Guilford County Schools will allow Sixth-Graders to play on Middle School Sports teams beginning in the Fall of 2017

A plan has been approved by the Guilford County Schools that will allow Sixth-Graders to play on Middle School Sports teams beginning in the Fall of 2017……

The new rule begins with the 2017-18 school year.

Quote from Leigh Hebbard, the Director of Athletics for Guilford County Schools:
“We started with some very informal feedback from school personnel, coaches, ADs, principals,” Leigh Hebbard, Guilford County Schools athletics director, said today. “Then it was more formal, where we got a group of people together consisting of coaches, ADs, principals and a few parents to talk it through and determine how much support there really was, what the positives and negatives might be. In the end the support was pretty strong.”

Leigh Hebbard went to say in the News and Record post that the only increase in funding needed for the increase in players taking part in the Middle School programs, might be the need for the purchase of smaller uniforms, for the smaller kids coming into the programs from the sixth grade…I think I remember Tyler Lewis starting on the boys basketball team at Forsyth Country Day School when he was in the sixth grade, and now he is a senior playing for the Butler Bulldogs, but that all transpired a while ago….

Sixth-graders need to get ready to play some ball and in this case, that would be the current fifth-graders, who are the rising sixth-graders….

What sports will those sixth-graders be integrated into as they join the league, stepping up to Middle School ball teams?????

Here you go and again, this is the list that is currently be posted at the site, not to be confused with the site, but you never know…..But here we with those sports for the sixth-graders, joining in with the seventh and eighth-graders in 2017-2018…..

Boys and Girls Basketball
Co-ed Golf
Boys and Girls Soccer
Boys and Girls Track and Field
Boys and Girls Volleyball

NO football for the sixth-graders, since state provisions do not allow players at this sixth-grade age and level of development. to play tackle football on a school team…

To read on and to read this post in more detail, CLICK HERE for the News and Record on-line…..