Dudley wins David Amerson Foundation 7 on 7 Football Tournament, as Panthers top Southeast Guilford Falcons, 13-12 in Championship Game

Final from Dudley High School in today’s 7 on 7 Football Tournament:
Dudley 13, Southeast Guilford 12
Dudley over Southern Durham in the Semifinals and Southeast Guilford topped Glenn in the semifinals….
*****Very tight Championship Game with Southeast Guilford scoring first to lead 6-0 and their two-point conversion failed and SEG is up, 6-0..
Dudley comes right back on a TD pass to D.J. Crossen on a crossen pattern, the Panthers’ conversion fails and we are tied at 6-6….
Dudley right back into the end zone with another key TD and Dudley leads the game 13-6, after the Panthers convert the one-point pass play on the conversion…13-6 Dudley and Southeast scores on what would be the last field play of the game and we have a one-point game, with Dudley up, 13-12….
SEG goes for the win and the Falcons’ two-point pass play fails when Ryan Douglas is picked off in the end zone and Dudley hangs on to win the David Amerson Helping Hands Foundation 7 on 7 Football Tournament, 13-12 as time had run out on this year’s Championship Game…
13-12 Dudley and the Dudley Panthers are the 2017 Champions….*****

Dudley was the #1 team in their Pool and Glenn was the top team in the other Pool…Dudley vs. Glenn earlier in the day in a battle of the Pool Powers and Dudley defeated Glenn by one TD….

Southeast Guilford beat Smith in OT on a two-point conversion pass to earn the right to face Glenn in the Semifinals….
Other earlier games had Northern Guilford over Morehead and Northern Guilford over Northeast Guilford….NG won over NEG, Morehead and Ragsdale and Northern lost to Glenn and Dudley….

Smith went (3-2) on the day with wins over Western Alamance, WS Carver and WS Reagan and there was the earlier loss and the late loss to Southeast Guilford…

WS Reagan goes (1-4) with a late win over Western Alamance…Northeast Guilford finishes (1-4) with the loss to Northern Guilford and the late loss to Ragsdale among their results….Coach Earl Bates from NEG said he needs to get Brevin Allen back on the field and he wants him well and ready for August and Coach Bates not worrying as much about missing Allen today, as he would be if Allen was not available in late August….

Dudley looks to be the only Unbeaten coming out of today’s 7 on 7 and Dudley got a nice effort from G Simpson at QB in the win over Glenn and Dudley came out strong with Richard Monroe on the go at QB vs. Southeast Guilford….Alston Hooker also saw valuable time at QB for Dudley today in the 7 on 7’s……

12 thoughts on “Dudley wins David Amerson Foundation 7 on 7 Football Tournament, as Panthers top Southeast Guilford Falcons, 13-12 in Championship Game

  1. Andy do you have the final break down of how each team finished. Above you mention Dudley and Glen finished on top of their brackets but the both played in Bracket (A).

  2. Southeast was top seed in pool B they finished the day at 6-1 only lose was to dudley in championship.. Southeast looked real good cant remember new head coach name but it looks like he has them going in the right direction..

  3. Pump the brakes SE it was just 7 on 7 with no defense or offensive line. Also keep in mind SE new coach played at Dudley. However, they do look much better this year.

  4. Forgot to mention there was some good talent out there today from Guilford, Forsyth, Durham, and Alamance counties. Looks like there is going to be some good matchups this year.

  5. I will try and get that Final Breakdown from Coach Brandon Anderson from over at Dudley this weekend…Coach DeNorris Best from Dudley might be able to help us out on that too…

    It was looking like that Dudley and Glenn were facing off for the right to head into the Semifinals, but both teams moved on to the Semis…My thinking was that the Dudley-Glenn winner would be on to the Semis, but they both made it to the Semis…

    Would make since for Glenn to come out of their Pool as the #2 and face SEG as the #1 team from their Pool…With Dudley being #1 from their Pool…

    SEG had to battle going to OT to take down Smith and I’m thinking a two-point conversion won that one…

    Must have been #1 Dudley vs. #1 SEG with the top two Pool teams meeting for the Final…

    Glenn won the 3rd Place spot with their win over Southern Durham….

    Kennedy Tinsley, the new SEG coach, who played at Dudley and UNC and also was one of the chief assistants at Easter Guilford last year and today, Coach Tinsley was out of town and not at the 7 on 7’s at Dudley and his SEG Falcon coaching staff did a great job in his absence…

    We will try and get those final numbers for you…

  6. Not sure who you guys watched today, but I saw Dudley 3 scrimmages before 12:00 today and they were aweful. Only saw 1 TD in 3 scrimmages so please explain to me how they won?? They have a huge task in replacing Hooker.

  7. Page looked great in 7v7s last year, yet the team couldn’t score a TD in the game that mattered the most. NWG looked great against Dudley in a 7v7, yet it could not get beyond the 2nd round. I do not understand why 7v7s hold much weight to some people.

    Dudley has the best RB, DL, OL, coaching staff, and WRs in the state. Good gracious, it is only a 7v7.

  8. GC, u left before coach Davis unleashed his transfer QB. Gee Simpson put on a show. They will be tough to beat with him calling the signals.

  9. It means nothing til the pads go on, and yes SE has a way to go. But it’s nice to see a SE QB ( both QB’s ) sling the ball around and doing it well. SE went 6-1 and lost by one in the championship .. to The State Champions.
    It was a deflected ball intercepted on a 2pt conversion that came up short.
    Will have to see if the O line and run game are there but SE has had those in the past.
    The Dudley QB we saw did great. And Dudley’s D is ….Dudley’s D as usual. Great job both teams.

  10. Gotcha Ulefttoearly! I did leave at noon! My son did tell me not to worry as Coach Davis would bring in a ringer before the season started.

  11. As far as the 7 on 7’s go, I just think everyone that likes football is glad to see some football being played competitively again…Everybody loves a little competition and the HS Football fans are excited to see their teams on the field again…G Simpson did seem to give Dudley a spark….

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