Guilford County parents talk about still having issues with the GCS Athletics Fees

There’s a new piece/post at the News and Record site with Joe Sirera and his HSXtra blog, and he talks to some of the parents in and around Guilford County, and you might even recognize a few names as being of some of those commenters, that come by the site on occasion…

The $45.00 “Pay to Play Fee” is in place and it isn’t going any place, it will be around for at least 2017-2018 and when you CLICK HERE you can see what the parents are saying about the new policy affecting athletics in the Guilford County Schools system….

Let us know where you stand today…..

Will you pay, or will you, “Walk Away”?????

+++++Not sure how this would have been handled say maybe 20 years ago, but if Judge Wopner was still available, this may have ended up in the courts….But with today’s system and the ‘Waiver Accessibility’, you can find a way to play and not have to walk away….But what about that thin line between, “we are waived in” and “we can’t get in”, and in the post, I think Terry Herndon was addressing this factor….+++++

*****People were asking and wondering and we didn’t want to be wandering, and that is why we are posting….*****

4 thoughts on “Guilford County parents talk about still having issues with the GCS Athletics Fees

  1. I work at a middle school where everyone eats free lunch regardless of their socioeconomic status. Does this mean that no student would “pay to play” at this school and the others in the district that are like this school?

  2. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with the $45 fee. People always find away to pay for what they want to pay for. You can’t please everyone. Their are always a few that no matter what is done will gripe and complain about something.It drives me nuts to see parents putting their own needs before their children needs. These same parents will go pay $60 to get their hair and nails done every 2 weeks but complain about a one time $45 fee. It’s sad that some parents priorities aren’t in order. I will gladly pay the fee, it’s no big deal especially when the money is going back in the system to help cover other things such as insurance, gas for bus transportation, etc

  3. When the DEMONCrats of the General Assembly rushed the EDUCATION onto North Carolinians, its objectives were to offset the costs of anything public school learners needed from supplies to fees paid. Since liberal chicanery led to a transfer of wealth from a certain demographic to another, this $45 fee will confiscate more wealth from a demographic and give it to another.

    This $45 fee, if waived of not, is ridiculous. Guilford County Schools officials have no shame. Property taxes already pay for schools to operate. Despite the rhetoric accompanying the $45 fee to make it logical, as the education lottery lingo, this is another ploy to undermine masculinity. Mandatory plays and playing time are coming for those who pay.

  4. Well said Anwar Alston, I’m a coach and teacher in Guilford county. $45 may not seem like much but it is. Parents will have to pay $45 to play, pay for a physical, pay for shoes and equipment. School sports is some kids only outlet because their parents can’t afford to play rec ball or aau. As the parent said most the kids do eat free, so in that case it won’t be a fee for anyone.

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