Page HS will announce new Football Coach Tuesday at 3pm

Page High School will announce/their new head football coach Tuesday at 3pm in the Media Center….

New coach for Page HS coming Tuesday at 3pm….

Courtesy of Page High School Athletic Director Rusty Lee.


  1. If true How is this a good move? Since he took over NW they have went backwards. Took over a team that won 12 games and 3 Conference titles in 4 years and totally dismantled it finished as bad as 4th in their conference behind SWG, Glenn, HPC, and East with a loaded squad. BTW, with the most talent NW has had in school history!

  2. The previous coach took over a 1 win NW team that was a total rebuild. Rolfes took over a Top 5 team in the 4AA that had won 3 Conference titles in 4 years. The NW program has been stuck on average since he arrived. Dont get it twisted!

  3. Let me clarify, By Top 5 I’m meaning in 2013 NWG went 12-2 beat East Forsyth, Page, and Richmond County in back to back to back weeks. Lost to Mallard Creek and finished in the Top 5 in the 4AA that year. Rolfes NW teams have won 1 playoff game (not in the west) and finished as low as 4th in the conference with 3 D-1 Kids on his team. Something that has never been at NW before.

  4. NW hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to best use the talent they have. Last year they couldn’t get the ball to Turner and they for whatever reason chose not to run 30 times per game behind the stud right guard Ashley. That’s a kid who is going to VT and a kid who appears likely to be going to James Madison and they aren’t being utililized.

  5. from Northwest Guilford on Twitter last evening:
    Northwest Football? @NWGuilfordFBall

    Attention all Northwest Football Players we will have a Team meeting (Players only) tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM in the weight room.

    Coach Rolfes is a man of faith and prayer, and he would not make a hasty decision, he will do what he thinks is right for his future and his family…

    Kind of a crazy off-season, but I read where Northeast Guilford is beginning Summer workouts today and Coach Chris Suggs said if you want to play Rams’ football, you better be ready to put the work in…And that was from Twitter….

    Wish Coach Rolfes the best and he has made a major impact here in Guilford County in just a few short years, at Northern, at Northwest Guilford and and now on to the future at 3pm today….

    from Thomas Hennigan on Twitter a while back and Thomas must have been looking into the future:
    Thomas J Hennigan? @_t_Henni

    Crazy how God’s plan has unexpected twists and turns but it will always ends up being way better than what we originally wanted…..

  6. NW has won some games over the last 3 years but take a closer look. Last year they had more D1 talent than ever in school history and only had one win over a team with a winning record. Page could do better.

  7. Idk how I feel about this signing, this a top program in NC and this the best they could do. He’s an average coach at best if that.

  8. from Brian Hall WFMY NEWS 2 Sports on Twitter:

    Brian Hall?Verified account @bhallwfmy….

    #Breaking….just confirmed with @JaredRolfes that he is leaving @NWGuilfordFBall to take the HC job at @PiratesATH ….@WFMY #wfmysports

  9. Would be interested to know what the factors are that would persuade a coach to move from one school to another, within the same school system, after only 3 years.

  10. NWGHS Fan, same way Asheboro snatched Coach G, by offering more money or incentive and better opportunity to win probably.

  11. Let’s be honest I’m not to sure about that hire, but aye NWGHS fan, I think any coach in this area would leave their school to coach at the likes of Page or Dudley two of the best programs in this area.

  12. If the system wasn’t broke why change it??? Page should have just hired one of the coordinators off G staff. I’m sure those coaches are more than capable to lead page with a few tweaks of their own.

  13. @Shocked

    The DC, Norman Weeks, retired from teaching and is going with G to Asheboro. The OC, well … G was running the offense.

    AD said he wanted somebody with head coach experience and there weren’t many of those willing to move in May or June. Timing was awful.

  14. Page and Dudley are top programs because those coaches have put all of the pieces into places for make them successfully. I thought that is what Coach Rolfes claims he was doing at NW. Instead he has bolted for a program already running at top speed. I can’t imagine how Page is paying him that much more than NW. Both schools are roughly the same size (NW a little bigger). This guy was just in front of these players and the parents just a couple of weeks detailing the plan for this summer and the 2018 season. The whole time he clearly knew he was not committed and trying to exit out the back door. This is a low down snake move to a school that is coming to our conference.

