No High School Football 7 on 7 Games/Tournaments this week

Dead period for the 4th of July week, for high school football and their Summer workouts, and the 7 on 7 games and tournaments, will pick back up again next week…

N.C. State has had at least one 7 on 7 so far for the high schools, and we have not seen anything on the Elon event at this point of the workouts and we did see the Cam Newton 7 on 7 gone, and the one-day Wake Forest event should be on the way soon and we have seen Guilford College, Dudley High School and Averett University among the big events so far….

More coming next week and you may be seeing on-site meetings with two-team/three-team and four-team matchups….


  1. Does anyone know if those 2 boys from SE Middle football are still at SE?

    Any way too early polls?

  2. The two young men who went and played in some big to do all star type of game. I think one got offensive MVP.
    Btw… I have no kids who play football!!

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