2017 PTYFL/Piedmont Triad Youth Football League Season(Registration is going on NOW!!!)

2017 Piedmont Triad Youth Football League is now taking registrations for the 2017 season. We are happy to announce expansion for the Piedmont’s only feeder school youth league. Our season starts July 31,2017 and runs through the second week of November. After a successful inaugural season we have expanded to 8 teams as well as change out age divisions. We have moved to the following age groups with no weigh limit except on ball carriers:

8U – Ball Carrier may not exceed 85lbs
10U – Ball Carrier may not exceed 115lbs
12U – Ball Carrier may not exceed 135lbs

Each of the following youth football programs are linked to an area High School. Athletes who are zoned for those High Schools are only allowed to play with the respected youth program.

Northern Guilford Youth Football (Northern Guilford HS)
Northwest Guilford Youth Football (NW Guilford HS)
Northeast Youth Association (NE Guilford HS)
Southeast Patriots (SE Guilford HS)
Sumner Storm (Southern Guilford HS)
Rockingham Youth Football (Rockingham HS)
Phoenix Youth Football (McMichael HS)
Eden Prowlers (Eden-Morehead HS)

If you are interested in playing football this fall and have any questions or would like to register please visit our website ptyouthfootball.org or contact Ron Lenard at ron@ptyouthfootball.org.

Ron Lenard
Piedmont Triad Youth Football League
Building the Foundation for Champions!


  1. NEG……will you call this season unfinished business part II? Ditch the shirts this season and just play ball.

  2. from Ron Lenard from the PTYFL:

    Northern were Tackle 1 Champions last year and Northeast were Tackle 2 Champions.

    With a couple new teams moving in from another league it could be wide open. NW, NE and Northern are usually pretty strong but feel with the switch to 3 age groups it will make it a lot more competitive top to bottom this year.

    Thanks for the question.

  3. Unfinished business,

    NE had two team in the Championship game and T2 going undefeated. They know how to play ball. I was not worried about the shirt.

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