Southwest Guilford Cowboys suspend three players for Games One and Two of the 2017 season:Kris Walser will have the Cowboys’ Call on Friday night

Coach Eric Rainey from Southwest Guilford High School has announced that three players will be serving a two game suspension due to conduct unbecoming a Southwest Guilford Football Player.

Wesley Davis (OL), Malik Green(WR), and Jaren Rainey (QB) will be suspended for the RJ Reynolds, and High Point Andrews Games.

Starting in their places will be Wesley Cooper (OL), Cam Smith (WR), and Mason Chu (QB)….

Kris Walser will have the Cowboys’ Call on Friday night vs. WS Reynolds….Kris Walser and Coach Daryl Steele on GreensboroSports Radio 2 for the ’17 Season…..


  1. What a tough decision that only men of character can make, especially when it involves your son. I don’t know the situation or what took place – not my business. I only commend Coach Rainey for setting the tone at the get go.

  2. I’m going with no on that one, vandalism on a GCS property warrants much more than a 2 game slap on the wrist. It’s not what you do when people are watching that really matters it’s what you do when they are not that really matters. This is not to say that they should be suspended for the year but 2 out of conference games seems a little like ‘ well I gotta do something” to me.

  3. I’d love to know the backstory on this. Gutsy call by Coach Rainey to suspend his own son, but the right call it seems. If indeed this was about vandalizing GCS property, I am 100% with Buddy G on this. 2 non-conference games is a slap on the wrist. QB has way too much on the line with ECU looming next year to get mixed up in something like this. The Cowboys will be fine. Chu is a solid backup and would probably start at most places.

  4. This punishment is a lot more than a slap on the wrist. He’s sitting arguably his best player as well as 2 more senior starters for 2 games. That can have serious repercussions for seniors trying to get and keep scholarships. It’s also a big deal because game 2 is against Central. May not be a conference game anymore but it still means a lot to both programs and carries bragging rights for the year. As someone who in the past has supported the school that was vandalized. I’ll tell you that this happens every year but it’s usually Ragsdale kids vandalizing Southwest. I’ve never seen our esteemed former coach ever suspend a kid for it either. I understand that it shouldn’t happen but I always thought it was just harmless rivalry pranks and didn’t understand why the folks from southwest got so mad about it. I guess if things are starting to go too far the coaches are trying to put an end to it. So I commend the coach for having the courage to suspend his seniors including his own son!

  5. As far as who was involved in last years vandalism from Ragsdale it was not a player from the team. Students that were identified were punished through the school system as they should have been. An athelete and especially a senior know their place in the community and their position as a leader among their team. The act of painting crude images on a rival school demonstrates neither of those qualities. Football is sport and yes winning is important but not everything. With total disregard for their program they made a choice to put theirselves in the spotlight and cross that line. So no I do not believe a 2 game suspension was the proper punishment but that’s called an opinion. This is not about who it was, it’s about stopping the senseless vandalism that spurs bad blood along with costing GCS money that they don’t have to clean the mess up. Just paint the rock, it’s why it’s there

  6. The vandalism to GCS property has simply got to stop. School put rock for rivals to adorn with logos, cute slogans and other markings that spur on rivalrys. Senior players are leaders amongst their team and personalitys that their communities grab hold of and remember long after their out of programs. I sit with no judgment as to what transpired while making the decision to suspend these 3 players but it was a conscious choice that made that even happen. Rocks have been painted all summer at both Campuses but it still puzzles me why 3 seniors one of which Has got a ticket out to a D1 school would look at each other and decide that on that night they would even risk their future and walk from that rock to another part of the property and paint lude, vulgar images on anything. They all grew up playing on that field as Ragsdale Y players and see their cross 68 rivals on a regular basis so I guess I just don’t get it. Last years war of the spray cans cost both schools time and money. For these 3 only time will tell if 2 games, a life time of ” yeah that was me” maybe it was enough. Good luck to each of them and coach Rainey in this tough situation

  7. You don’t know what vandalism took place and therefore the punishment could fit the act. Don’t be so quick to go to the extreme so fast at least without knowing all the facts.

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