Greensboro Day School Upper School Athletes Recognized for Spring Accomplishments

Greensboro Day School Athletics:
During the Upper School Sports Awards, spring athletes were recognized for their accomplishments and several annual awards were presented.

Congratulations on the following achievements:

Jon Woods AwardMichael Williams ‘17

Male Athlete of the Year: Jack Delligatti ’18

*Female Athlete of the Year will be honored at Convocation.

Girls’ Lacrosse

Coaches Award: Stephanie Kesselring ‘17

Coaches Award: Florie Markwell ‘17

Most Improved: Elsa Rose Karcher ‘19

MVP: Helen Noone ‘19

NCISAA All-State: Helen Noone ‘19

Boys’ Tennis

2017 Conference Champions

Coach of the Year: Mara Montana

Coaches Award: Henry Reich ‘18

Coaches Award: Noah Hahn ’21

MVP: Warren McWhorter ‘22

Carlton M. Harris, Jr. Award: Patrick Murray ‘19

PACIS All-Conference:

Rett Grewal ‘20

Carter McWhorter ‘22

Warren McWhorter ‘22

Noah Hahn ‘21

Henry Reich ‘18

Patrick Murray ‘19

NCISAA All-State:

Rett Grewal ‘20

Girls’ and Boys’ Track

Most Improved: Logan Forbis ‘19

Most Improved: Max Walters ‘20

Coaches Award: Rubing Zhang ‘18

Coaches Award: Sam Schulte ‘18

MVP: Brooke Sanders ‘19

MVP: Sam Kim ‘18

Boys’ Golf

PACIS All-Conference:

Ian McIvor ‘18

Brooks Olin ‘20

Harrison Tuck ‘19

Coaches Award: Pearce Landry ‘17

MVP: Ian McIvor ‘18

Most Improved: Walker Trevey ‘18


PACIS All-Conference:

Dalton Bontempo ‘18

Offensive Player: Dalton Bontempo ‘18

Defensive Player: Brian Smart ‘19

Coaches Award: Dylan Boles ‘17

Girls’ Soccer

Best Offensive Player: Jacinta Fernandes-Brough ‘19

Best Defensive Player: Amanda Peterson ‘17

MVP: Kristen Rosenbower ‘17

PACIS All-Conference:

Jacinta Fernandes-Brough ‘19

Madison Howard ‘20

Kristen Rosenbower ‘17

NCISAA All-State:

Jacinta Fernandes-Brough ‘19

Boys’ Lacrosse

2017 Conference Champions

PACIS Coach of the Year: Ira Vanterpool

Most Improved: Thomas Jones ‘18

Best Defensive Player: Spenser Clapp ‘17

MVP: Jack Delligatti ‘18

FACEOFF: Chris Scerbo ‘17

PACIS All-Conference:

Jack Delligatti ‘18 (Player of Year)

Spenser Clapp ‘17

Chris Scerbo ‘17

Tom Hale ‘18

Lee Dunn ‘19

Thomas Jones ‘18

Stephen Marullo ‘17

Luke Steen ‘17

NCISAA All-State:

Jack Delligatti ‘18

Jack Delligatti ‘18: Career Point Leader with 288 points (194 goals, 94 assists)