Dudley High School/David Amerson Defending Hands Foundation 7 on 7 Football Tournament Schedule for TODAY at Dudley HS

*****Dudley High School 7 on 7 Football Tournament Schedule at Dudley HS*****

                                                                   AND SMITH
POOL A (GAME FIELD)                                                POOL B (PRACTICE FIELD)
9:30: (GM1)  NORTHERN VS GLENN                                     (GM1) CARVER VS SOUTHEAST
9:30: (GM1)  RAGSDALE VS MOREHEAD                                  (GM1) SD VS SMITH
10:00: (GM2) DUDLEY VS NORTHERN                                    (GM2) REAGAN VS SOUTHEAST
10:00: (GM2) NORTHEAST VS GLENN                                    (GM2) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS SD 
10:30: (GM3) RAGSDALE VS DUDLEY                                    (GM3) REAGAN VS SMITH
10:30: (GM3) MOREHEAD VS NORTHEAST                                 (GM3) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS CARVER
11:00: (GM4) NORTHERN VS RAGSDALE                                  (GM4) CARVER VS SMITH
11:00: (GM4) GLENN VS MOREHEAD                                     (GM 4) SOUTHEAST VS SD

(PRACTICE FIELD)                                                   (GAME FIELD)
11:30: (GM5) DUDLEY VS NORTHEAST                                   (GM5) REAGAN VS SD
12:00: (GM5) GLENN VS RAGSDALE                                     (GM5) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS SOUTHEAST
12:30: (GM6) DUDLEY VS MOREHEAD                                    (GM6) CARVER VS REAGAN
1:00:  (GM6) NORTHERN VS NORTHEAST                                 (GM6) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS SMITH

LUNCH 1:20 TO 2:15
2:30:   (GM7) DUDLEY VS GLENN                                      (GM7) CARVER VS SD
2:30:   (GM7) NORTHERN VS MOREHEAD                                 (GM7) SOUTHEAST VS SMITH                                           
3:00:   (GM8) RAGSDALE VS NORTHEAST                                (GM8) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS REAGAN


*****For Dudley, the defending 4-A State Champions, and now playing on the 3-A level, you should see Richard Monroe(Junior), Alston Hooker(Sophomore) and Gerald Simpson(Senior) all getting some time at QB this season, with Monroe, the front-runner, since he backed up starter Hendon Hooker last season. Nigel Fitzgerald is a highly-touted wide receiver that is returning for the Panthers and Dwayne DJ Crossen is an athlete that will see time on both sides of the ball for Dudley….Crossen is a playmaker, and he is joined by RB Zariek Rush, who is one of the top running backs in the state and he an catch a flare pass out of the backfield, and he can go all the way….Rush runs tall and fast….Dudley is loaded again and ready to make a run at another state title, and this time on the 3-AA level…..*****
+++++On defense and this part of the game, the linemen, will not effect the 7 on 7’s, but for Dudley on defense, Caleb Matthews, the kid that transferred in last year from Page, he is back and bigger and even much stronger that he was last season, plus Reggie Robertson, another stout defensive lineman, is back for Dudley too on the line….If you are going to try and catch Dudley, you better catch them on their Off Week, that might be the only time you can slow them down…..

I saw the kid that could well be the top QB in Guilford County in 2017 and that was Jaren Rainey, from Southwest Guilford and I saw him at the Guilford College 7 on 7’s back on Saturday…..Rainey can sling it long and he is accurate and since he is tall back there at QB, he sort of reminds of Jeff Simms(6’5) from Smith, back when Jeff was throwing it long for Eric Ebron, at Ben L. Smith…Jaren doesn’t have an Eric Ebron, but Rainey(6’4) can go long and he can bring rain….Rainey is also playing at safety on defense….Makes for nice tall DB back there for Southwest Guilford…..Rainey will be in line to the be the Player of the Year in Guilford County, if he puts up the numbers that will be expected of him….Dudley will also have their share of POY candidates, along with Alan Tisdale from Page, plus Nile Harris from Grimsley and Dominique Graves from Eastern Guilford and Tre Turner, from Northwest Guilford…..Got any other strong candidates?????+++++

11 thoughts on “Dudley High School/David Amerson Defending Hands Foundation 7 on 7 Football Tournament Schedule for TODAY at Dudley HS

  1. Don’t know what the season will look like this year but very happy to see SE Falcons going out and playing against the best competition they can in these tournaments. A definite learning curve and taking some hits, but I have never heard of SE being in these tournaments against these teams ever in the past. Should only make them better. Good job coach !

