David Amerson Defending Hands Foundation 7 on 7 Tournament TODAY at Dudley HS:Gates Open at 9am/First games at 9:30

Admission $5.00….Gates Open at 9am and the first games begin at 9:30am….They will have full concessions with Sidewalk Café providing fish and chicken plates, Italian Ices, and funnel cakes!


25 minute game with a running clock
There will be no halftime
10 minutes between games
The game timekeeper will start and stop the game. He will announce the time remaining at the 12, 5, and 2 minute marks.

Starting the Game
All possessions begin at the 45yd line on the right hash.
Each team will use its own ball for offensive possessions.
All teams will need a jersey and helmet.

Moving the Ball
The field of play is the 45yd line in.
The ball must be snapped (shotgun or underneath center) to initiate a play. The center/snapper is not an eligible receiver.
There is a 25 second play clock that will commence once the ball is spotted.
The QB is allowed 4 seconds to throw the ball. After a count of 4 by the timekeeper, if the ball has not been thrown the play is blown dead.
All plays must be passing plays. No runs or backward passes are permitted. Passes behind the line are permissible as long as the pass is a forward pass.
Once a forward pass has been thrown, a backward lateral is allowed.
Should a swing pass not cross the LOS, a defensive player tags the ball carrier behind the 45 yd line, a safety occurs.
First downs are in 15 yd increments on the field, they are not measured from the spot of the ball, unless the ball goes inside the 15.
A first down is gained once the ball crosses the 30 yd. line. If the end of the play is between the 15 and 30, the ball is placed at the 30 and a new series starts there.
A first down is also gained once the ball crosses the 15 yd. line. When this occurs, the ball is played from the spot for the start of the new series.
The offense has 4 downs to gain a first down.

Interceptions are not returnable. If the ball is intercepted, the intercepting team’s offense takes over at the 45 yd. line.
Fumbles are considered turnovers and an immediate dead ball. For example: Team A is on offense (Team B is on defense) and the QB throws a pass to a WR. The WR runs up the field and then fumbles the ball in the field of play. The ball is immediately dead and Team B takes over on offense at the 45 yd. line.
A fumbled snap is not considered a fumble. The QB can pick the ball up and throw it. The 4 second count still applies.

Special Rules
No blocking. You may not block for or screen for the runner. Blocking of any kind is a 10 yd penalty.
A receiver/ball carrier is legally down when touched below the neck with one or both hands.
Excessive force (shoving, stripping the ball carrier, pushing or hands to the face) will be a 15 yd penalty and automatic first down.
A delay of game penalty by the offense is a five yd penalty.
Defensive pass interference between the 15 and 45 will be an automatic first down and the ball is placed on the next 1st down line (30 or 15). A defense pass interference inside the 15 is an automatic first down and the ball is placed at the spot of the foul. Defensive pass interference in the end-zone is an automatic first down and the ball is placed on the 2 yard line.
Offensive pass interference is a 10 yd penalty and a loss of down.
False start (offense) and offsides (defense) are five yd. penalties.
Any offensive penalty that occurs at the 45 yd. line is a loss of down.
The defender can get one or two chucks on a receiver within a five yd box of the LOS. After that, there will be no contact on the receiver. The responsibility to avoid contact is on the defender. There will be no grabbing, holding, slapping and there will be absolutely no contact to the helmet. Excessive action will result in a 5 yd “tack on” penalty at the end of the play.
The offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the new spot in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will result in a delay of game penalty.
The center on the offensive team is responsible for re-positioning the referee’s cone at the spot on the LOS. On a change of possession, the team’s center, moving to offense, will be responsible for re-setting the cone for the new possession.
They will be no taunting or trash talking. This will result in a five yd penalty or expulsion if flagrant.
Fighting: the players involved will be ejected from the game. If a team fight occurs, the team will be ejected from the rest of the tournament.

TDs are 6 points.
PAT-After a TD the offense will be given the option to go for 1 or 2pts.
1 pt. –starts from the the 3 yd. line
2pt –start from the 10 yd. line
Defensive penalties on PATs will be retried. Defensive pass interference on a PAT will be half the distance to the goal line and the play is retried.

+++++Last Saturday we had the Guilford College 7 on 7 with WS Reynolds topping Mount Tabor for the 20017 Title at Guilford College and this week we have the big David Amerson Helping Hands Foundation 7 on 7 at Dudley High School and next week/Saturday, the scene will shift toward Averett College, up in Danville, Virginia, for a big 7 on 7 tournament up there…..+++++

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  1. Talked to Guilford College head coach Chris R. today and he told me that WS Reynolds entered the final rounds at the Guilford College 7 on 7’s with a record of (1-3) as the WS Reynolds Demons hit the Quarterfinals…

    WS Reynolds ran the table and won the Guilford College 7 on 7 Tournament with three straight wins in the finals….

    WS Reynolds is currently ranked #1 in the local 7 on 7 Poll, with the Championship from last Saturday giving them the top spot with the next Big Round, being this Saturday at Dudley and the next Big Round, being the following Saturday at Averett College/University in Danville, Virginia….

    WS Reynolds has to be the current top 7 on 7 team, since they are The Champions….No other 7 on 7’s to speak of since Guilford, but more on the way, beginning with this Saturday…

    I was hearing Eastern Guilford met Ragsdale last night/Wednesday night in Jamestown, but that was not a tournament game and the tournament games, bring on the push, since you do declare a Champion…..

    7 on 7 Fever is in the air somewhere, and it is coming to Dudley and hopefully the rain will stay away this Saturday….Richard Monroe pushing for a big season, as the Dudley Panthers’ QB…..

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