Guilford County Update:Football Coaching Vacancies all filled/Two basketball coaching positions remain open

All the football jobs that have become open in Guilford County have been filled, but there are still two basketball positions, that remain wide open as head toward July….

Football Fillings:
Northwest Guilford High SchoolNew coach Kevin Wallace
Page High SchoolNew coach Jared Rolfes
Southeast Guilford High SchoolNew coach Kennedy Tinsley
Southern Guilford High SchoolNew coach Jason Bradley
Western Guilford High SchoolNew coach Bryant Miller
Northeast Guilford High SchoolNew coach Earl Bates

From what our studies tell us two basketball positions remain open with being on the girls’ court and those two openings remain at
Western Guilford, where Vernon Johnson stepped down and at Smith High School, where Ed Johnson left Smith, to become the head coach at Page High School….On the girls basketball scene, so far in the off-season you have Tina Gunn from Grimsley to Southern Guilford, Chris Huntley to Grimsley, Ed Johnson from Smith to Page HS, Shamiah Harvey to Eastern Guilford HS….

*****So the search is still on at Western Guilford and at Smith High School for their new girl’s/women’s basketball coaches…..*****

+++++Any other vacancies that might be out there, send them along/pass them along……+++++


  1. All,

    Let me tell you a little something.

    I am in North Myrtle Beach this week. I am walking down the beach looking for sea shells, when low and behold, I turn to the left and see Jason Simmons of Grimsley High School running into the water. It brought be back to the 90’s when David Haselhoff was starring in Baywatch, and I was glued to the television.

    Now, I know I used to rave about Jason in his baseball pants, but there is just something about a man who coaches football. I think he is even finer now.

    Cannot wait to watch him jog down the sidelines for the Whirlies.

    Thank you to both his mom and dad for that creation. MMMM MM MMMMM

  2. Wait.. What?? I don’t know how to response. I read the last response twice and I am even more confused.

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