Langleys Leaving Southwest Guilford:Brothers Kobe and Keyshaun to join the Wesleyan Trojans

They have already committed to Virginia Tech for college basketball and now they have de-committed at Southwest Guilford High School and have joined forces and committed to extend their services to Coach Keith Gatlin, and the Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans….

Kobe and Keyshaun are gone…..

The Langley Brothers are leaving ‘The Ranch’…..

Not sure if the talented young guards are looking at any re-class status, but I think on the private school level that rule now reads you must transfer in before your freshman year and if not, you have what is left of your remaining years to complete your high school playing time at your chosen new destination, and for Kobe and Keyshaun, this means they would have two years at Wesleyan, since they are preparing to enter their junior years of high school…

This would be one of the biggest transfer moves in recent local high school basketball memory and this will not come as a surprise to most local high school basketball observers, since Kobe and Keyshaun leaving Southwest Guilford and ‘The Ranch’ has been rumored and talked about ever since they entered high school at SWG, and some have been talking about this move since back when Kobe and Keyshaun were still in diapers….

Keyford is their dad and he played back in the day at UNCG, brother Kam is headed to N.C. A&T next season and brother K.J. began his career at Livingstone down in Salisbury and he may now be over at WSSU, looking to get going again with Terrell Leach, another former Southwest Guilford guard….

Every Langley is a guard, with Keyford, K.J., Kameron, Kobe and Keyshaun all playing guard and playing that position, all so well….

This past season, Kam, Kobe and Keyshaun led the Southwest Guilford Cowboys to the NCHSAA 4-A State Championship and now Cowboys’ head coach Guy Shavers and assistant head man Greg Vlazny are going to be looking for some new backcourt leaders at SWG, with the Langleys leaving…

I could write about and talk about this move for the rest of the day, because I have been watching these Langleys play since back when Keyford was in college at UNCG, and the brothers were all still just chromosomes in DNA form….

Now they are gone and have joined Coach Gatlin and the Trojans at WES….From the over the years we have heard that that the Langleys are related with/to Coach Gatlins wife and possibly a cousin connection and this will bring the families together now in a Full Circle, and you may call it the “Family Circle” and as Mr. Cash(Johnny) used to sing about, ‘May the Circle be Unbroken”….

We will have to keep in touch with the Langleys over at WES and I can only do one thing, and that is wish them the best of luck, because in true disclosure, I have always liked and supported their family and I have always found in athletics it is important to be loyal, even if to a fault….

The time has come, and the time is now. The Langleys are Leaving Southwest Guilford and moving on to Wesleyan Christian Academy and we wish them well at their new destination….

I just wished they would have called me and told me that they were leaving….

Read more on this developing story from Joe Sirera at the News and Record and Joe did a good job on breaking the news….
CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the N&R on the Langleys Leaving Southwest Guilford…..

18 thoughts on “Langleys Leaving Southwest Guilford:Brothers Kobe and Keyshaun to join the Wesleyan Trojans

  1. Great decision for the entire family. The brothers Langley will get more exposure, play better competition, and expand their basketball IQ. As the bloggers say when coaches leave schools, they did what was best for their lives. I commend this great business decision.

  2. Hear that another AAU teammate could be joining them, maybe Wendell Moore from Cox Mill. Not a fan of the transferring but they gotta do what they think is best.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wendell Moore from Cox Mill at Wesleyan…If he goes there, it might help Eastern Guilford in their quest for a 3-A Boys Basketball Title, with Jaylen Alston and Montez Venable both due back next season in key leadership roles, for coach Joe Spinks and the EG Wildcats….

    With the Langley brothers gone, this puts a huge dent in SWG’s chances to follow up their 4-A Title from 2017, with a 3-A Title in 2018…

    The door is wide open for Eastern Guilford if Moore goes to WES, if not, Cox Mill is still “King of the Hill”….

    I think what we are seeing with Greensboro Day and WES right now is sort of like what you see with UNC and Duke on the college level fighting for the top players these days…

    To stay on top, both GDS and WES have to continue to look for talent that will win them Championships and the key players keep looking at GDS and WES, because the Top Players want to be at the Top Programs in the state, whether it be public or private and right now the Top Programs are at the Private Schools and Greensboro Day and WES are currently the “Cream of the Crop” and High Point Christian Academy is wearing and carrying the N.C. State-type role/tag…

    That is just a few more pieces of input on the post…

    Interested in seeing what Mr. Springer is saying/thinking on this one and good to hear from Teddy Roe, he is a devoted basketball fan, I do know that….

  4. I just hate every time a public school gets a great player they want to transfer, regardless they getting the exposure and SWG had something good going on there. Kinda like a few years back when Page had that great team with Graves and them, they all decided to transfer. I wish those boys nothing but the best tho.

