Everybody’s doing the ‘Disco Draft’:Joel Berry II, Theo Pinson, Tony Bradley, Frank Jackson, Bob Harris, Woody Durham, everybody is going Pro

Announced on Sunday Frank Jackson from Duke to the NBA Draft and today we have North Carolina juniors Joel Berry II, Theo Pinson(Wesleyan Christian Academy) and freshman Tony Bradley on the way to the NBA Draft process and all of the recent guys going without hiring agents…

And now we know why Bob Harris and Woody Durham left their announcing jobs, they’re going pro too….

It used to be everybody was doing the ‘Disco Duck’ and now everybody’s doing the ‘Disco Draft’….

After the Big Dance, you head on over to the ‘Disco Draft’….

Greensboro native Rick Dees ought to be able to make a fortune off of this deal….Gone is the Disco Duck and now you have the “Disco Draft”….

Jayson Tatum
Harry Giles
Luke Kennard
Frank Jackson….The first four could be known as ‘Disco Duke’….
Justin Jackson
Tony Bradley
Joel Berry II
Theo Pinson
John Collins(Wake Forest University)
Dennis Smith Jr.(N.C. State)

*****Again, several of the guys aren’t hiring agents yet, but they are for sure doing, “The Disco Draft”……


  1. Is Theo Pinson seriously considering himself a prospect for the NBA Draft? I am in no way bashing the young man….but his skill set does NOT correlate to the NBA….he is a “good” college player that is like a coach on the floor….with that said….somebody has led this young man astray….just a Carolina uniform and winning the national championship does not constitute the possibility of being drafted….someone did one HECKUVA marketing job for Pinson and Giles out of Wesleyan….one of the many variables that have led amateur basketball in the wrong direction…..

  2. Berry, Pinson and Bradley don’t have agents. They are just doing this for the experience. It doesn’t hurt to find out what you have to work on in order to be ready for the next level. Bradley is the only one that may go in the first round.

  3. Stop hating “what a joke”. I agree Theo’s skill set when it comes to ball handle, perimeter shooting and in heavy traffic ball IQ does not allows add up. However he has great vision off the dribble with hitting cutters, she can push the ball quickly, defensively he can guard smaller guards and has the length to stay up on taller forwards and he brings good energy. In other words, he will never lead your team in scoring but he clearly can do all of the dirty work that far too many players don’t want to do anymore because everyone thinks they will be the next Steph Curry in scoring. If Theo can clean up his shooting, get tighter ball handles while getting stronger, then I believe he can make a NBA roster as a free agent after next year.

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