  15. Wow seems like he did those students and parents like Coach G did Page. I wish those kids the best of luck at NW.

  16. Hopefully this is a blessing that has not been discovered yet. Sometimes you get lucky when unexpected events occur. NW has a great core of players from the rising senior class down thru the rising sophomore class. A good offensive mind and someone that can actually coach defensive will walk into a good situation at NW. The NW offensive was better under Rolfes (even though he did not use the running game enough) but his defensive problems were clear. If the new coach can develop the defense properly, then the offense is ready to go. They always say that all AD’s need to keep a backup list in their back pocket of coaches. Hopefully this did not caught AD Hughes sleeping at his desk. Unless Rolfes was not being honest with his AD all of this time.

  17. Page needs to change their logo to the sometime similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Use the current pirate logo with a snake wrapped around it’s head. Except put Rolfes face on the snake. Maybe some NW art student can start on that design this summer and have it ready for next years game. It would be a great fundraiser event the NW program. This is undoubtable a snake move by Rolfes and Page. Welcome to your new home conference Page “Snake Pirates”.

  18. If you are a Page fan, you would think you would be excited…You have a coach and this man has energy and has put together offenses that can put points on the board and help put kids in college at the upper level…

    Coach led Thomas Hennigan and Tre Turner on their routes to college and if you are a Page kid, he should be able to help steer your college course too…Alan Tisdale is looking toward VA Tech and Mackovic, the big center, has DI written all over him…

    Coach Rolfes will come in with a plan and get it moving/rolling and I bet there will be very little down time, I expect him to hit the ground running and Page will be training in earnest later today or early tomorrow morning….The work and the process have begun…

    For Northwest Guilford, the big question for the Vikings is who will be the next head coach and who will remain from the old staff….

    Who will take over the reins at Northwest is the Big Question now…..

    Page has their man and Northwest Guilford is looking….

    The next coach at NWG will be?

    Just wondering/wandering……

    I still think Coach Rodney Brewington, the former coach at Smith, is trying/looking to get back in this area….

  19. Wasn’t there a Coach Doug Beal, who is now over at East Forsyth, who ran the NWG defense a few years back?

    He would have a direct perspective on the NWG program if he came back as the head coach, and there are probably a few NWG assistants that may be ready or might be interested in stepping up and taking over as the new NWG head coach….

    The question is, who are they???

  20. We want to be happy but his record wasn’t good in Ohio and he’s was average at NW with all that talent.

  21. Remember as a coach recently said, “Everything is Projectable” and the “Projectable” should be good….

  22. I really do hope Rolfes has success at Page, however I hate the timing of all of this. This puts the NW team in a very bad spot. They just came out of spring practice learning the system for the upcoming year and workouts begin this week. Now there is a cloud of uncertainty without a lot of time to find a long term coach.

    I bet they go the interim route. I wonder if the coach they hired from Dudley could be the interim? I believe Hall is his name? Coach Neal could be an interim since he was HC at Grimsley before coming to NW.

    Andy, I could see Coach Beal coming back from E Forsyth. That could be a good short and long term option.

  23. When Aaron Beal was at NW he was the Defensive Backs Coach. Coach Woodruff ran the Defense and Coach Oele called the offense. For some reason Rolfes ran Beal out after a year and he hooked on with East.

  24. I wonder why Page didn’t give the black head coach a call back that applied for the job. He has been to multiple state championships and has won one. Rolfes has left Northwest worse than they were before he got there. Page administration should be ashamed for not hiring the best candidate.

  25. Nighthawk World Famous D Line Coach Lee Meekins has been doing some D line coaching with the Viking Team. Awesome coach.

  26. If Coach Meekins is the big man with the big beard, I think he was with Coach Rolfes at Page today…

    One of the former NG coaches was in attendance and he was the big man…

    Coach Hall did do a fine job at Dudley and he could be a big key to the NWG staff….Coach Neal and Beal, might help them seal the deal, if they could get those two on board at the same time….

    Maybe Coach Neal as the interim coach and Coach Beal, as the young coach in waiting….