  2. Northwest Guilford does not have a coach despite interviewing numerous across the county. I wonder if Dudley faced the same predicament would it be news in the local paper and in the other blog sites. Good thing Dudley did not hire anyone before Coach Davis. The team is known and well-respected. Wake Forest and Dudley are the only NC teams mentioned in nationally recognized media.

    Again, some teams visit state championship games twice only to lose twice. Dudley is a run first team, so I expect the 7v7 to go as expected. These events do not qualify or quantify much. Last year NWG beat Dudley in a 7v7 only to make it to the 2nd round. The new Page coach is a 2nd rounder.

  3. NWG beat Dudley because NWG actually had and has D1 talent in their wide receiver, slot and running back positions. NWG does not have D1 level players on the offensive or defensive line. Dudley has several potential D1 players on both lines and at quarterback. NWG has several potential D1 players in their CB/safety positions but the previous coach did not develop well on the defensive side of the ball. Dudley has a lot of potential D1 players in the defensive secondary. If the new NWG coach develops the defensive side of the field and can develop quarterbacks, then NWG will do well going forward.

  4. Looking forward to seeing who the new Northwest Guilford coach will be…

    NWG has talent with WR Tre Turner, QB Jacob Leonard and Athlete Cameron Cloud and there are other unknowns on this team too, you just have to “bring them out”!!!!!

    Page seeking new coach and Dudley seeking new coach there would be a lot of talk about, that is for sure….Dudley and Page, are the Name programs in/from Guilford County, for over the years….

  5. Dudley: 2007, 2008, 2013, 2016

    NWG: I do not recall any 7v7s leading them beyond the 3rd round.

    Dudley does not give any hoots about a 7v7…rings matter

    Good grief the logic displayed is too funny at times.

  6. @Ted Roe You are always consistently funny…but stating mostly facts! You are ABSOLUTELY correct in saying “Dudley does not give any hoots about a 7v7…Rings matter” That’s funny and true.

  7. Dudley is looking for a Big turn out this Saturday and is hoping to catch a break from the weather and from the standpoint of the Dudley QB’s, the 7 on 7’s do help them work on their upfield game and with Nigel Fitzgerald and Wyman on the outside, this will be a great opportunity for the QB’s to look toward improving their vertical game…

    Quite a few teams have been invited, with 12 I think being the number and from what I have seen over the years, Dudley does not play any games/sporting events just for the heck of it….

    That is one reason why you can drive by Dudley in the Summer and in the off-season and you will see Dudley football players out there on the Highway 29 North field near Lincoln Middle School, working on their game, even on Sunday afternoons….Most of that work is with long passes and deep routes….

    Most of the pickup work involves going long and otherwise the kids get bored and will go home, when they are on their time…

    Can’t go home when you are on the coach’s time and that is the time later on when you add in the offensive and defensive linemen…

    Just some evaluation and there always has to be a reason why you go out there and work on your game, you don’t do it just to be doing it and you want to do it the right way over and over again….

    That is why on here sometimes we keep on saying some of the same things over and over again….We hope to be getting in the right/correct reps…..

  8. @Teddy

    Northwest has had a coach since last week. He’s just out of the country on his honeymoon. He’ll be introduced next week when he returns.

    With as much as you seem to think you know about everybody else’s business, I’m surprised you didn’t know that already.

    And “Wake Forest and Dudley are the only NC teams mentioned in nationally recognized media”? I guess you missed the 4-AA titles Mallard Creek won from 2013-15, the USA Today and MaxPreps national rankings and the P5 and NFL players in that program in recent years. Or could your lack of respect for them be because their coach doesn’t fit the same demographic as the Wake Forest and Dudley coaches?

  9. Done Deal: Maxpreps, USA Today, and other media outlets have solely mentioned Wake Forest and Dudley as NC powerhouses at the moment. This is based on last year’s performance.

    Nevertheless, Dudley and Wake Forest are the last 4AA and 4A champions.

    Page needs James Summer type QB play because offensive play calling has plagued the team. The 2012 team was great. It returned its entire OL, the large receivers, and a great RB. Who in the world calls a pass play, slot played QB, inside the 10 yard line? RB ran over East Forsyth…

    Regardless…Dudley: 2007, 2008,2013, and 2016. Some folks love the 80s and 2011. Those years are the yesteryears

  10. The new coach should be in place at Northwest Guilford HS by the first of next week.

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