit Connor Crabtree was injured at the end of the first quarter. The apparent ankle injury kept Crabtree from returning to the game, and the senior was seen on the bench with crutches.

  8. @BBall Fan… Who are you?? Who are you to sit here and say, “GDS started the fight”?? Were you even at the game? Or have you any knowledge of what happened? JP did not engage in this first and was attacked by WES. Watch the video or go to the games.. Furthermore I am glad to see they took your other remarks off this page. You clearly are an uneducated biased WES supporter, who chose this forum to disrespect GDS, it’s coaches & players, especially Fred Johnson. You(BBall Fan), if you claim to be one, you need to wake up and smell what you are shoveling…

  9. Does anyone know why Coach Gatlin and an apparent administrator were arguing on the court? Or why he was choosing to take his team off the court without shaking hands after the game. That was more surprising than the scuffle itself.

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