    The time is now….As the old coach used to say, “It is time to plow”…..Not sure if any old coach ever really said that, but thought it might be good for this stage of the pre-season and NWG used to be a farming community many years ago…

    Bring back the plow, or maybe just stick with the Sled….

  27. Andy you mean Coach Aaron Brand and yes, he was quite a steal when hired and still a done deal with Vance so no chance he leaves now!

  28. Coach Pat Neal name should be in consideration in for the HC in such a short timely factor. Already has a defense in place and head coaching experience. Just give him an opportunity at least on interim basis until nwg supposedly find the guy they want.

  29. Yes, make that Brand/Aaron Brand, and I am getting in too much of habit of trying to rhyme all of my names and might need to back off a bit, but we don’t need to back off on trying to find NWG a new coach….

    I would think they could really use a new hire by the end of next week, at the latest…

    I still wonder who the early leaders in the clubhouse for the job might be….Good days back when they had access to the Cardinal Country Clubhouse and good days too, back when the Bel Aire Golf Course had their clubhouse up and running….

    Wonder who is in the running for the NWG job/post?????

  30. Someone on E-mail brought up former NWG head coach Joe Woodruff’s name…

    Do you think he would come back/return to Northwest Guilford to coach again???

    That would be an interesting twist/turn and the way things have been turning/twisting lately, you never know…

    I think his wife was very strong on the administrative side of education, in a principal’s position in Guilford County, so that would take a lot of give and take, to make that happen again….

  31. No wing T please, you cant win championships in this era of football too old and out dated. Too many defensive powers in the metro. Wing T want last for long…….spread or pro style offenses. Wiing doesn’t showcase teams real talent ask SEG………..

  32. With the last minute coaching change, I do know Page missed out on some talent from Aycock and alot of those kids chose Dudley do to all that. Smh these coaches have to understand their decision effect alot, just like I feel for Northwest as they will have to make changes quick now.

  33. To New Era be carful about the championship comments. When we ran the Wing-t we won 3 out of 4 conference championships. Thats including playoff wins over Scotland County, beating Richmond County twice, and hung 45 on Page. I’d really like to know what they would have done with two Division 1 receivers. Northwest biggest problem is their defense that plays with no emotion. My question is why is there no (or few) coaches left on staff from before Rolfes. And if you were implying State Championships Charlotte Catholic wins a lot. Ask yourself can you really compete with the Mallard Creeks and Butlers running an offense they can simulate everyday. Oh well the fans in the stands always now more, but I sure liked winning when I played there and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

  34. I really don’t know why Rolfes would take this position given how Richmond County treats coaches and Page is a program on par with the Raiders. If Rolfes comes out if with that Wing T and don’t produce then he might not wanna unpack too quickly because Pirate alumni will be giving ole Rusty an earful. Speaking of which I bet Rusty gives this one year then re-evaluates when he gets more time to get the guy he really wants.

  35. Please No wing T!!! We would rather go 7-5 and finish 4th in our Conference than Win Conference titles! Really??? No Wing T? There is a reason the Spread running game hasnt worked with Rolfes! YOU HAVE NO OLINEMEN!!!! No matter what you NW parents and fans think the Wing T helps Olinemen that look like you. Ask Catholic! You run that Zone blocking against a team like East and they beat you by 60. Unreal that you are worried more about Xs and Os and not W’s

  36. So how will this truly affect the NW program? I heard that a lot of the kids took the news very badly. Do you guys think these events will lead to players leaving?

  37. NW Guilford from what I hear is going to be making a run at Aaron Beal East Forsyth Def Coordinator. He was a NW Guy under Woodruff and that would be a great hire in my mind. He was the DB coach there also Co-Coordinated Defense under Woodruff from what I’m told. He is now the DC at State Power East Forsyth. Rolfes let his ego get in the way and ran Beal off. Beal’s Defenses at East destroyed Rolfes NW teams the last 2 years. NW made a huge mistake by letting him go. Might not be able to get him back. Rolfes came in fired or had all the NW guys quit and took off. Left the program in horrible shape.

  38. Its High School Football… Where are all the players going? Not like they can sign free agent deals and move! Football season is already here! The problem has left the building. Now NW needs to start the rebuild process. The Seniors are going to be laying the foundation for the future NW kids. Sad but coach screwed those kids by leaving this late. I’m predicting NW will have a losing record and Page will win the conference with a really bad record.

