Breaking down the Guilford County Schools “Pay to Play” Athletics Program

From the Guilford County Schools main/primary web site/CLICK HERE….Click On for all of the basic info on the “Pay to Play” Athletics Progam for the Guilford County Schools….Practices begin on July 31 with high school football beginning on that day and the $45.00 fee must be paid by the first official game of the season….Beginning this fee action is projected to raise $400,000 dollars toward the GCS projected budget of $637 million for the upcoming school year….

Here are some of the major parts of the Breakdown from the GCS site……

Why a student athletic fee?
Guilford County Schools values the important life and
character building lessons our students learn through school
athletics, and is proud of the hard work and dedication of our
student athletes. Unfortunately, after eight years of budget
cuts, we are forced to make difficult decisions on how to fund
our core academic standards while maintaining the additional
services that enhance a student’s learning experience.
we consider the cost of athletic supplies, transportation,
insurance, coaching supplements and more, the district spends
approximately an additional $609 per student athlete each
year. Now, we’re asking families to help the district off-set
those costs to maintain our athletic programs at the level we
have come to expect by paying $45 per year, regardless of the
number of sports the student plays.
GCS has avoided taking this step for several years, but
charging students an athletic fee is becoming a more common
practice nationwide. We have simply reached a point where we
cannot continue the current funding model for athletics.

General Guidelines
• Parents should not pay the fee until after tryouts and the
coach has placed the student on the team roster.
• The Board of Education approved an annual fee of $45 for
each athlete regardless of the number of sports.
• Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch are eligible
for a waiver.
• A student enrolled in an early college, middle college, or
other school without a sports program, will pay the fee at
the base sports school.
• The fee does not guarantee playing time.
• The fee does not guarantee a team’s schedule will include
a certain number of contests.

Payment Options
• Pay online by credit card using the link on your school’s
website or directly to
• Pay at the school office with cash, check or money order
for $45 per student-athlete. (Make check or money order
payable to the school)
• Complete the waiver form with Part I completed.

• Refunds will not be given if a student-athlete quits a team,
is dismissed from a team, withdraws from the school, or is
injured during a practice and/or contest and cannot play.
• Refunds in other circumstances beyond district and/or
family control will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
• Exception: A student-athlete who pays the fee for a sport
that is cancelled by the school prior to the first contest will
receive a refund.

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*****We have reached out to Donald Trump Jr. for his thoughts on this plan, but he has not responded to our inquiry…..*****