Top 55 Class of 2018 High School Football Players from and

Heard about this list from Dudley super-fan Dennis Williamson and be sure to check out the full/entire list when you Click On below for and’s list of the Top 55 High School football players, in the state of North Carolina, and this is the Top 55, coming from the Class of 2018….

A good list to look over with:(Guilford County reps)
#5 Tre Turner(NWG)
#13 Alan Tisdale(Page)
#19 D.J. Crossen(Dudley)
#28 Nolan Johnson(Southwest Guilford)
#38 Nigel Fitzgerald(Dudley)
#39 Trey Love(Southeast Guilford)
#40 Myles Berry(Dudley)
#44 Jaren Rainey(SWG)
#52 Chris Wiggins(Grimsley)
#54 Zareik Rush(Dudley)

CLICK HERE to see the entire list from and….

Going to be looking for OL Nick Mackovic, from Page HS, to be making some of these lists pretty soon…..

3 thoughts on “Top 55 Class of 2018 High School Football Players from and

  1. None of these list has a clue about offensive lineman. The Mackovic kid from Page is going to be one of the top OL in the state. Don’t be surprised if the Ashley kid from NW is also really good this fall with the new offense there. Those two are going to be the best lineman in the county, and two of the best in the state.

  2. Yes, both Mackovic and Ashley should be ranked up there very high and Eastern Guilford lost Spencer Clapp to Wake Forest, but the EG Wildcats have at least three very good/strong O-linemen returning for 2017……

    EG will be good again…

    Dudley #1
    Page #2
    Southwest Guilford #3
    Eastern Guilford #4
    Northwest Guilford #5 going into the season?????

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