  39. At former Viking you keep talking about those less than a handful of wins running the old outdated wing T against Richmond and Scotland county, is there a state championship banner in your gym from running a wing T probably not. The wing T won’t win multiple state Championships. You have to start by attempting to run something that showcases the talents the current NW team possesses, not taking five steps back to the so called glory days. Catholic by the way won 1 championship the question was multiple state championships. Wing T doesn’t fit.

  40. NW really needs to go after Woodruff. He knows what it takes to win at NW. Why you are so worried about the Wing T is unreal? Would you rather run the spread and finish 4th in the Conference or run the Wing T and Win Conference titles and play home games in late November? I’m sure Woodruff is a smart enough coach to not line Turner up and have him stalk block 60 times a game!

  41. Again, You are talking about State titles and NW is finishing 4th behind SWG, HPC, Glenn and EAST. How bout just win some damn games and quit worrying about how you put points on the board. If I remember NW used to put 40 up on a regular even on East running that outdated system. Catholic shows it works cause people don’t know how to stop it. you are a special kind of stupid if all you are worried about at NW is please dont run the wing t. How about please WIN!!!!!!!


  43. What is funny is that no one on here really knows what has or what is going on in that coaches office. Everyone wants to be a Monday morning QB but doesn’t want to put the work in. If he wants to leave that’s on him. Let him do him and NW will do what they got to do to survive. Sucks for the kids but if he feels like he has to do this then let him.

  44. You’re right… Let him do him! Wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t run off every coach with half a brain at NW. Don’t worry you Page fans will find out soon enough! Get ready for Average Arrrrrrrr!!!!

  45. People need to get off the Beal train. He is not certified to teach and I don’t think many AD’s around the state would hire an uncertified guy to become a head coach. You need your head coach in the building. They have other coaches with more than half a brain. Several of them coach key positions including OL, running backs, and LB’s.

  46. Friday October 13th with Page at Northwest Guilford….

    This will take the Guilford County rivalry meetings to a whole new level….

    Northern Guilford will now have to take a back seat to Page, when it comes to the Northwest Guilford Vikings’ top rival….

    Do the NWG fans/followers like their chances and still seeking out who they like/want to be their new head football coach….

    *****Pretty sure the October 13 game is at NWG, and that is what the man on TV(Danny Harnden/FOX 8 Sports) just said…*****

  47. Good luck NW on your search. Hopefully your AD will make a good choice unlike ours at Northern. We went from Jerry Moore to Jerry Lewis. We’ll see you guys in a few months.

  48. It is time to shut down the comments for Tuesday as we head into the Midnight hour and the new day of Wednesday…

    This should be an exciting time and a challenging time for NWG and for Page and for all of the area football teams for that matter

    Everyone wants to see if they can better and go further than they did last year, and for Dudley, they want to equal what they did on the 4-A level and do the same thing on the 3-A/3-AA level….

    I agree, NWG will be best served by a head football coach that is a full time teacher and in the building from 8-3:45 Monday thru Friday…You really need that in-house presence from your head coach…

    Let’s don’t go overboard with who our coaches are now and who they were in the past…

    Support all of your coaches, you need them and they for sure need you(the team players) too….

    We have had a busy off-season and I think everybody is about ready to get some 7 on 7 action going….

    Comments will re-open on Wednesday morning and we know you have opinions and thank-you for sharing them, but remember our coaches have families and they read here too and do do young kids and respect needs to be a main part of what you are imparting….

    Until when we sign this back up again for Wednesday, good evening/early morning…

  49. As Coach Oele knows the wing T is a great offense for a school like NW as was proven by Woodruff and his staff. The 2013 team, Woodruff’s last year, could have had a shot at the State championship had Mallard Creek not been a once in twenty years type team. (The best HS team I have ever seen with zero weaknesses) That team lost badly to MC in the 3rd round. The Wing T can work because it is contrary to what these kids see every day. It is difficult to prepare for and requires a lot of discipline to stop. It also eats up a lot of clock and keeps the other teams high power spread offense off the field. I loved watching teams get so frustrated trying to stop it. However, when a team does finally figure out how to stop it, you better have a wild cat or spread variation ready to go.