  5. It is hard for the public schools to keep the better basketball players because many of the public schools don’t play the best competition. The public schools often don’t go to any of the national tournaments even when invited. The State of NC even has rules to prevent playing in a lot of these tournaments especially near the end of the season. College coaches don’t keep about a single good player on a good team when they can go see 5-8 good/great players playing on 2 different teams against each other. When GDS vs WES or some similar connection occurs college coaches show up 5-10 deep at times. Unless you can get players tied to football and basketball, you can’t keep the best basketball players out of the private schools.

  6. They are already going to VT. Why do they need more exposure? I am sure they are getting plenty of exposure on the AAU circuit. They will get better competition at Wesleyan, but how about all of the friends they are leaving at Southwest? Also, Coach Shavers has done a great job with that program and deserves better. Good luck to these young men and I hope this ends up being a good move.

  7. Here is the reality. If their brother (the senior) was not at SW, then the twins would have never went to SW originally. It was a gift to the SW basketball program to have those guys for 2 years. Fortunately everyone experienced the championship year and that will never leave SW. Very few schools can ever call themselves the champs. These guys are not “big” guy and anything that they can do to improve their body type, skill set and preparation for an entire season against ACC level players is a benefit for them. The level of competition at schools like WES, GDS, Providence Day, and many of the private schools is like playing a college D1 team in high school. It is much bigger, faster and a high level of skill set and coaching. SW has a good group of young players that will come into their own over the next couple of years. Plus they are going down to 3A which will help eliminate some of the bigger 4A programs in their way to success.

  8. All things considered, I think that fans of NWG and SWG should be thankful for the past 2-3 years of the great games between these schools, played at a very high level. On top of that, SW took the championship this year….NW just couldn’t quite get there. Very good players will continue to play at these schools and the other area schools, but especially with the private school “threat” ever increasing, I wonder when we’ll have another opportunity to see two teams of the caliber that those two, playing each other 2-3 times/year.

  9. NWGHS Fan,

    With SWG losing the Langleys and NWG losing Hennigan, Spicer, Reggie Davis, Funderburg, Jacob Davis and all of the other seniors from this past year’s team, plus with Tre Turner leaving for Virginia Tech this coming December, you have the hammer and you have hit the nail on the head….

    They will still be fun to watch, but for not quite the same, at all……

  10. I guess The Ghost of Northern Guilford and coach K still haunts Guilford County High School Sports.

  11. They’ve committed to Tech, but not signed right? They can’t do that until later I believe. With them going to Wesleyan and getting more exposure, national rankings, national tournaments, etc., should Buzz Williams and the Hokies be concerned?

  12. From someone who witnessed the poor behavior and sportsmanship from the WES coach at the state championship game, I think they could have stayed at SW or found a different program and still achieve whatever goals they wish to get out of this be it athletic or academic.

  13. Kobe and Keyshaun have committed to Virginia Tech, but have not signed with Virginia Tech….Their official signing would come during their senior of high school and they probably would sign during the fall signing period…

    Their brother Kam signed with N.C. A&T this past Fall and I think it was on October…

    In tight times all coaches can get tight and lose, it has happened to best of them and for those who worked through the tight times and didn’t lose it, more power to them…

    Over the years we have seen some of ‘best of the best’ lose it and explode, it comes with that Big Stage and the Championship Territory and again I am not here to defend it, I’m just saying, it happens to best of the coaches and you have to fight through it…

    *****In a similar situation, but with another sport, Tre Turner, from Northwest Guilford HS, committed to play football for Virginia Tech last week, but he did not sign that night(Wednesday) with Virginia Tech….That signing will come later to make it official, probably this Fall of 2017….*****

  14. I am sure the twins will stay with VT. Another big man out of Charlotte committed in the same class that the twins have played with in AAU. I think they all see this as a package deal and want to play together at VT. I also think NW and SW will both be the best 3A and 4A teams in the county in 2018-2019. The 9th and 10th graders at both of these schools should develop into really good players/teams. The Langley brothers over shadowed the younger talent at SW. The huge senior class at NW blocked out a good group at NW.

  15. The rumors of this been going on since their freshman year so it shouldn’t be a surprise too anyone. The Langley family in sure isn’t doing this for exposure but to play better competition at practice and during games it’s the best move. Now one of their AAU teammates joining them now that’s very interesting. The games with GDS will be good again since GDS has now picked up 3 new transfers over the last couple months. Tripp Greene one of the better players in the state Noah Dunn a nice sized kid who can flat out shoot and the #1 8th grader in the state with offers from Georgia Texh, Iowa and NC State Carson McCorkle.

  16. I have never seen as many HS kids get D1 offers from this area ever.Between FB & Bball you might see as many as 50 kids on TV playing. I am so proud of all these kids because in the 80s the talent level was there but we had a lot trouble with grades and SAT.

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