You gonna make a move you better make it now:Guilford County Schools will allow one free move within the system

from Jessie Pounds at News and Record on-line….

Guilford County Schools is changing its procedure on athletic eligibility to allow one free move between high schools in the district.

There are four very specific reasons a student could change schools and maintain athletic eligibility.
*****Outside of these approved reasons, students face being ineligible for 365 days.*****

The approved reasons are:
1)moving to join a magnet program,
2)moving because of a verified address change,
3)moving schools because the school board changed attendance zones
and 4)administrative placement at a different school for special services…..

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+++++Guilford County Schools Athletic Director Leigh Hebbard has defined the new rule on the moves and this ought to get a few people moving and now they can have a reason to back up their pulling up stakes and it gives some movers a re-do, if they feel they have made the wrong move to begin with….Not sure if this will clear things up or further muddy the waters, only time will tell…..+++++


  1. seems as though the rich get richer. before coaches and AD’s at schools without magnet programs could use the fact that if the student decided the new school was not a good fit he/she would be ineligible for sports for a year if he/she decided to leave the magnet school. some may have decided to stay because of that. now they have nothing to loose. seems like a bad deal for High Schools without magnet programs and a great deal for the schools with magnet programs.

  2. Real simple, make it easy, no matter where you go to school you have to participate in sports, band, etc at the school you are in district for. If they don’t have a program at that particular school then it will be pre-determined where you should go to fulfill your needs. No matter what anyone says, most of these moves will be athletically driven.

  3. This is just making it legal for kids to transfer to schools for athletic reasons. Not a very good idea. Schools have been using “programs” as a reason to transfer for the last 15-20 years.

  4. You know, in the end what difference does it make? If going to another school to improve athletically, academically, musically, technically or socially is going to help a kid in the long run, SO BE IT! We do not all have the same paths as adults, in various fields with various passions. Allow them to succeed and express themselves in whatever their strength or passion is. Nobody is going to care what school you went to and why once you become an adult anyway. These comments about going for athletic reasons are only to benefit biased adults. This is America….let’s be thankful there ARE CHOICES!! (Except in racially biased counties like Guilford). You win some, and lose some. Let the kids win in whatever manner they can.

  5. I don’t understand how this is different than what was being done previously. Does anyone know what changed? What is special service? That sounds very unclear and seems to allow for a lot of unexplained situations.

  6. Guilford Co is really the only large metro county that does not allow its players to choose their school prior to the school year. It is allowed in Forsyth, Wake and Mecklenburg counties. I don’t recall any schools in any of those schools shutting down due to transfers. The reality is that players have been transferring to private schools for years due to terrible coaches in some programs or a lack of a supporting culture for the sport. High school players only get 2-4 yrs for varsity sports and they should not be forced to waste time in programs with no support or coaches that can’t take advantage of their skill set. If the programs and schools are truly about kids and players, then it should allow them to be put into the best situation.

  7. How does this help a kid at schools such as Northwest, Southwest, Northern, Northeast or Eastern? I don’t think any of these schools have a magnet program, IB program or anything similar. These so called changes still only favorites schools such as Western, Page, Grimsley, Dudley, HP Central and Smith which all have either a magnet program, IB program, ROTC or academy. It’s not like a kid can say I want to attend schools such as Eastern, Northern or Northwest if it does not already have a special program that allows you in. Other counties such as Forsyth and Mecklenburg allow kids to transfer to other programs if there is acceptable room available. I don’t think this “clarification” or “change” by Guilford Co has actually changed anything.

  8. I’m confused I don’t get the changes, the magnet program only really helps Dudley. It’s not easy to get into Page and Grimsley IB program. Nobody wants to send their kids to Smith or Western. I wish they would do away with Magnet and just make the kids play in their district. Too much politics in High school sports nowadays.

  9. @”Myview”

    This had nothing to do with biased adults. We need to teach our kids something about commitment. If kids began to feel like they can just move when things dont go their way, then they will do that the rest of their lives. They will leave their will quit on their teams, jobs, religion, and ultimately their families. Playing High School sports and being a part of something build character. I know that “building character” has become an outdated term, but in the end it still matters. The only problem is we are trying to teach “selflessness” in a “selfish” world.

  10. This is a joke. The only one this benefits are the ones who are already recruiting through their magnet schools. Now the athlete can play immediately. This just made what we know was already going on done in the open and not under the table. This will not be of benefit to normal public schools. Not sure where guilford county is headed, pay to play and open enrollment, these schools should have their own league. We might as well lower gpa eligibility as well. It’s ok you don’t have to work for anything we will just accommodate you.

  11. it’s something that cannot be proved – even if you were able to survey the parents of the kids that transfer into IB programs a good number would not give you honest answers. and I do know that there are kids who transfer into IB programs for purely academic reasons and end up playing sports at the IB school, but sports is not why they went. but I bet if the truth could be known maybe as many as half the students would have stayed at their home school if the rule was you had to play sports at your home school even if attending an IB program. but we will never know, and now it’s even easier to test the waters. the rich get richer and it will never be fair until all schools have some sort of magnet or IB program.

  12. Does anyone know when the News & Record article on this issue will be published? I wonder what reasons have kids been denied for a transfer and other reasons that other kids have been allowed to transfer.

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