  50. From an inside source close to NW Guilford they have reached out to Aaron Beal Defensive Coordinator at East Forsyth for the Head Football Coaching position along with 3 or 4 other Coaches in the area. Now it’s just a matter can they persuade him to leave East Forsyth and come back. From what I’ve been told it was very ugly when he left NW a lot of disrespect was thrown at Coach and the old staff but I’ve also been told that was between him and Rolfes not so much NW High School. Coach Beal has gotten the best of Coach Rolfes the last few years. Will be fun to watch them go at it for the Metro Title if he is in fact the guy.

    Trust me when I say you can trust this source.

  51. Inside Scoop,

    Not happening. In all reality, NW will not hire the coach from east Forsyth. Youre dreaming. I actually think, sit tight, thst nw will hire a coach from page.

  52. Regardless of how many wins NW gets each year or ever wins a state title, the most important type for the players is having a coach that can develop the overall talent and individual player up to a college level. Hopefully NW will get both but it should always be about developing players first and wins second. When you are developing players you won’t lose them to other schools and more students will stay with the program from 9-12 grades. A school the size of NW has the players and will win with player development.

  53. Hypocrisy has been displayed with coaching changes in Guilford County. I find it appalling that the best candidate was not given the luxuries of bringing his preferred staff, whereas the new HC is bringing some top coaches. The first candidate has the better success story versus the latter.

    Page has shown it prefers a certain kind of man “leading” its student-athletes. I do not know how people do it. How can people place their athletes at a program that celebrates walk-ons as a marketing ploy. Instability has been reported.

  54. Page may have co-offensive coordinators. So the HC calls the offense, yet co-offensive coordinators may exist. Page will have an interesting season. But as long as the Pirates stay competitive against Dudley, then it is a great season. Page’s season will be predicated on game three. Dudley is looking beyond Page, but the super bowl for Page is beating Dudley. The spirit of the fans has set the bar low.

    Throughout the Page yearbook, many students highlighted their most memorable was beating Dudley. Then again, my most memorable moment was Page losing to Dudley in 2001…..

  55. NW will never be an elite program. Support for football from the NW community is not very good. They get better support for the “band”. Entitled and uniformed sums up this loud group bashing Rolfes and advocating for Woodruff retreads. Clueless.

  56. Ouch…NW has plenty of athletic support and it’s also great they have other strong non athletic programs.

    Have you heard of the NW basketball,soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling successes etc? This isn’t a school lacking in athletic success or support. Bottom line football team had enough talent and support to be more successful and the question is why weren’t they?

    Don’t hear most NW folks insisting on an elite program. Most would prefer not to win only because the program was purposely stacked with elite athletes looking to get “noticed” by the next level.

    All of our players love the game and deserve to be respected for the work and commitment they put in. NW kids know high school football isn’t the thing they’ll define their life’s success by and nor should it be.

    We just ask for a coach that values our kids and isn’t just looking for the next career stepping stone before they have actually put in the work to prove their own coaching abilities. Low support of the football team isn’t what caused NW to finish as badly as they have nor was it even the lack of talent. And I assure you I am not uninformed or “entitled.”

    As for Woodruff-agreed. He’s not coming back to NC and that idea should be put to rest.

  57. @ted roe…Since 1987 which was my sophomore year the series record between Dudley vs Page is 20 to 10 Page. It’s a great rivalry but our rival is Grimsley period. Keep on hating on Page, I think it’s quite comical. BTW, truly respect Dudley. Also, I do love it when Page beats Dudley. I feel the same way when we beat Ragsdale, Northern, Davie and whoever Page is playing!

  58. The bottom line is NW is not an elite football program. It never has been. I believe Woodruff had dbl digit wins one time. Everyone claims 12 wins that year but in reality it was 11. That team also lost to a terrible Glenn team. NW is a 5-8 win program on average each. Not bad but nothing special. The level of talent and support for football at Page compared to NW isn’t even in the same ballpark. The timing was bad and that is a valid argument but lets drop the NW talk of building a program that will win regularly at the 4A level.

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